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You Suggest: A Documentary History of a Latin Mass Apostolate

The following is a guest post by 16-year-old traditional Catholic filmmaker Alexander Brefeld:

Missa Saeculorum, a one-of-a-kind, full length documentary is a tribute to those throughout Christendom who have struggled to bring the Traditional Latin Mass to a whole new generation of the faithful. It is a historical presentation of the rebirth of Tradition in the Diocese of Lexington, KY, since 1985.

I am Alexander Brefeld, producer and director of this film. I made Missa Saeculorum as a homeschool high school assignment combining my love of the TLM and film making. I began the project when I was 14, and I have spent 2 years researching the history of Regina Pacis, conducting interviews, and editing it into an hour long documentary.

In 1985, a group of dedicated individuals in Lexington got together to request a Latin Mass under the 1962 missal. Since that time their perseverance has paid off, and Regina Pacis is now an apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. This production honors those who struggled to keep the Latin Mass going throughout those years.

I interviewed Bishop Ronald Gainer of Lexington, KY, (the new Bishop of Harrisburg, PA) and he is featured prominently in the film. He has been supportive of the community and supportive of me during the making of this documentary. A few weeks before the release of Missa Saeculorum, Bishop Gainer and I watched the movie together, and he gave the project his full blessing.

I have really enjoyed the making of this film, and I hope that it will benefit, inform, and inspire those who watch it.

Here are some comments from others who have watched the film:

“Beautiful and artistic –  a perfect introduction to the Latin Mass”

“It is absolutely superb! I am greatly impressed and it was a joy to watch.”

“You’d never know a teen made this film -- it is a professional product.”

“The music and the background footage...are tremendous.  Really outstanding.”

“If this little film gets around, it’s likely you'll have TLM’s sprouting up all over. Missa Saeculorum is the hope for all who want the TLM, but don't think it’s possible.”

You need to see this film and give a copy to someone who loves or is bound to love the Latin Mass.

DVD’s are being sold online through the diocesan bookstore to benefit the Regina Pacis community’s quest to get their own church building. Please visit to obtain a copy.

This trailer (above) is a short introduction to Missa Saeculorum.