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The Church of Vatican II - Univision worldwide poll
The people chose Korah and Barabbas

Sandro Botticelli
The punishment of Korah and the Stoning of Moses and Aaron
(Detail: Korah-led rebels swallowed up by the earth)
Sistine Chapel

A worlwide poll of nominal Catholics was conducted at the request of American Spanish-language network Univision (and published on Sunday by several newspapers worldwide):  the full poll results by country on several matters of moral doctrine and discipline, as well as "support" for Pope Francis here.

Except for Sub-Saharan Africa (countries chosen: Uganda and D.R. Congo) and the Philippines,  where the fighting spirit of the missionary priests of the past remains strong, the results show several generations lost to the spirit of the world following the "opening" promoted by Vatican II. With bishops who do not want to lead, and often do not even themselves believe in the whole message of the Gospel, the flock has no leaders, and is dispersed

One relevant statistical point, however, is this: though results may also be broken down in several different ways here, including attendance ("frequency" is not really defined in the poll), it seems that only weekly attendance at Sunday Mass would indicate the proper disposition of nominal Catholics on doctrine and discipline. Naturally, if a nominal Catholic does not even make the most basic and simple effort of Catholic life (it really is not that hard to accomplish it - attendance of Sunday Mass and confession and communion at least once a year), the willingness to embrace those doctrines that are more demanding in one's personal life is certainly quite diminished.

The pollsters should also have made basic questions of Catholic doctrine, and this would be our tip for a next worldwide poll: it would be relevant to have cross-comparisons of those who accept abortion on demand (e.g. 32% in France, 24% in Spain) and those who do not believe in the Most Holy Trinity, or that Our Lord Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, or in the existence of hell.


In the end, Holy Writ already tells us about polls and popularity: the people chose Korah over Moses; the people chose Barabbas over Christ.