Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eighty-first posting of Souls

Below, please find the eighty-first posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. It's another large list this month with over 1,000 Souls. And we are very pleased to see so many come in from Pope Francis' homeland of Argentina. We have also added yet another priest in the services of the Souls enrolled in the Society.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."
How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 39 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Sofía Capelle, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Federico Capelle, Buenos Aires Argentina

Mrs Inés Astorga, from Santiago, Chile

Bishop D. António Xavier de Sousa Monteiro, Beja, Portugal

Bishop D. Sebastião Leite de Vasconcelos, Beja, Portugal

Bishop D. José do Patrocinio Dias, Beja, Portugal

Bishop D. Manuel dos Santos Rocha, Beja, Portugal

Bishop D. Manuel Franco da Costa de Oliveira Falcão, Beja, Portugal

Bishop D. António Cardoso Cunha, Vila Real, Portugal

Father Bonifácio José Maria Dias, Beja, Portugal

Father Gaudencio de Mira, Vidigueira, Portugal

Antonio do Carmo Rocha, Moura, Portugal

Father António Joaquim d'Almeida, Alcácer do Sal, Portugal

Father António Joaquim Ferro, Serpa, Portugal

António de José, Serpa, Portugal

António José Talhadas, Moura, Portugal

Father António Manoel de Magalhaes, Vila de Mourão, Portugal

Father Caetano da Costa Machado, Moura, Portugal

Constantino da Piedade, Beja, Portugal

Father Eusébio da Estrella, Odemira, Portugal

Francisco António d'Aguilar Sobrinho, Portel, Portugal

Francisco António Crujo, Tavira, Portugal

Francisco José Fragoso, Borba, Portugal

Father Francisco de Moraes Serra, Evóra, Portugal

Gregório José Marrocos Nogueira, Faro, Portugal

Jacinto do Carmo e Sousa, Beja, Portugal

Januário António Barata, Mértola, Portugal

João Francisco das Dores, Beja, Portugal

Father João da Purificacão de Sequeira e Sá, Coimbra, Portugal

João do Amaral, Almodôvar, Portugal

Joaquim Marques, Beja, Portugal

Joaquim das Rosa, Tavira, Portugal

Father José António da Cruz, Monchique, Portugal

José de Beja Primeiro, Moura, Portugal

José Francisco Acabado, Sines, Portugal

José Francisco da Rocha, Serpa, Portugal

José Francisco Thomaz, Vila de Frades, Portugal

José Joaquim de Sousa, Moura, Portugal

José Joaquim de Vasconcellos, Moura, Portugal

Father José Maria Sabino, Evóra, Portugal

Father José Maria dos Santos, Beja, Portugal

José Marques, Evóra, Portugal

José Patricio Correa, Almodôvar, Portugal

José Pereira Camacho, Beja, Portugal

José da Sacra Familia Sequeira e Sá, Coimbra, Portugal

José dos Santos, Almodôvar, Portugal

José Sebastiao Rebollo, Serpa, Portugal

Luiz Francisco Moreira, Vila de Frades, Portugal

Manoel Joaquim Fialho, Almodôvar, Portugal

Marianno Joaquim d'Azevedo e Silva, Beja, Portugal

Father José António de Almeida, Aljustrel, Portugal

Father António Augusto Camacho de Brito, Ervidel, Portugal

Father Sebastião José Alexandre Favinha, Messejana, Portugal

Father António José Martinho, Almodôvar, Portugal

Father Manuel Ferreira da Costa, Almodôvar, Portugal

Father Adelino Correia, Almodôvar, Portugal

Father Manuel António Viçoso, Almodôvar, Portugal

Father Jacinto Colaço Bernardino, Almodôvar, Portugal

Father Fernando António Sobrinho, Vila Nova da Baronia, Portugal

Father António Augusto Pereira, Vila Nova da Baronia, Portugal

Father Abílio Pais Cabral, Vila Nova da Baronia, Portugal

Father Gabriel Rodrigues Pinto, Alvito, Portugal

Father Francisco Inácio Pais de Matos, Barrancos, Portugal

Father José António Marques, Beja, Portugal

Father Francisco Emília, Beringel, Portugal

Father José Francisco Veloso, Beja, Portugal

Father Manuel Fernandes Barbosa, Beja, Portugal

Father José Francisco Neves, Beja, Portugal

Father António Maria de Brito, Beja, Portugal

Father João Eduardo Marques, Beja, Portugal

Father Francisco Rodrigues Paulo, Beja, Portugal

Father Agostinho Pinto Ferreira, Beja, Portugal

Father Luís Augusto da Costa, Beja, Portugal

Father António José Moita, Beja, Portugal

Father José de Almeida e Sousa, Beja, Portugal

Father Cristiano Gonçalves Rebordão, Beja, Portugal

Father Albano Nunes Pereira, Beja, Portugal

Father José Francisco Emílio, Beja, Portugal

Father José Augusto do Rego, Beja, Portugal

