Rorate Caeli

What is truth?

Truth is the foundation of all things. Its definition will determine how and what we know, how we act and much more. If someone is able to re-define Truth, then the whole world can be turned upside-down, or be diabolically disoriented. 

This is a compelling presentation by a traditional Catholic priest on the ancient and traditional understanding of Truth versus what modern man has done to re-define truth, along with a brief examination of some consequences of this change.

This presentation is a joint venture between Rorate Caeli and Audio Sancto


Lynne said...

I can't watch this right now (I'm at work) but it sounds wonderful and I will watch it as soon as I get home!

Dan Hunter said...


Spot on.

"Rorate" continues to show why it is the most Catholic and charitable web log around.

Huzzah! on the great work.

Ma Tucker said...

Fantastic, so helpful. It is clear to me that this is an accurate assessment of the enemy camp. But how I wish we could develop strategies to help free our family and friends from the web.