Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Seventy-Fifth Posting of Souls

Below, please find the seventy-fifth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. We've enrolled over 1,500 Souls in the past few weeks alone. I especially want to thank our young friend from Hong Kong who enrolled so many Souls. He's 85 years young! 

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 34 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Kenneth Minogue, London UK

The Dorigon family, Santa Catarina, Brazil
The Turnes family, Santa Catarina, Brazil
The Silveira family, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Peter Lloyd, Wells, England
Rev. Paul Krebs, Ky., USA
David Herdtner, Jr., Ohio, USA
Macario Juan Romero, Cheyenne, NM
Ana Lourdes C. Cañon  Jaro Iloilo City, Philippines
George N. Soriano, Philippines
José Pimentel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nicholas James Otto Iowa United States of America
Bishop William Brennan, NSW, Australia
Mary Burke, NSW, Australia
Albert Dryer, NSW, Australia
Ken Hartcher, NSW, Australia
Terry Abbott, NSW, Australia
Boris Cedrik, Belarus
Evgeniya Cedrik, Belarus
Eva Cedrik, Belarus
Raia Cedrik, Belarus
Julius Balog, Slovakia
Helena Balogova, Slovakia
Radek Khom, Czech Republic
Jakub Vasku, Czech Republic
Mrs. Kissova, Czech Republic
Mrs. Dlouha, Czech Republic
Francis Brady, Glasgow, Scotland.
Elizabeth Brady, Glasgow, Scotland.
Michael Shaw, Glasgow, Scotland.
Elizabeth Shaw, Glasgow, Scotland.
David Campbell, Glasgow, Scotland.
Elizabeth Campbell, Glasgow, Scotland.
Susan Shaw, Glasgow, Scotland.
John Shaw, Glasgow, Scotland.
Nancy Brady, Glasgow, Scotland.
Jimmy McDonald, Glasgow, Scotland.
Samuel Bowers Sr., Glasgow, Scotland.
Mary Catherine Bowers, Glasgow, Scotland.
Samuel Bowers Jr., Glasgow, Scotland.
Janet Bowers, Glasgow, Scotland.
Robert Stewart, Glasgow, Scotland.
Patrick Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
Henry Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
John Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
Thomas Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
Mary Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
Martin Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland.
Jimmy McElduff, Glasgow, Scotland.
Thomas Rodgers, Glasgow, Scotland.
Christine Rodgers, Glasgow, Scotland.
Janet Simeon, Glasgow, Scotland.
Father Michael Power, Johannesberg, South Africa.
Father Columba Walsh, Derry, Ireland.
Father John Bennett, Manchester, England.
Sister Lucy, Manchester, England.
John Marshall, Glasgow, Scotland.
Xavier Craig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Father Michael Crowdy, Bristol, England.
Aidan Fanning, Bristol, England.
Gillian Bender, Bristol, England.
Valdir Monteforte, São Paulo, Brazil
Ana Maria Salgado Alves, São Paulo, Brazil
Nilton José Duarte, São Paulo, Brazil
Josefina Cassino Battaggia, São Paulo, Brazil
Marino Battaggia, São Paulo, Brazil
Irineu Valter Battaggia, São Paulo, Brazil
Agostinho Marciano Pelegrino, São Paulo, Brazil
Orosina Apolinária, São Paulo, Brazil
Dolores Maria de São José, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Isabel Cândido, São Paulo, Brazil
 Hélcio Battaggia, São Paulo, Brazil
Leonidas Lozano, São Paulo, Brazil
Luiz Carlos Vieira Alves, São Paulo, Brazil
Milton Salgado, São Paulo, Brazil
Eduardo Monteforte, São Paulo, Brazil
Rosária Monteforte, São Paulo, Brazil
Joana Cassino Fernandes, São Paulo, Brazil
Gertrude Sanchez Los Angels, California.
Lawrence J. Ward, New York, USA
Lillian Ward, New York, USA
William Phelan, New York, USA
Dorothy Phelan, New York, USA
Frank White, Illinois, USA
B. Bernadette White, Illinois, USA
Charlotte P. Ward, Arizona, USA
J. Stuart Rotchford, III, Arizona, USA
Frances Jagemann, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Manion, Washington, USA
Br. James Thomas, New York, USA
Br. Stephen Urban, New York, USA
Br. John Patrick, New York, USA
Sr. Judith Poisson, California, USA
Sr. Purissima, New York, USA
The White Family, Massachusetts, USA
The Poisson Family, Massachusetts, USA
The Witt Family, Illinois, USA
The Ward Family, New York, USA
The Phelan Family, New York, USA
The Beck Family, New York, USA
Mary Cisek, IL, USA
Catherine Rzeminski, IL, USA
Dominick Bilotto, IL, USA
Rocco W. Marangelo, IL, USA
Louise Nicoli, IL, USA
Anthony Sosa, IL, USA
Michael Carollo, IL, USA
 Irene Violante, IL, USA
Fr. MacNamarah, IL, USA
Sr. Chlotilda, IL, USA
Fr. Casey, LA, USA
Marcella Lehmann, IL, USA
Lydia Pommering, IL, USA
Veronica Daley, IL, USA
Joseph Rozner, IL, USA
Matthew Cubis, IL, USA
Josephine Cubis, IL, USA
Sr. Immaculata, IL, USA
Sr. Imelda, IL, USA
Iris Rivera, IL, USA
Dolora Magallanas, IL, USA
Sharon Ehrich, IL, USA
Isabelle Violante, IL, USA
John Haffert, NJ, USA
John Cardinal Cody, IL, USA
Joseph Cardinal Bernardine
Kimberlea Christina Kay Florida USA
Mary A. Fortunato, Massachusetts, USA
Rocco S. Fortunato, Massachusetts, USA
John David, Massachusetts, USA
Josephine David, Massachusetts, USA
Lucille LaCapra, East Meadow, New York, USA
Theresa M. Paul, East Meadow, New York, USA
J. J. van Limbeek Family, Madiun, Indonesia
F.X. Suharjo Family, Klaten, Indonesia
Mr. William E. Knox, (my Dad), Little Rock, Arkansas
David Beckius, Little Rock, Arkansas
Joyce Godfrey, Little Rock, Arkansas
Dr. William Perryman, Little Rock, Arkansas
Don Warmack and Margaret Warmack, Little Rock, Arkansas
John Frank Lewis, Little Rock, Arkansas
Richard Lovell Lewis, Little Rock, Arkansas
Ruth Elliott Knox, Cabot, Arkansas
Jim Knox, Cabot, Arkansas
Dot Callanen, Little Rock, Arkansas
Carl Wick, Little Rock, Arkansas
Art Arney, Little Rock, Arkansas
David Fitzhugh, Little Rock, Arkansas
Roger Johnson, Little Rock, Arkansas
Jeanette Moran, Schaumburg, Illinois
Paul & Mary Jo Weare, Little Rock, Arkansas
Gene and Ken Straub, Little Rock, Arkansas
Jim and Mildred Barron, Little Rock, Arkansas
Tom, Mark and Marsha Toon, Little Rock, Arkansas
Robert & Mary Ann Kennedy, Little Rock, Arkansas
Tony Malcycski, Little Rock, Arkansas
Msgr. Rudolph E. Maus, Russellville, Arkansas
Fred Kimzey, Little Rock, Arkansas
Sr. M. William Siebold, O.S.B., Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Sr. DeChantal Hyland, O.S.B, Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Sr. M. Matthew Callan, R.S.M., Little Rock, Arkansas
Sr. Loyola Schmucki, O.S.B., Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Dr. Richard Sieber, Minneapolis, MN
Dr. Robert Shaw, Atlanta, GA
Nancy Fowler, Conyers, GA
James Nicholas Griffin, Little Rock, Arkansas
Michael Anthony Griffin, Little Rock, Arkansas
Jan & Harry Fraim, Little Rock, Arkansas