Father António Manuel Peneque, Castro Verde, Portugal

Father Bento Lourenço Machado, Castro Verde, Portugal

Father João António das Dores Alho, Castro Verde, Portugal

Father Manuel Martins de Pinho, Castro Verde, Portugal

Father José da Silva Roque, Vila Alva, Portugal

Father Luciano Barata Mendes, Cuba, Portugal

Father António Júlio dos Santos,  Vila Ruiva, Portugal

Father Artur Machado da Silva Brito, Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

Father José da Costa Belo, Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

Father António de Morais Castro, Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

Father Eugénio de Pina Cabral, Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

Father Jaime Alves Tavares, Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

Father Francisco Domingues, Mértola, Portugal

Father Caetano Augusto Soares, Mértola, Portugal

Father Manuel Martins Camacho, Mértola, Portugal

Father Eugénio Manuel Martins, Mértola, Portugal

Father José da Luz Capela, Mértola, Portugal

Father Joaquim António Camacho, Mértola, Portugal

Father José Augusto Jordão de Almeida, Moura, Portugal

Father Manuel Pedro, Moura, Portugal

Father João Fragoso de Lima, Moura, Portugal

Father Manuel António Ribeiro, Moura, Portugal

Father Alfredo Pereira da Silva Tavares, Moura, Portugal

Father Domingos Rodrigues Preto Morais, Amareleja, Portugal

Father Francisco António de Moura e Paiva, Santo Aleixo, Portugal

Father Francisco Martins Serrano, Santo Amador, Portugal

Father Domingos Gonçalves Carneiro, Odemira, Portugal

Father António Carlos Veloso, Odemira, Portugal

Father Eduardo José da Costa Faro, Odemira, Portugal

Father Francisco Santana da Costa, Odemira, Portugal

Father Custódio Francisco Orfão de Campos, Odemira, Portugal

Father Eloi Manuel Freire de Andrade, Odemira, Portugal

Father José António de Santiago, Odemira, Portugal

Father Manuel Nunes Godinho, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Father Joaquim António de Santa Ana, Ourique

Father Carlos Augusto Botelho Palma, Ourique

Father Jacinto Nunes Freire, Ourique, Portugal

Father Manuel Augusto Barata, Ourique, Portugal

Father António Gonçalves Moreira, Ourique, Portugal

Father José Francisco Valente Machado, Serpa, Portugal

Father José Jacinto de Oliveira, Serpa, Portugal

Father António Dias Borges, Serpa, Portugal

Father Francisco de Oliveira Mosca, Serpa, Portugal

Father Francisco Lopes Leóssa, Pias, Portugal

Father Manuel das Dores Sardinha, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Inácio Gomes Duarte, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Bernardino Dinis, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father João José Pinto, Serpa, Portugal

Father Manuel Francisco Rebollo, Serpa, Portugal

Father Francisco António Roza da Fonseca, Serpa, Portugal

Father José Pedro Semedo Diniz, Serpa, Portugal

Father Manuel Lopes Barboza, Serpa, Portugal

Father Fr. Jozé Francisco da Lança, Serpa, Portugal

Father Henrique Jorge de Paula, Serpa, Portugal

Father António José Boavida, Beja, Portugal

Father José Dias Correia de Carvalho, Beja, Portugal

Father José Maria Carreira, Beja, Portugal

Father Francisco José Jeremias Coelho, Beja, Portugal

Father Christovão Pereira, Beja, Portugal

Father Manuel Ferreira de Bastos Carolino, Beja, Portugal

Father José Luciano Tavares Affonso e Cunha, Beja, Portugal

Father José Silvério de Mira, Beja, Portugal

Father José Maria Seta, Beja, Portugal

Father José Augusto da Costa Souza Camas, Beja, Portugal

Father José Francisco da Costa, Beja, Portugal

Father José Maria Janeiro Moita, Beja, Portugal

Father João da Silva Borges, Beja, Portugal

Father José Pereira da Costa Alho, Serpa, Portugal

Father Marcos Martins Morgado, Serpa, Portugal

Father André Joaquim Velloso Crespo, Beja, Portugal

Father Carlos Augusto da Roza, Beja, Portugal

Father Miguel Mestre Vargas, Beja, Portugal

Father José Augusto Carvalho, Beja, Portugal

Father Fernando José da Conceicão, Beja, Portugal

Father Manuel Rodrigues Redondo, Beja, Portugal

Father José Mestre da Silva, Beja, Portugal

Father José André Revez, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Joaquim Freire de Carvalho, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father António Alberto Gonçalves , Vidigueira, Portugal

