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A French milestone

The FSVF is rarely reported on outside of France, so we bring you this encouraging report:

While most of the world missed it, the 25th anniversary (October 6th) of the canonical erection of the Fraternité Saint-Vincent-Ferrier (FSVF), and the jubilee of three of the priests of the FSVF, was recently celebrated. The three priests were Raymond-Marie Puybaraud, Dominique-Marie de Saint-Laumer (Prior) and Bernard-Marie Laisné. You may read more about it here

The celebration was held at the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Chémere-le-Roi. More than 600 faithful were in attendance for the Mass celebrated according to the Dominican Rite, including Dom Louis-Marie, the Abbot of Le Barroux and Dom Dupont, the Abbot of Solesmes. There were also priests there from the other Ecclesia Dei Institutes. At the Mass, a message from Msgr. Di Noia was read by Msgr. Descourtieux, representing Ecclesia Dei before the sermon.

After a friendly lunch in the cloister, Père Louis-Marie Blignières, the founder, recalled the circumstances of the foundation and the path towards recognition in 1988. Père Dominique-Marie de Saint-Laumer, the prior, then discussed the plans for a new conventional Church and, that one day, if God willed it, the Fraternity could begin a new foundation.

The FSVF now has a redesigned website. We urge you to take a look and keep them in your prayers. 

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