O.D. & Irene Treadway, Little Rock, Arkansas
Richard Dixon, Little Rock, Arkansas
W. R. Goddard, Dallas, Texas
Bill Johns, Dallas, Texas
Gilbert Knox, Cabot, Arkansas
Robert G. Knox, Sarasota, Florida
Gene & Peggy O'Neal, Farmington, Arkansas
Jane Harrison, Little Rock, Arkansas
Richard Ensminger, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Bob & Geneva Law, Little Rock, Arkansas
Tom, (last name uncertain) Little Rock, Arkansas
James Horne Sr, South Carolina, USA
Barbara Horne, South Carolina, USA
James Horne Jr, Tennessee, USA
James Horne III, Tennessee, USA
James Horne IV, Tennessee, USA
Lynn Horne, Tennessee, USA
Cassidy Horne, Tennessee, USA
Ashton Horne, Tennessee, USA
Chayla Bartley, Tennessee, USA
Matthew Horne, Tennessee, USA
Anna Horne, Tennessee, USA
Zachary Horne, Tennessee, USA
Hannah Horne, Tennessee, USA
Mary-Faith Horne, Tennessee, USA
Evelyn Horne, Tennessee, USA
Aidan Horne, Tennessee, USA
Ailea Horne, Tennessee, USA
Jake Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Elaine Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Benjamin Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Gideon Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Asher Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Ezekiel Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Elisha Bartley, South Carolina, USA
Floyd Parker, South Carolina, USA
Bonnie Parker, South Carolina, USA
Michael Parker, South Carolina, USA
Cliff Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Deborah Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Jonathan Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Angie Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Wyatt Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
David Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Gabriel Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Vanessa Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Phillip Stumbo, New York, USA
Soon-Kim Stumbo, New York, USA
Timothy Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Paige Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Sophie Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Knox Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Albert Horne, North Carolina, USA
Aida Horne, North Carolina, USA
Isaac Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Patrick Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Susanna Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Rebecca Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
Summer Stumbo, South Carolina, USA
David Horne, West Virginia, USA
Zachariah Horne, West Virginia, USA
Victoria Horne, West Virginia, USA
Ron Orosz, Michigan, USA
Janice Orosz, Michigan, USA
Ricky Orosz, Tennessee, USA
Bonnie Orosz, Tennessee, USA
Cortney Orosz, Tennessee, USA
Kyle Vaughn, Tennessee, USA
Keegan Vaughn, Tennessee, USA
Emory Vaughn, Tennessee, USA
George Muldrow, South Carolina, USA
Charlotte Muldrow, South Carolina, USA
Cindy Kyber, South Carolina, USA
Neal Kyber, South Carolina, USA
Laura-Paige Kyber, South Carolina, USA
Allie Kyber, South Carolina, USA
Jenna Kyber, South Carolina, USA
Tim Orosz, Michigan, USA
Don Grubb, West Virginia, USA
Zell Railey, Alabama, USA
Brandy Collorigh, Tennessee, USA
Joseph Cashia, Tennessee, USA
David Skelton, Tennessee, USA
Brenda Lepley, Tennessee, USA
Holly Poff, Tennessee, USA
John Walker, Tennessee, USA
Sissy Walker, Tennessee, USA
Jeff Boarman, Tennessee, USA
Fr Prentice Dean, Tennessee, USA
Matt Coffee, Tennessee, USA
Patricia Coffee, Tennessee, USA
Benjamin Leary, Tennessee, USA
Kenneth Leary, Tennessee, USA
Susan Leary, Tennessee, USA
Steve Stroup, Tennessee, USA
Kathy Stroup, Tennessee, USA
Susan Stroup, Tennessee, USA
Elizabeth Stroup, Tennessee, USA
Connie Barnette, Tennessee, USA
Debbie James, Tennessee, USA
Jenny Talley, Tennessee, USA
Viney Varaguese, Tennessee, USA
George Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Nancy Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Jason Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Audrey Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Henry Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Caroline Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Thomas Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Jude Horne, Tennessee, USA
John Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Abby Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Phoebe Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
David Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Bill King, Tennessee, USA
John King, Tennessee, USA
Cassandra King, Tennessee, USA
Randy Todd, Alabama, USA
Mary-Ellen Todd, Alabama, USA
Andy Forsythe, Tennessee, USA
Chris Dover, South Carolina, USA
Jennifer Dover, South Carolina, USA
Joshua Dover, South Carolina, USA
Leah Dover, South Carolina, USA
Hannah Dover, South Carolina, USA
Caleb Dover, South Carolina, USA
Abigail Dover, South Carolina, USA
Donnie McCool, Tennessee, USA
Kelly McCool, Tennessee, USA
Raliegh McCool, Tennessee, USA
Jordan McCool, Tennessee, USA
Clarence Foxworth, South Carolina, USA
Jamie Van Dyke, Yorkshire, England
Chuck Collins, Tennessee, USA
Chris Horton, Oregon, USA
Theresa Dean, Tennessee, USA
Fr Clare Hendricks, Tennessee, USA
Jeff Mesch, Michigan, USA
Thresea Mesch, Michigan, USA
Dominic Mesch, Michigan, USA
Elly Mesch, Michigan, USA
Joseph Mesch, Michigan, USA
Joseph Coffee, Tennessee, USA
Lucy Coffee, Tennessee, USA
Caroline Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Caroline Hatcher, Tennessee, USA
Frank Hatcher, Tennessee, USA
Kimberly Hatcher, Tennessee, USA
Sean Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Mary Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Colin Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Christopher Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Cameron Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Mary Cate Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Veronica Mateer, North Carolina, USA
Patrick Kerr, New York, USA
Patricia Kerr, New York, USA
Gordon Mateer, New York, USA
Norma Mateer, New York, USA
Patrick Kerr, South Carolina, USA
Martin Kerr, Okinowa, Japan
John Kerr, New York, USA
Kevin Kerr, New York, USA
Carol Rastelli, Virginia, USA
Helena McCuen, Virginia, USA
Elizabeth Stuart, Virginia, USA
Susan Clark, Virginia, USA
Dawnelle Cruze, Virginia, USA
Fr. Neil Nichols, Virginia, USA
Fr. Peter Byrne, Virginia, USA
Bishop Burbidge, North Carolina, USA
Bishop Di Lorenzo, Virginia, USA
Henry Hughes, Columbus, OH, USA
Rita Hughes, Columbus, OH, USA
Rosemary Erwin, Columbus, OH, USA
Robert Erwin, Columbus, OH USA