Father António Francisco Galfarra, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Francisco Guilherme, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father José Francisco Parreira, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father José da Piedade Branco, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father José Maria de Mira Franco, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father D. Jozé da Virgem Maria e Castro, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Francisco Dias, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Gabriel António Pissarra, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father José Fialho Prego Barradas, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father António Inácio Baião, Vidigueira, Portugal

Father Manuel da Fonseca Baptista, Cuba, Portugal

Father Augusto José Dias, Cuba, Portugal

Father Luciano Borracho Mendes, Cuba, Portugal

Father Manoel d'Oliveira Rocha, Beja, Portugal

Father António Martins Azedo, Beja, Portugal

Father José Maria de Carvalho Gois, Beja, Portugal

Father José Inácio dos Santos, Beja, Portugal

Father Manuel Eduardo Fragoso, Beja, Portugal

José Cabeça, Cuba, Portugal

Catharina Martinho, Cuba, Portugal

Henriqueta Balbina Leão, Cuba, Portugal

Izaquiel de Brito, São Matias, Portugal

André Mendigo, Salvada, Portugal

Ermillo Xuxa, Beja, Portugal

Luíza Serrana, Beja, Portugal

Manoel Oliveira, Vila Cova de Tavares, Portugal

Leandro Silvestre Nogueira, Beira Alta, Portugal

Adelino d'Assunção, Lisboa, Portugal

Antónia Hespanhola Muda, Cuba, Portugal

Maria do Socorro Garfino, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Ritta Garfino, Cuba, Portugal

Dr. José dos Santos Pegas Cabrita, Cuba, Portugal

Maria do Carmo Sancha, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Lucia Trolez, Cuba, Portugal

Maria da Conceição Filippa, Cuba, Portugal

Claudia Panellas, Cuba, Portugal

António da Silva Panellas, Cuba, Portugal

Francisco Raminhos, Cuba, Portugal

Manoel Thomé, Cuba, Portugal

Josefa Pirote, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Antónia Rato, Cuba, Portugal

Jacinta do Carmo Pigo, Cuba, Portugal

Maria do Rosário Izaías, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Mourata, Cuba, Portugal

Maria da Conceição Baptista, Cuba, Portugal

Louis J. Padula, Maryland, USA

Mike Frayn, Alberta, Canada

David Guthrie, Alberta, Canada

Hugh & Olive Christmas, Alberta, Canada

Gary Hogberg, BC, Canada

Tanis Hogberg, BC, Canada

Tobi Hogberg, BC, Canada

Bill Bishop, Alberta, Canada

Jack & Ida Illsey, Alberta, Canada

Eleanor Illsey, Alberta, Canada

Gail Mickelberry, Alberta, Canada

Tim Holgate, Alberta, Canada

Micheal & Caroline Mucha, Saskatchewan, Canada

Diane Burke, Alberta, Canada

Ron Burke, Alberta, Canada

Blake Springer, Alberta, Canada

Veronica Paulence, Alberta, Canada

Terry Spink, Alberta, Canada

Victor Leshik, Alberta, Canada

Lucy (Lou) Illsey, Alberta, Canada

Grant McReynolds, Alberta, Canada

Christina Anderson, Alberta, Canada

Mary & Bill, Ontario, Canada

Baby of Rebecca Lewis, Ontario, Canada

Cyril F. Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Ronald A. Jansen, Michigan, USA

Teresa A. Quinn, Michigan, USA

Eugene J Krol, Michigan, USA

Eugene Krol, Michigan, USA

Kimberly Hefflin, South Carolina, USA

Hunter W. Porter, Kentucky, USA

J. C. Oaks, Kentucky, USA

Helen Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Albert Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

George Byron, Michigan, USA

Hazel Byron, Michigan, USA

Joyce Good, Michigan, USA

Marcel Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Blaise Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Donald Parker, Kentucky, USA

