Rorate Caeli

No scaremongering, please

Based on a week-old supposed incident in Rome (first reported by Spanish blogger Francisco José Fernández de la Cigoña five days ago), in which Card. Burke and Abp. Pozzo would have supposedly left a conference by Sandro Magister before it ended, indicating by their rumored action a possible discontent with Sandro Magister's words, the esteemed Fr. John Zuhlsdorf today jumped to wild conclusions.

We did not report it because it is so sketchy, but dear Father considers it relevant enough to drum up fear, instead of passing on serenity:

"Remember, friends. Those of you who uphold the traditional ways had better tread lightly, and with a smile. It is still possible to lose everything."

With all due respect, this is just more of the typical fear-mongering.

Sandro Magister is not a traditionalist - he is just not blind. But his opinions should not hurt traditionalists just because he affords them an impartial treatment, is familiar with traditional liturgy and sacred music, and is sympathetic to their stance.

As for traditional Catholics, those of us who profess it without half-words, we are tired of being afraid. We are the only minority whose persecution within the Church is accepted and encouraged, and yet we "had better tread lightly" or else? We are all for being "wise as serpents and innocent as doves," but not for being cowed into submission.

No, we must keep our heads up, protest as much as liberals do (¡hagan lío!, "make a mess"), but within the limits of licit behavior, and remember: this too shall pass. We are far from 1970, friends, far better in the spread of the Traditional Mass than at any time since Paul VI. If there is still a world a millennium from today, there will still be a Church, and the Traditional Mass will still be celebrated, a Mass that would be recognized by a visitor from the age of Saint Gregory the Great or the great Cluny reformers, this precious Latin gift passed on from generation to generation. And traditional Catholics will still be here, based on the just efforts of those who resisted, under God's blessings: we will not "lose everything", and this too shall pass.