Rorate Caeli

Wisques Abbey, the new Traditional Monastery,
ready for business (the opus Dei)

After months of preparation and visits of monks from Fontgombault, the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Paul of Wisques will at last become fully a house with the uses and customs of Fontgombault Abbey, in particular the Traditional Mass. From Friday, October 11, onwards, Wisques will be the newest addition to the slowly growing list of traditional monasteries in the world:

The [permanent] arrival of the monks is set for Thursday, October 10. Dom Jean Pateau, Abbot of Fontgombault, joined by his predecessor, Dom Antoine Forgeot, will bring with them the 13 brothers whom he chose to carry out the revitalization of our Abbey.

At 9:45 AM our bishop, Bp. Jaeger [Bishop of Arras], will preside over the [new] mass that priests of both communities will concelebrate. All the faithful who wish to will be able to be present at this eucharist and to join our prayer.

Following that, but in private, in the Chapter House, the Abbot of Solesmes, Dom Philippe Dupont, Superior General of the Benedictine Congregation of Solesmes, will name Dom Jean Pateau, Abbot of Fontgombault, "Abbot Administrator of Saint Paul's Abbey". It will fall upon the latter to organize the monastery by giving to each one of his monks the diverse tasks necessary for the good operation of the Abbey.

Beginning on Friday, October 11, Saint Paul's Abbey will adopt the uses and customs of the Fontgombault Abbey, especially the Mass according to the "Extraordinary Rite". The community recommend themselves to your prayers, and assure you of the same. (Source in French)

Wisques is in the Pas-de-Calais department, making the renewed Saint Paul's Abbey the fully Traditional Monastery that is closest to Southern England and much of the Low Countries.

Area within a 200-km (125 mi) radius of St. Paul's Abbey, Wisques
We think that this combination of the traditional uses and customs of Fontgombault and their privileged geographical location, equidistant from the greatest urban regions of France and Britain, and near the heart of Belgium, will assure a bright future for Wisques, a community which was a short time ago bound to disappear.

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