Laura Parker, Kentucky, USA

Donald Convery, Michigan, USA

Otis Walker, Kentucky, USA

Bobbie Jean Walker, Kentucky, USA

Otis "Jigger" Walker, Kentucky, USA

Willie Smith, Kentucky, USA

Tinker Drury, Kentucky, USA

Kenneth Ethington, Kentucky, USA

Kyle R. Moore, Kentucky, USA

Arthur Denham, California, USA

Agnes Denham, California, USA

Thaddeus Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Minnie Jankowiak, Michigan, USA

Andrea Way, Kentucky, USA

Gould Porter, Kentucky, USA

Bertha Porter, Kentucky, USA

Nathan Porter, Kentucky, USA

Edward Sleath, Kentucky, USA

Oliver Stanfield, Kentucky, USA

Fr. Hank Kenney, Michigan, USA

Sr. Catherine, Kentucky, USA

Dr. Joseph Raymond Schwendeman, Kentucky, USA

Diane Traugott, Kentucky, USA

Laurie Ann Crutchfield, California, USA

Betty Wood Tucher, Indiana, USA

Francis Eugene Tucher, Indiana, USA

John G. Wood, Indiana, USA

Dorothy E. Wood, Indiana, USA

Joseph Tucher, Indiana, USA

Angelina Tucher, Indiana, USA

Ferman Pruet, Indiana, USA

William Edgar Wood, Indiana, USA

Clara Wood, Indiana, USA

Zelma Batdorf, Indiana, USA

Betty Amanda Barton, Indiana, USA

Vada Pence, Indiana, USA

Carol Pruet, Indiana, USA

Thelma Pruet, Indiana, USA

Mary Helen Pruet, Indiana, USA

Mary Tucher, Indiana, USA

Anthony Tucher, Indiana, USA

Catherine Tucher, Indiana, USA

Donna Tucher, Indiana, USA

Mary Agnes Potts, Indiana, USA

Roy Lopez, Indiana, USA

Missy Marr, Indiana, USA

J. Peter Rau, Indiana, USA

Karl Ostewig, Indiana, USA

Don Tucher, Indiana, USA

Frances Sodeman, Indiana, USA

Louis Giliberto, Illinois, USA

Mrs. Louis Giliberto, Illinois, USA

Emily Nelson, Indiana, USA

Rhonda Lopez, Indiana, USA

John Stiles, Indiana, USA

Laura Jean Sears, Indiana, USA

Departed Veterans of the 43rd Bomb Group

Tim McCarthy, Chicago, IL, USA

Mary Carmen Mazzucca, Florida, USA

Ross Pool, Texas, USA

Steven Pausche, New York, USA

John Pausche, New York, USA

Genevieve Pausche, New York, USA

Al Pausche, Florida, USA

Chuck Pausche,  Florida, USA

Sandra Harper,  Florida, USA

Janet Donahue,  Florida, USA

Thomas Donahue, Florida, USA

Wess Morrison,  Florida, USA

Henry Cabble, New York, USA

Margaret Cabble, New York, USA

John Pausche Sr., New York, USA

Bertha Pausche, New York, USA

Rev., Dan Kennelly, New York, USA

Henny Hoffman,  Florida, USA

George Hoffman,  Florida, USA

Florence Hoffman, New York, USA

May Hoffman, New York, USA

Anne Reily, New York, USA

Margaret T Lynch, New York, USA

Mike Eaber, Florida, USA

Shannon Eaber, New York, USA

Rev. Antonio Pascual, New York, USA

Re., John Madigan, New York, USA

Mother Mary Luke, CT, USA

Rev., Salvatore Franco, New York, USA

Edward Murphy, New York, USA

Bryan Herold, New York, USA,

Bernie Weiner, New York, USA

Veronica Mnerath, New York, USA

Bernard Weiner, New York, USA

Catherine Santoro, Florida, USA

Timothy McCarthy, IL, USA

Lamberto Garcia - Cebu City, Philippines

Rudy Oliva - Cebu City, Philippines

Amelia Tolentino - Sydney, Australia

Roshan Thomas, British Columbia, Canada

Jay Quayle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Emil P. Wroblicky, California, USA

Christopher L. Gasper, Illinois, USA

James T. Chidichimo, Illinois, USA

Michel John Mullarkey, New York, USA

Phillip Matthew Vishnesky, New York, USA

Jose Baluyut Feliciano Jr., Philippines

Reynaldo Miguel Miranda Lacayo, California, USA

Larry Millstead - Napa, CA

Al Cooper - Napa, CA

Blanch Cooper - Napa, CA

Anh Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Saigon, Vietnam

John Bukovec  (senior) Toronto,  Canada

Maria Bukovec Toronto, Canada

Leslie Darvasi Toronto, Canada 

Mr. Tony Gatt, Floriana, Malta (EU)