Lawrence Hughes, Columbus, OH, USA
Colleen Hughes, Columbus, OH, USA
Robert Powers, Columbus, OH, USA
Ellen Riggle, Pickerington, OH, USA
James Naughton, Dayton, OH, USA
Barb Colegate, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
William Hughes, Columbus, OH, USA
George Hess, Orchard Park, NY, USA
Anna Malone, Chester, NY, USA
Jeffrey Boyce, Middletown, NY, USA
The Pop family, Cluj, Romania
Lucila Pineda, Antioquia, Colombia
Brígida Maria, Lisboa, Portugal
Cesaltina, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
António Borges, Alter do Chão, Portugal
Richard Turner, California, USA
Reid Turner, California, USA
Sara Beck, California, USA
Marion Weyler, California, USA
Mary Rhodes, California, USA
George Shiflet, Pennsylvania, USA
Harold Vest, Pennsylvania, USA
Francis Beck, New York, USA
Ezequiel Polo Marqués,  Valencia SPAIN
Lucía Pérez Cubel,   Valencia SPAIN
Enrique Villanueva Díaz,   Valencia SPAIN
Dolores Camps Cremades,   Valencia SPAIN
Enrique Villanueva Camps,   Valencia SPAIN
Miguel Castellanos Almarche,   Valencia SPAIN
Baldomera Polo Marqués,   Valencia SPAIN
José Merelo,   Valencia SPAIN
Corneluis Alfred Rempel,   Kiel GERMANY
Dietrich Twachtmann,   Hannover GERMANY
Hildegard Twachtmann,  Hannover GERMANY
Gertrud Barth,  Stade GERMANY
Harry Barth,  Stade GERMANY
Peter Barth, Stade GERMANY
Rev. Fr. Vincent Halder, M.H.M, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rev. Fr. James Muhren,  M.H.M, Holland
Solomon Sigor, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph  Wong  Kim Chai, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mary Agnes Dimong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
George Segie, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Lucy Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Cecilia Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Andrew Ong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Anthony Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Gertrude Wong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Jonathan Lee, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Peter Lanai Wong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Katherine Wong, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Philip Ong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Stephen Ong,  Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Joseph Ong, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Janice LaPietra
Caterina LaPietra
Carmine LaPietra
Daniel LaPietra
Mary LaPietra
Peter LaPietra
Robert. E. Lee, Virginia, USA
Thomas Jackson, Virginia, USA
All men who died in the civil war of the United States
Michael Kim Huynh, Gialai Vietnam
Laurence L. Curran, Sr. - Fullerton, California
Berniece L. Curran - Fullerton, California
Laurence L. Curran, Jr. - Yorba Linda, California
Rita R. Curran - Yorba Linda, California
Gladys Curran Kehr - La Habra, California
Thomas P. Curran - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Margaret Teresa Perez - Columbus, Ohio
John Perez - Columbus, Ohio
Margaret Kelly- Montreal, Canada
Jacob Prins- Montreal, Canada
John Jezni- Montreal, Canada
Sybil Jezni- Montreal, Canada
James Ballard- Montreal, Canada
John Fisher- Montreal, Canada
Lynn Buchanan- Montreal, Canada
Gary Molloy- Montreal, Canada
Lloyd Kennedy- Montreal, Canada
The Kelly Family- Montreal, Canada
Patricia Shoaf, TN, USA
Douglas McMunn, TN, USA
Ann Bledsoe, TN, USA
Maria Rosaria Ainscough, British Columbia, Canada
Pauline Boisvert, British Columbia, Canada
Ann Grespan, British Columbia, Canada
James Anthony Trayner, British Columbia, Canada
Settimia Audino, British Columbia, Canada
Giulia Rosa Avignone, British Columbia, Canada
Ivan Bozic, British Columbia, Canada
Luigi Centanni, British Columbia, Canada
Carminia Ciolfitto, British Columbia, Canada
Teresa D'Alfonso, British Columbia, Canada
Karlhans Diersch, British Columbia, Canada
Rosemarie Murray Driver, British Columbia, Canada
Carolyn Elizabeth Finlayson, British Columbia, Canada
Christopher Joseph Gallagher, British Columbia, Canada
Mavis Grady, British Columbia, Canada
Rocco Iacobellis, British Columbia, Canada
Roger Victor LaFleche, British Columbia, Canada
Donald Charles Paul Lamb, British Columbia, Canada
Gaudenza Piperni, British Columbia, Canada
Prisca Cecilia Chi Quan, British Columbia, Canada
Sisina Repole, British Columbia, Canada
Beatrice Eileen Stuart, British Columbia, Canada
Julian Twarog, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppina Verretto, British Columbia, Canada
Sister Marie Sylvia Wrubleski, British Columbia, Canada
The Highfield Family
Joseph Michael Brendan Nestor, Limerick, Ireland
Anita Clemente, Troy, NY
James Harris, PA, USA
Helena Harris, PA, USA
Ed Harris, PA, USA
Ed Filipek, PA, USA
Lou Filipek, PA, USA
Stanley Filipek, PA, USA
Jenni Rossi, PA, USA
Connie Helfrich, PA, USA
Charlotte Reber, PA, USA
Marvin Reber, PA, USA
Robert Reber, PA, USA
Nunziata Calvaresi, PA, USA
Italo Calvaresi, PA, USA
Gaetano Crimaldi, PA, USA
Giuseppe Crimaldi, Pa, USA
Anthony Russo, PA, USA
Antoinette Thompson, NY, USA
John Thompson, NY, USA
Lucia Panico, NY, USA
Nina Granett, DE, USA
Linda Granett, CA, USA
Gary LaDuca, NY, USA
Joseph LaDuca, NY, USA
Rose LaDuca, NY, USA
Mary Louise Johnston, Louisiana, USA
Dominic D'Antoni, Louisiana, USA
Gertrude D'Antoni, Louisiana, USA
Deirdra Frantz, Louisiana, USA
Rosa Brickner, Louisiana, USA
Rita Bozant, Louisiana, USA
Steve Bozant, Louisiana, USA
Judith Dunley, Minnesota, USA
Macario Dominguez
Mary Sears Dominguez
Remigio Lovato
Maria Guadalupe Lovato
Sam Dominguez
Lawrence (Lorenzo) Dominguez
Jose Andres Dominguez
Pauline Quintana Dominguez
Remigio Lovato, Jr.
Roma Lovato Montoya
Michael & Elsie Montemurro  NY, USA
Fred Farina New York, USA
Carmine Montemurro NY  USA
John and Yolanda Montemurro NY USA
Ray and Violet Luthin NY USA
Frank and Emma Suchy NY USA
Mary and Jack Frederman NY USA
Ivan Digenno NJ USA
Rocco & Peggy Montemurro  NY, USA
AL & Noreen O'Connor NY USA
Ed & Doris Walsh NY USA
Gilbert, Maria and Richard Fernandez, california, usa
Carmen Sandoval, california, usa
James Huderberg, california, usa
Cecelia Thomas, california, usa
Veronica Dougherty, california, usa
Rick Gonzales, california, usa
Father John Hiltz, california, usa
Bishop MacFarland, california, usa
Marilyn Halderman, california, usa
Father Ed, california, usa
Robert and Laura Gonzales and children
Gilbert, Maria and Richard Fernandez
Harry McShane, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Julie Harris, Massachusetts, USA
Charles Walter (Sonny) Flynn
AlbertFlynn, Geneva Flynn, Frank & Ruth Trip
Marie B. Murphy, Ohio, USA.
