Rorate Caeli

You Report: TLM in Geneva, Switzerland

The photo above was taken during the TLM at the church of Sainte Claire located in the Acacias neighborhood of Geneva, Switzerland.  The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) provide the dedicated curates for the Tridentine Mass.
The traditional community has held Masses at Sainte Claire since 2009.  Many young families attend the Mass and a good number drive in from neighboring France. Processions are common and after today’s Mass the priest led prayers to the Blessed Mother in honor of the last apparition at Fatima on October 13, 1917. There is a large poster outside of church and it promotes the TLM which is held every Sunday at 11 AM. Sainte Claire is easily accessible via public transit. One can take the #15 tram to the Acacias stop and the church is a short walk from there.
Additionally, there are  Tridentine Masses held daily in both Lausanne and Fribourg. Rorate had previously carried a story on a TLM confirmation mass (at the Basilica of Notre Dame in Fribourg) at which Bishop Morerod of Lausanne was present. Additionally, there are other Sunday TLM locations held throughout the French-speaking and German-speaking cantons, including an SSPX daily Mass and their three Sunday Masses.
 [Report by a reader.]