Rorate Caeli

Two videos:
1. Remnant: "Rorate vindicated"
2. Finkielkraut: "Francis: Love without Love's Wisdom"

1. In their most recent video, the Remnant team of commentators say "Rorate Caeli stands vindicated".


2. Alain Finkielkraut is one of the most well-known of those working in that most French of occupations: the "intellectual". Which makes this philosopher and thinker a household name in France. The son of an Auschwitz survivor and a secular "humanist", Finkielkraut recently released his latest book, L'identité malheureuse, current the best-selling book in France, on the general problems of the broken lines traversing French (and European) society. He was last week on one of the most popular debate shows in national public network France 2 and had some remarkable words on Pope Francis, beginning with his view on recent youth protests:

Young people can also reflect. It isn't stupid to reflect! Politics, morals. Morals are more than just the heart! Morals are also intelligence. Love without love's wisdom: that is pope Francis. And well, it's very nice, pope Francis, but we can require, even of young people, love and love's wisdom.

[Moderator: - You mean that there is no wisdom in pope Francis?]

-No, there is much love, it seems. ...

The original video in French is available here.

[Tip: Le Forum Catholique; Source: France 2]