Steven F.X. Long, Ohio, USA.
Lawrence C, Long, Ohio, USA.
Helen Louise Dennis, Ohio, USA.
William Eugene Dennis, Ohio, USA.
George W. Klein, Ohio, USA.
Paul E. Metzger, Ohio, USA.
Mario Ongaro, Ohio, USA.
Nick G. Vitori, Ohio, USA.
Grace t. Vitori, Ohio, USA.
John Vitori, Ohio, USA.
Frank Vitori, Ohio, USA.
Charles E. Mentrup, Ohio, USA.
John McPhee, Queensland, Australia
Alan Gillespie, Queensland, Australia
James Gordon Sr., New York, USA
Joaquin Tena, Arizona, USA
Luz Tena, Arizona, USA
Jose Tena, Arizona, USA
Anna Adams, Arizona, USA
Mary Gordon, New York, USA
Anna Boskin, Kentucky, USA
Scott Haupt, Oregon, USA
Brian Cobb, Arizona, USA
Anne Hale, Oregon, USA
Frank Goonan, California, USA
Ruthe Goonan, California, USA
JoAnn Murphy, California, USA
Louise Gutschewski, Nebraska, United States
Bernard Gutschewski, Nebraska, United States
Elsie Briza, Nebraska, United States
Joseph Stein, Minnesota, United States
Katherine Stein, Minnesota, United States
Amanda Florence, Nebraska, United States
Jessica Dierks, Nebraska, United States
Darlene Black, Nebraska, United States
Dan Colby New Jersey USA
John Colby New Jersey USA
Tom Grapentine New Jersey USA
Steve Grapentine New Jersey USA
Michael Colby New Jersey USA
Robert Renna New Jersey USA
Thomas Grapentine Jr Florida USA
Edward Stanley Bloch, New Jersey, USA
Angelo DeBartolo, WI, USA
Mary Alice Luce, Ky.,USA
Jerry Rump, KY. USA
Sr. Ann Mary, FDM. Ky. USA
Madeline Grimes, Oregon, USA
Bill Steiner
Joseph Michael Brendan Nestor
Rupert W. Emanus, IL, USA
Brother Phillip Emanus, TX, USA
Peter Emanus, LA, USA
 Jetty Emanus, LA, USA
Delina Emanus, LA, USA
Joseph Emanus, LA, USA
Eulalie Samson, LA, USA
Yey Rabalais, LA, USA
Paul Samson, LA, USA
Fr. Hugo Riva, MILAN, ITALY
Fr. DuBey, LA, USA
Bishop Greco, LA, USA
Fr. Gzrrett Barton. IL, USA
Fr. Bruce Lardie, IL, USA
Fr. Bruno Gravis, IL, USA
Fr. James Keane, IL, USA
Lonnie Cole, LA, USA
Vermon Cole, LA USA
Violet Samson, RI, USA
Jules Samson, RI, USA
James Samson, NY, USA
Lullamae Samson, RI, USA
Walter Emanus, LA, USA
James Emanus, LA, USA
Blanche Emanus, LA, USA
Mabelle Emanus, TN, USA
DeWitte Emanus, TN, USA
Lonnie Emanus, TN, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Cootie, LA, USA
Sr. Lucy, LA, USA
Sr. Bernice LeBlanc, LA, USA
Sr. Norberta, LA, USA
Sr. Mary Valeria, LA, USA
F R. Bigger, LA, USA
Bishop Abromovitz, IL, USA
Bishop Greco, LA, USA
Jeannie O'Shee, LA, USA
Fr. Richard Fale, LA, USA
Viva Grmillion, LA, USS
Sr. Mary Sheil, LA, USA
Fr. Steve Testa, LA, USA
Fr. Henry Thompson, LA, USA
Fr. Antonio Villaverde, LA, USA
Vivian Maslanka, MI, USA
Carmel Pikosz, IL, USA
Anna Fout, IL, USA
Nancy Napoli, IL, USA
Msgr. John Wakeman, LA, USA
Fr. Julius Walle, LA, USA:
Henry Parr, LA, USA
David Metoyer, LA, USA
Douglas Scott, LA, USA
Bro. Cosmos, LA, USA
Sr. Cecile Clare, LA, USA
Sr. Martha Ann Hunter, LA, USA
Fr, Roger McMullen, LA, USA
Sr. Rosalie Ann, LA, USA
Sr. Ann Adele, LA, USA
Fr. Joseph Anger, LA, USA
Don Boniol, LA, USA
Laura Sue Breaux, LA, USA
Shirley Corley,LA, USA
Gwendolyn DiMaggio, LA, USA
Ann Gravel, LA, USA
Jeanette Hendricks, LA, USA
Bill Horn, LA, USA
Johnny Jeans, LA, USA
Jerry Lavespere, LA, USA
Hillman Levie, LA, USA
Betty MacMickens, LA, USA
Sr. Ann Petrus, LA, USA
Robert Ragsdale, LA, USA
Mary Adele Tardy, LA, USA
Marvin Thiels, LA, USA
Rae Belle Touchet, LA,USA
Sr. Mary Pieta, PA, USA
Sr. Mary Regina, PA, USA
Anna Rembis, IL, USA
Anna Bozzelli, IL, USA
Mollie DiCarlo, IL, USA
Margaret Labriola, IL, USA
Estelle Ziccardi, IL, USA
 Sally Vasquez, IL, USA
Florence DeBenedetti, IL, USA
Rocco Ziccardo, IL, USA
Neen Ziccardo, IL, USA
Sebastian Panza, IL, USA
Joanna Ciaglia, IL, USA
Della Greco, IL, USA
Agatha Rzeminski, IL, USA
 Michael C. Rzeminski, IL, USA
Pauline Rozner, IL, USA
Casey Rzeminski, IL, USA
J.T. Sepulvado, LA, USA
Dorothy Sepulvado, LA, USA
Beatty family, LA, USA
Rozner family, IL, USA
Rzeminski family, IL, USA:
Msgr. Mroczkowski, IL, USA:
Stephanie Morford, IL USA
Stella Godowski, IL, USA
Maria Bennett, IL, USA
Antoinette Pintozzi, IL, USA
Antonio Gagliardo, IL, USA
Victoria Guitierrez, IL, USA
Bernard Verweil, IL, USA
Earl Thomas Rookey, IL, USA
Fr. Thomas Heskin, IL, USA
Frances Hall, LA, USA
Patrica Barrios, LA, USA
Lynn Miranda, LA, USA
Kathleen Swinnen, LA, USA
Hattie Harris, LA, USA
Florence Wilson, LA, USA
Johanna Way, LA, USA
Catherine Badon, LA, USA.
