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Benedict XVI one year later: "If there is no battle, there is no Christianity"

Abp. Luigi Negri, of Ferrara-Comacchio (Italy), and president of a small foundation dedicated to the study of Catholic social doctrine (the International John Paul II Foundation for the Social Magisterium of the Church) visited Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in his quarters at the Mater Ecclesiae seminary, in the Vatican, along with Marco Ferrini, director of the foundation. The meeting took place on Feb. 5, and Ferrini told newspaper La Voce di Romagna what happened:

We told him that, thanks to the Magisterium of John Paul II and his own, we had recovered the continuity of faith and culture with social and political commitment. In the sense that there is no dualism between faith and social and human commitment. Also a certain amount of concern because there is, coming from some parts of the Church, a return to a certain kind of dualism, therefore this seems to make the Church return to a position of self-alienation.

It was then that Benedict XVI said: "every dualism is negative in a Christian sense." He spoke to us of the difficulties of the context in which the Church acts today, suffering the always more violent attack from the world. And he said: "If there is no battle, there is no Christianity."

(web source: Raffaella)