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New Personal Parish: St. Rose of Lima, Diocese of Springfield, Illinois

Saint Rose of Lima, the apostolate run since 2008 by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP, Fathers Devillers and Fromageot) in Quincy, Illinois, was established as a full-fledged Personal Parish by the Bishop of Springfield, Bp. Thomas John Paprocki, beginning on January 1, 2014

The local diocesan newspaper reports:

On Jan. 1, St. Rose of Lima became an official parish of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. In a decree released Dec. 23, 2013, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki established St. Rose of Lima as a "personal parish."

"Since this is not a territorial parish, there are no parish boundaries," he declared. For the past several years, St. Rose of Lima had been a chaplaincy, with members joining but remaining members of their local Catholic parish.

Earlier in 2013 Bishop Paprocki consulted with the presbyteral council and with the priests of the Quincy deanery, in particular the pastors of the neighboring parishes. On Nov. 25, the Presbyteral Council voted unanimously to recommend the establishment of St. Rose of Lima as a personal parish in Quincy in accord with Canon 518 for the pastoral needs of those persons who have an affinity for the celebration of the sacred liturgy according to the extraordinary form.

St. Rose of Lima, located at 1009 N. Eighth St., is staffed by priests of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, specifically Father Arnaud Devillers, FSSP, who is now pastor and who has been the chaplain, and Father Robert Fromageot, FSSP, who is now parochial vicar and who has been assistant chaplain.

This is a recognition of the work conducted by the Mississippi by the new Pastor and Vicar, and the local community whose life of faith was recognized by their Ordinary. Congratulations to the youngest Personal Parish in America! 

The number of traditional Personal Parishes in America is now close to 30.

[Tip: reader M.H. Image: Bp. Paprocki visits St. Rose of Lima on June 10, 2012.]