Muriel Siebert, NY, USA
Graeme Price, Luton, England
Alice Dee, Metro Manila, Philippines
John Bennett O’Brien & family
Rosetta Evangeline Miller O’Brien NY, USA
J.B. O’Brien II & family
Bruce O’Brien & family Fla, USA
Evelyn O’Brien & family NM, USA
Jesse T. Rose & family NM, USA
Harry Chase Rose & family NY, USA
Willi Bamberger & Family Ecuador, South America
Elizabeth Mendl & Family Jewish holocaust victims MD, USA
Bamberger Family Jewish holocaust victims - Germany, USA, South America and Israel
Mary & Richard & Peggy Bard & family NM, USA
Alejandro P. Hontiveros, Philippines
Sandra Liza V. Fonacier, Philippines
Denise McPherson, Alberta, Canada
Beatrice Greco and the Greco Family, New Jersey, USA
Frank Gambino and the Gambino Family, New Jersey, USA
Hogan Anderson and the Anderson Family, Illinois USA
Jacob Iftner and the Iftner Family, Illinois, USA
Ruth Yackley and the Yackley Family, Illinois, USA
John LaGrotte and the LaGrotte Family, New Jersey, USA
Brian Feerick and the Feerick Family, New Jersey, USA
Geogre Mulligan and the Mulligan Family, New Jersey, USA
Robert Lentz and the Lentz Family, Maryalnd, USA
Herb Wilby and the Wilby Family, Maryland, USA
Maryann Stemple and the Stemple Family, Maryland USA
Rosemarie Johnson and the Johnson Family, Maryland, USA
Thomas Hughes and the Hughes Family, Maryland, USA
Margaret Daniels and the Daniels Family, Maryland, USA
Madeline Mayer and the Mayer Family. Florida, USA
Patricia Hood and the Hood Family, Maryland, USA
Ann Holy and the Holy Family, Maryland, USA
Virginia Taylor and the Taylor Family, Maryland, USA
Mary Pollard and the Pollard Family, Maryland, USA
Byron Graves and the Graves Family, Maryland, USA
Tommy Scott and the Scott Family, Maryland, USA
Barbara Herbst and the Herbst Family, New Jersey, USA
Charles Farkas and the Farkas Family, New Jersey, USA
Frank Kozlowski and the Kozlowski Family, Florida, USA
Helene Bilasz and the Bilasz Family, New York, USA
Helen Hickey and the Hickey Family, New York, USA
Anna Fiore and the Fiore Family, New York, USA
Nathaniel Lewis and the Lewis Family, New Jersey, USA
Mabel Inman and the Inman Family, Illinois, USA
Debbie Winters, New Hampshire , USA
Mark Baldwin , New Hampshire , USA
Harold Hocker, New Hampshire , USA
John Zappala, New Hampshire, USA
Delbert Belton, Washington, USA
J. Gerald Phillips, Massachusetts, USA
Norma Tompkins, British Columbia, Canada
Jim Smith, Colorado, USA
Lewis Moreno, Texas USA
Jesús Rafael Esparza Ponne, Caracas, Venezuela
Jesús Rafael Esparza Caro, Caracas, Venezuela
Ricardo Enrique Esparza Caro, Caracas, Venezuela
Silvana Rennola, Caracas, Venezuela
Gloria Atwood, WI, USA
Elaine Bennett, WI, USA
Emma Bowen, WI, USA
Jean Coppock Buddle, WI,USA
Bonnie Cheney WI,USA
Jamie Clack WI,USA
Betty Comerford WI,USA
Mary Cox WI,USA
Ruth Feld WI,USA
Dean Gitzlaff WI,USA
Lisa Hernden WI,USA
Lawrence Jarvey WI,USA
Charles Jensen WI,USA
Mary Buza Jones
Kathy Tully Jungenberg WI,USA
Wayne Knowles WI,USA
Arden Larson WI,USA
Helen Lilley WI,USA
Tamara Lyons WI,USA
Beatrice Meyers WI,USA
Alberta Niemi WI,USA
Elaine Oftedahl WI,USA
Mary Panek WI,USA
Howard Raethke WI,USA
Armand Rossi WI,USA
Donna Saarnio WI,USA
George Schlitz WI,USA
Larry Schwaiger WI,USA
Florence Webb WI,USA
Walter Wheeler WI,USA
Dennis Wilcott WI,USA
Emily Riano Doloso, Metro Manila, Philippines
Francisco Collazo Figueroa, Puerto Rico, USA
Amparo Baez, Puerto Rico, USA
Rafael Rodriguez Buxo, Puerto Rico, USA
Rosa Rodriguez Buxo, Puerto Rico, USA
The Febles-Mena Family, Puerto Rico USA
Sr. Elizabeth Kelliher, British Columbia, Canada
Christopher R. Labonge, Los Angels, CA USA
Reverend William Brelsford, Los Angeles, CA USA
Reverend Richard Gleason, Los Angeles, CA USA
Father Steven Ochoa, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Father Alexander Lewis, Los Angeles, CA USA
Father Maurice Chase, Los Angeles, CA USA
Stella Geromette, MI, USA
Francis Geromette, MI, USA
Dennis Masse, Windsor, Canada
Marie Malopolski, MI, USA
Angeline Siwiecki, MI, USA
David Geromette, Zurich, Canada
Laura Geromette, Zurich, Canada
Apolonia Malopolski, MI, USA
Julius (Julian) Malopolski, MI, USA
Dolores Huminski, Connecticut, USA
Margaret Mudry, Connecticut, USA
James P. Mancusi, Jr., Connecticut, USA
Michelle Yannes, Connecticut, USA
Frank & Tish Ferrito, Connecticut, USA
Larry Yannes, Connecticut, USA
Russell Michael Novella, Connecticut, USA
Deana Abbots, Connecticut, USA
Anne Marie McGoey, Connecticut, USA
Louis Gaboardi Jr., Connecticut, USA
Greg Gauvin, Massachusetts, USA
Janet Goldmann, Connecticut, USA
Pearl Kutzy, Connecticut, USA
Roberta Watts, Connecticut, USA
Jane McDonald, Connecticut, USA
Roberta Tahan, Connecticut, USA
Elvira & Anthony Florio, Connecticut, USA
Margaret & Walter Huminski, Connecticut, USA
Donald Melillo, Connecticut, USA
Peter & Ann Winter, Connecticut, USA
Peter Winter Jr., Connecticut, USA
Louis Gaboardi Sr., Connecticut, USA
John Mudry, Jr., Connecticut, USA
John & Anna Mudry, Connecticut
Steven Kraft, North Carolina, USA
Robert Boyles, North Carolina
Theodore Kutzy, New York, USA
Mark Teofilo, New York, USA
Vera & Lenny DeLillo, New York, USA
Rod Dexter, Oregon, USA
Fr. Ron Beshara, Florida, USA
Fr. Andrew Cusack, USA
Ken Stoorza, Idaho, USA
Mary K. Norman and the Norman Family, California, USA
Dominic Tortomasi and the Tortomasi Family, California, USA
Tony Coppi and the Coppi Family, California, USA
John Serra and the Serra Family, California, USA
Jack Chandler and the Chandler Family, California, USA
Mike Delgatto and the Delgatto Family, California, USA
Martha Hoye and the Hoye Family, California, USA
Barbara Lebovitz and the Lebovitz Family, California, USA
Johnny Blake and the Blake Family, California, USA
Johnny Skrnich and the Skrnich Family, California, USA
Huell Howser and the Howser Family, California and Tennessee, USA
David Cash, Michigan, USA
Peter Kowynia, Michigan, USA
Blanche Istvan, Michigan, USA
Stephen LaCommare, Michigan, USA
Robert Schneider, Michigan, USA
Marcy Pajak, Michigan, USA
Christopher Weingarten, Michigan, USA
Carol Stahler, Napa, CA USA
Robert Brannon, Florida, USA
Paul Brannon, Florida, USA
Mavis Bell, York England
Dennis Bell, York England
Daniel Perry, Dunfermline Scotland
Septimus Littler, London England
Michael McCarthy, Solihull England
Kathleen McCarthy, Solihull England
Marc Rodriguez, Arizona, USA
Michael Simmons, Arizona, USA
Alfonsina LoBianco, Arizona, USA
Russ Olsen, Arizona, USA
Evelyn Horn, Arizona, USA
Foland Horn, Arizona, USA
Jack Kelly, Arizona, USA
Gladys Carlton, Arizona, USA
Leo D'Ambra, Arizona, USA
Josephine D'Ambra, Arizona, USA
Mavis Reynolds, Arizona, USA
Reginald Reynolds, Arizona, USA
Luther Nesmith, Arizona, USA
Sean Andujar, Arizona, USA
Paul Wille, Arizona, USA
Tyler Jungbluth, Arizona, USA
Jean Bethke Elshtain, Illinois, USA
Erik Flack, British Columbia, Canada
Fr. Pablo Alvarez, USA
Bev Rosic, British Columbia, Canada
Petela Emilia and the Petela Family, Krakow, Poland
Regina Resnik, New York, USA
Gilby Carlos, British Columbia, Canada
Matt J. Gerwill Rochester, MN
RusselL Fisher, Mexico City, Mexico
Dick Walsh, Darien, IL
Lito Alvarez, Lima, Peru
George Nathanson, Mexico City, Mexico
Eloy Aguilar, McAllen, Texas
Cara Delgado, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Raul Delgado family, Tinley Park, IL
Oscar I. Delgado Family, Rochester, MN
Camilla  &  Marie  Albers,  Hongkong
Rene, Louis & Elisabeth  Boursicot,   France
John, Pacita & Joe  Remedios,   Philippines
Sr   Marie  Joseph,  Carmelite,  HK
Father  Horatio  de Angeles,  Fr  Anthony  Garaventa, Italy
Fr   Vicente  Breton,  Spain,
Terry  &  Katie  Archee, Hongkong
Sr  Veronique,  Canada
June  Blackhurst, S. Africa
Therese & Socorro  Rodrigues, Hongkong
Emily Lopes,  Hongkong,
Gladys  Maher,  Hongkong
Gildo, Carrie, Vilia and Olivia Remedios,  USA
Vital, Adelaide , Laidy Remedios, Hongkong
Fred & Marie Alves, Portugal
Amalia Carvalho & Edris & Marcus Carvalho, Hongkong
Mme DinescoBouyonnet,France
Robert, Bea & family, Canada
Mme  Hervouet, Juanita Pilar, France
Mother Conleth, Socorro, Macau
Fr  Launcelot Rodrigues, Macau
Fr Mauricio Teixera, Macau
Delfino  Rodrigues, Maca
Rui  Andrade,  Portugal
Albert Marcello, RI, USA
Bill Connelly,Calif,USA
Josephine Tortomasi,Calif, USA
Vincent Tortomasi, Calif, USA
Mike Tortomasssi, Calif, USA
Doominic Tortomasi, Calif, USA
Bill Pearson, Idaho, Calif USA
Jack Chandler, Calif USA
Nida Chandler Calif, USA
Noris Chandler, Calif, USA
Arcadia Nicklay, Idaho, USA
Helen Groves, Idaho, USA
Bob Lejay, Calif USA
Nevis Chandler, Calif, USA
Barbara Lebovitz, Calif, USA
Theresa Coppi, Calif, USA
Maria Noah, Idaho, USA
Kyle Brennan, Centennial, Colorado
Betty Weaver, Oklahoma, USA
Ruth Hall, Oklahoma, USA
Brian Stagg, Tennessee, USA
Helen Cuff, Oklahoma, USA
John Meldrum, Oklahoma, USA
Helene Meldrum, Oklahoma, USA
Betty Schiefelbein, Pennsylvania, USA
Brenda Schiefelbein, Pennsylvania, USA
Pauline Amelia Hornick, of New York, USA
Francis William Hornick, of New York, USA
William Hornick, of Massachusetts, USA
Michael John Kieloch, of New York, USA
Suzanne Kieloch, of New York, USA
Leona Kieloch, of New York, USA
Jennifer Rupe, of New York, USA
Jean M. Tripepi, of New York, USA
Antonio De Avila , Minas Gerais, Brazil
Norma Griffin, Kentucky, USA
Thomas Vander Woude and family, Virginia, USA
Cooley family, Virginia, USA,
Neilan family, Massachusetts, USA
Regan family, Massachusetts, USA
Fr. Charles Schoenbaechler, Kentucky, USA,
Fr. Ray Hoffman, Kentucky, USA
Maucilio Mendoza, Inglewood, CA, USA
Angelita Gonzalez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Guadalupe Gonzalez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Soledad Marquez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Gabina Galvan, Inglewood, CA, USA
 Genobebo Gonzalez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Alejandro Guzman, Inglewood, CA, USA
Apolinar Gonzalez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Elodio Weeber, Inglewood, CA, USA
Rodrigo Curiel, Inglewood, CA, USA
Alejandro Aybar, Inglewood, CA, USA
Sharleen Rambo, Inglewood, CA, USA
Aydee Flores, Inglewood, CA, USA
 Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Apolinar Rodriguez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Luis Garcia, Inglewood, CA, USA
 Oliva Silva, Inglewood, CA, USA
Maria Elena Loera, Inglewood, CA, USA
Oureliano Perez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Francisco Serrano, Inglewood, CA, USA
Carlos Serrano, Inglewood, CA, USA
Nicholas Perez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Adela Lidia Gomez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Rigoberto Trujillo, Inglewood, CA, USA
Juan Jose Navas, Inglewood, CA, USA
Elvira Estreda, Inglewood, CA, USA
Miguel Ruiz, Inglewood, CA, USA
Asuncion Maciel, Inglewood, CA, USA
Pedro Valdivia,Inglewood, CA, USA
Cesario Valdivia, Inglewood, CA, USA
Victoria Casillas, Inglewood, CA, USA
Maria Lucinda Dominguez, Inglewood, CA, USA
Claudia Patricia Camacho, Inglewood, CA, USA
 Guadalupe Camacho, Inglewood, CA, USA
Bernardina Arroyo, Inglewood, CA, USA
Jacob Harper, Westwood, CA USA
Gerald Sinner, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Dolores Watson, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
John Zivec, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Carol Manion, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Susan Wagniere, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Marcia Wible, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Bently Stansbury, Manhattan Beach, Ca USA
Ronald Lang, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Maria Bernardi, Los Angeles, CA USA
Georgia Rice, Los Angeles, CA USA
Christopher Okafor, Los Angeles, CA USA
Robert Quinn, Los ANgeles, CA USA
Ed Fuess, Los Angeles, CA USA
Kelly Leduff, Los Angeles, CA , USA
Joseph Clark, Los Angeles
Alexander Andrew Burke, CA, USA
Corina Capote, Ohio, USA
Prince Johan Friso, Netherlands
Bishop George K. Fitzsimons, Missouri, USA
Rubye W. Jones, Mississippi, USA
Amabile Rosetta (Miotto) Zorich, Oregon, USA
Antonio Zorich, Oregon, USA
Giovanni Zorich, Oregon, USA
Nicola Zorich, Oregon, USA
Adriana (Bandera) Zorich, Oregon, USA
Orsola Miotto, Italy
Francesco Miotto, Italy
Antonio Miotto, Italy
Charles Featherston, Washington State, USA
Mary Featherston, Washington State, USA
Dale Yaden, Washington State, USA
Robert D. Nicholson, Oregon, USA
Richard J. Kendall, Oregon, USA
Nick Rich, Oregon, USA
Graziano Dalla Gasperina, Oregon, USA
Sandra Emmons, Oregon, USA
Corey Robinett, Oregon, USA
William "Bill" Hirsch, Oregon, USA
Rev. Thomas Tobin, Oregon, USA
Rev. Vincent Sampietro, Oregon, USA
Dr. Mel Amsberry, Oregon, USA
Derrick Davis, Oregon, USA
Ralph O. Bohne, Illinois, USA
Henrietta B. Acupinpin, Valenzuela City, Philippines
Enrique T. Acupinpin Jr., Valenzuela City, Philippines
Enrique L. Acupinpin Sr., Valenzuela City, Philippines
Martina T. Acupinpin, Valenzuela City, Philippines
Elizabeth T. Acupinpin, Valenzuela City, Philippines
Lydia B. Fanega, Iloilo City, Iloilo
Rose B. Jaena, Barotav Nuevo, Iloilo
Alfonso B. Bedonia, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
Ruperto B. Bedonia, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
Socorro R. Bedonia, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
Laureina Cote, Quebec, Canada
Elie Cote, Quebec, Canada
Laurent Cloutier, Quebec Canada
Jeanne Cloutier, Quebec, Canada
Phydime Gaudreau, Quebec, Canada
Armande Gaudreau, Quebec, Canada
Francis Boulva, Quebec, Canada
Bernhardt Goertzen, Ontario, Canada
Eva Goertzen, Ontario, Canada
Maria Cvirik, Ontario, Canada
Philip O'Brien, Ontario, Canada
Maria Neufeld, Manitoba, Canada
Hermann Neufeld, Manitoba, Canada
Entire Cardoze  Maduro Family,  Panama, Republic of Panama
Entire Maduro  De Leon Family,  London, England
Entire Anchor Barry Family,  Liverpool,  England
Entire Anchor van Beverhoudt Family Panama, Republic of Panama
Entire Diez Quijano Family,  Panama, Republic of Panama
Entire Diez Family, New York, United States
Entire Dossette Family,  Nova Scotia/Montreal Canada
Julie Albert   London UK
Daniel Ervin Kessick from Huntington, WV, USA
Robert Vernon Peyton from Ironton, OH, USA
Rute Redivo and husband, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Rubén Cinelli,Buenos Aires,Argentina
Catherine and William Muller, Lomita, California
William Brennan, Denver, Colorado
Anthony Xuereb, Fgura, Malta
Maria Esther Varela de Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Segundo F. Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mrs Carmel Hurl, Belfast, Northern Ireland
John Gallagher, Kings Park, NY USA
Robert Caine, Ft Myers, USA
Irene Caine, Ft Myers, USA
Kevin Caine, Phoenix, USA
John Everett, Dallas, USA
Fr. Joseph Neilson, Little Rock, USA
Omar Matos, Washington, D.C., USA
Carmen Griffing, Orlando, USA
Cecilia Matos, Miami, USA
Carlos A. Perez, Miami, USA
Ed O'Brien, Dallas, USA
Victoria Matos, Caracas, Venezuela
Benito Matos, Caracas, Venezuela
Rev. Fr. Charles "Chuck" Gallagher, S.J., New York
Dr. Marciano Agustin, Laguna, Philippines
Rev. Fr. Yance "Yohanes" Laka, Atambua, West Timor, Indonesia
Pacquito Castaneda, Manila, Philippines
Kevin Maguire, California, USA
Theresa D. Corcoran Massachusetts USA
Maritess Salientes, Metro Manila, Philippines
John Wrana, Illinois, USA
Belen Barretto, Laguna, Philippines
William P. Clark, California, USA
Roger S. Pasimio, Philippines
Jaime F. Bernabe, Philippines
Gaudencio Roberto Quirino Lahoz, Philippines
Benedict O. Ng, Philippines
Arturo C. Bayle III, Philippines
Patricia Piper, New London, WI, USA
Rose Smerling, Omro, WI, USA
David Smerling, Omro, WI, USA
Tim Smerling, Omro, WI, USA
Robert Smerling, Omro, WI, USA
Peter Salm, New Holstein, WI, USA
Msgr. Peter Salm, Diocese of Green Bay, WI, USA
Chuck Kiser, Cleveland, WI, USA
Sr. Boniface Salm, OSB, Saint Joseph, MN, USA
Joseph Salm, Sr., Oshkosh, WI, USA
Dennis Michael Salm, Oshkosh, WI, USA
John Salm, Oshkosh, WI, USA
Theresa Piper, Brillion, WI, USA
LeRoy Piper, Brillion, WI, USA
Sr. Mariette Pitz, OSB, missionary to mainland China and then Taiwan
Jerome Salm, Calumet County, WI
Unknown poor souls in Purgatory
William McHugh Ohio USA
Mary McHugh Ohio USA
McHugh Family Ohio USA
Clinton Family Ohio USA
John W. Roinson Ohio USA
Mary B. Robinson Ohio USA
Robinson Family Ohio USA
John Schroder Ky USA
August Schwabe, Wisconsin, USA
Verna Schwabe, Wisconsin, USA
Grace Schwabe Quirk, Wisconsin, USA
Eleanor Schwabe Field, Wisconsin, USA
Louise Schwabe Hensley, Wisconsin, USA
Otto Brusewitz, Wisconsin, USA
Dale Hensley, Wisconsin, USA
William Quirk, Wisconsin, USA
Michael Connor, Wisconsin, USA
Anita Clemente, New York, USA
Carlos Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teresa Barquin de Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ann M. (McDonald) Antoscia, Rhode Island, USA
Mary Gilgun Fox, Rhode Island, USA
Elizabeth Fox, Rhode Island, USA
Robert T. Fox, Sr. Rhode Island, USA
Robert T. Fox, Jr. Rhode Island, USA
Catherine (O'Rourke) Keefe, Rhode Island, USA
Louis J. Keefe, Rhode Island, USA
Anne Viscusco Todd, Connecticut, USA
Domenic Viscusco, Rhode Island, USA
Matteo Viscuso, Rhode Island, USA
Angelina Corcelli, Rhode Island, USA
Pietro Viscuso, Rhode Island, USA
Anna Maria Bianco Gemma, Rhode Island, USA
Pietro Gemma, Rhode Island, USA
Gaetano Antoscia, Rhode Island, USA
Angelina Nassi Antoscia, Rhode Island, USA
Francesco Antoscia Sr., Rhode Island, USA
Anna Gemma Antoscia, Rhode Island, USA
Francesco Antoscia, Jr. Florida, USA
Grace Iannelli Antoscia, Florida, USA
Ruth McDonald Fitzgerald, Rhode Island, USA
Margaret Gilgun McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Daniel A. McDonald, Sr. Rhode Island, USA
Thomas F. Gilgun, Massachusetts, USA
Catherine Farrell Gilgun, Massachusetts, USA
Julia (Tracy) McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Alexander McDonald, Massachusetts, USA
Arthur Anderson Sr., Rhode Island, USA
Rev. Bertil James Anderson, Rhode Island, USA
Rose Costanza Gilgun, Rhode Island, USA
Ellen J. McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Dominick Brophy, Rhode Island, USA
Mary O'Brien Brophy, Rhode Island, USA
Anna Loretta Brophy Anderson, Rhode Island, USA
Carl Roland Anderson, Rhode Island, USA
Edmund Beckett, Rhode Island, USA
Margaret Bernardine McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Ruth Antoscia and 2 Antoscia children, Rhode Island, USA
Br. Basilew Francis, F.S.C., Rhode Island & New York, USA
Joseph A. McDonald, Sr., California, USA
Joseph A. McDonald, Jr., California, USA
Rowena McDonald, California, USA
The Ponticelli Family, California, USA
Mary G. McDonald Hayden, Rhode Island, USA
Loretta Hayden, Rhode Island, USA
Marie Hayden Angus, California, USA
John J. Hayden, Sr., Rhode Island, USA
John J. Hayden, Jr., Rhode Island, USA
John B. McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Gertrude Campbell McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
Irene McDonald Banspach, Rhode Island, USA
Cecil Wallace Angus, California, USA
William F. McDonald, Rhode Island, USA
John Tracy, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Kennedy Tracy, Massachusetts, USA
John McDonald Sr., Massachusetts, USA
Ellen Sullivan McDonald, Massachusetts, USA
Michael Louis Farrell, Rhode Island, USA
Margaret Elliott Farrell, Rhode Island, USA
Mary J. Farrell, Rhode Island, USA
James E. Farrell, USA
Margaret A. Farrell O'Rourke, Rhode Island, USA
James H. O'Rourke, Rhode Island, USA
John E. Farrell, Rhode Island, USA
Bridget Farrell Cosgrove, Rhode Island, USA
John J. Cosgrove, Rhode Island, USA
Michael Farrell, Rhode Island, USA
Jo Farrell Smith, Rhode Island, USA
George P. Smith, Rhode Island, USA
Philip George Gilgun Smith, Rhode Island, USA
William Henry Farrell, USA
Andrew Elliott, New York, USA
Margaret Mary McGrath Elliott, connecticut, USA
Edward Edmund Farrell, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Ahearn Farrell, Massachusetts, USA
The Farrell Family, Webster, Massachusetts, USA
Bridget Gilgun Gilgun, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas J. Gilgun, Massachusetts, USA
The Gilgun Family, Massachusetts, USA
John Kennedy, Massachusetts, USA
Julia Dowling Kennedy, Massachusetts, USA
The Dowling Family, Massachusetts, USA
The Kennedy Family, Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA
Madeline Antoscia George, Rhode Island, USA
Louis George, Sr., Rhode Island, USA
86.  Errico Harry Antoscia and Family, Rhode Island, USA
Domenico Thomas Antoscia and Family, Rhode Island, USA
Joseph Antoscia, Oregon, USA
Grace Sanzo Antoscia, Oregon, USA
Florence Andoscia Macari and Family, Rhode Island, USA
Joseph Violo, Rhode Island, USA
Amelia Flink Bock, Rhode Island, USA
Charlotte Flink Anderson, Rhode Island, USA
Andrew Hilding Anderson, Rhode Island and New York, USA
Berthel Gustav Anderson, Rhode Island, USA
The Antoscia Family, Pietravairano, Caserta, Campania, Italy
The Gemma Family, Marzanello e Vairano Patenora, Campania, Italy
Peter P. Antosia, Sr. and Family, Rhode Island, USA
Jennie Antoscia Testa, Rhode Island, USA
Alphonse Andoscia, Sr. and Family, Rhode Island, USA
Frances Gilgun DiGiacomo and Family, New York, USA
John J. Gilgun, Florida, USA
James H. Gilgun, Rhode Island, USA
Bruno and Helen Janicki, New York, USA
Edward and Mary Lehn, New York, USA
Thomas and Wanda Lehn, New York, USA
Steven Kraft North Carolina USA
Margaret Mudry Connecticut USA
Dolores Florio Huminski Connecticut USA
Walter Wolk Sr., Florida, USA
Rosemary Perret Bowler, Louisiana, USA
Dave McKee           Illinois    United States of America
Joseph Japuntich     Illinois    United States of America
Anna Japuntich        Illinois    United States of America
Frank Kirk                Illlinois   United States of America
Mary Kirk                Illinois     United States of America
John Japuntich Wisconsin United States of America
Florence Japuntich  Wisconsin United States of America 
Steve Japuntich Illinois  United States of America
Kate Japuntich         Illinois      United States of America
Jim Fitzgerald          Iowa         United States of America
Jim Tomka               Iowa         United States of America
Don Bryant               Iowa         United States of America
Margot Tighe            Iowa          United States of America
Tim McGowan          Louisiana   U.S.A.
Rick Rader               Illinois        United States of America
Mark Malikowski       Illinois        United States of America
Ole Anderson            Illinois        United States of America
Kari Anderson           Illinois        United States of America
Linda Larson             Illinois        United States of America
Arlen Larson             Illinois        United States of America
Sigvarda Larson        Illionois       United States of America
John Sherman          Illinois         United States of America
Lester Sherman        Illinois         United States of America
George Green           Illinois          United States of America
Charlotte Green        Illinois           United States of America
Charles Penton        Louisiana      United States of America
Christine Penton       Louisiana     United States of America
D.O. Fussell            Lousiana       United States of America
Lois Fussell            Lousiana      United States of America
Arnold Fussell Lousiana  United States of America
Junie Fussell Lousiana   United States of America
Elizabeth LaPietra
Angelo LaPietra
Francis LaPietra                 
Alfred LaPietra
Dorothy Zak
Jack Donihoue
Mary Green
Ralf green
Marie Ann Voss and her mother and father
Peggy frazier
The grandparents of a friend

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