Jose A. Marasigan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ihor Rakowsky, New York, USA

Sophia Rakowsky, New York, USA

Zenon Karatnycky, New York, USA

Diane Karatnycky, New York, USA

Lidia Krushelnycky, New York, USA

Ivan Krushelnycky, New York, USA

Lubow Rakowsky, New York, USA

Roman Rakowsky, New York, USA

Vera Popel, New Jersey, USA

Julius Daniec, New Jersey, USA

Julius Hutnyk, New Jersey, USA

Stephan Popel, Ukraine

Anna Bilynsky, Ukraine

Fr. Ivan Kulyk, England

Cornelia Kulyk, England

George Fedoruk, Sr., New York, USA

Bill Fielding, Pennsylvania, USA

Robert Clark III, Pennsylvania, USA

Kevin Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Lana Kebuz, Pennsylvania, USA

Lidia Onuferko, Pennsylvania, USA

Alexander Kovar, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Heintz, Pennsylvania, USA

Jon Wellington, Pennsylvania, USA

Diane Garforth, Pennsylvania, USA

Dick Roth, Ohio, USA

Fr. Paul Archambault, Massachusetts, USA

Steve Setter, Ohio, USA

Michael Wise, Ohio, USA

Michael Bending, Ohio, USA

Russelle Sutton, Oregon, USA

Henry J Klingman, Louisiana, USA

Gerard Mortier, Belgium

Reubin Askew, Florida, USA

Raul Rosales Cepeda, Philippines

Eduardo G. Sevilla, Philippines

Caesar Malajacan Perlada, Philippines

Luis Alberto L. Monfort, Philippines

Willis Brignac, Jr., Louisiana, USA

Rino De Marchi, British Columbia, Canada

Ayed Jeries Gresat, British Columbia, Canada

Gerrard Bartholomew Kelly, British Columbia, Canada

John Joseph Mailey, British Columbia, Canada

Mario Picone, British Columbia, Canada

Enrico Zecchel, British Columbia, Canada

Irene Margaret Cotton, British Columbia, Canada

Leandro Maria da Roza, British Columbia, Canada

Arthur Cornelius Dick, British Columbia, Canada

Rhonda Michele Marchioni, British Columbia, Canada

Nada Mikicich, British Columbia, Canada

Zorka Zupan, British Columbia, Canada

Thomas Thong Huynh OFM, Nhatrang, Viet Nam

Kenneth Whitaker, New York, USA

Fr. Malachi Martin, NY, USA

Fr. Paul Wickens, NJ, USA

Artemio A. Lopez, Quezon, Philippines

Gerardo Baja, Manila, Philippines

Franklin Kintanar, Manila, Philippines

Teresita Macalinao, Manila, Philippines

Mrs. Gudito, Bohol, Philippines

Ernest Kennedy Omagh N Ireland

William and Sarah Kennedy Newtownards N Ireland

Norman and Steven Kennedy Newtownards N Ireland

John and Hannagh Slevin Dromore N Ireland

Jose Slevin Dromore N Ireland

Raymond Slevin Dromore N Ireland

Tommy and Eileen Mc Geown Belfast N Ireland

Anna Ball Belfast N Ireland

Arty and Maureen Macklin Belfast N Ireland

Brian Mc Larnon Belfast N Ireland

Archie Belfast N Ireland

Peggy Bradley Omagh N Ireland

Mairead Mc Callion Omagh N Ireland

Tom Gray Omagh N Ireland

Patsy Sweeney Omagh N Ireand

Frances Gilmour Omagh N Ireland

The Wright Family, MD, USA

The Beck Family, MT, USA

The Bergin Family, MD, USA

Giancarlo Galassi, Rome, Italy

Fr. Ugo Brondolo, Vinchio, Italy

Fr. Edoardo Kirchmayr, Monasterolo di Cafasse, Italy

Luigi Gilli, Moncalieri, Italy

Brothers and sisters of Confraternita Sanctae Crucis, Moncalieri, Italy

Mario Palmaro, Rome, Italy

Helen Risen KY USA

Bib Risen KY USA

Richard Huelsman KY USA

Catherine Huelsman KY USA

William Marshall Moeller KY USA

Betty Mattingly KY USA

Donna Cartwright KY USA

Dave Kenney KY USA

Sondra Williams KY USA

Thomas Hainline KY USA

Ruben Ardery KY USA

Nancy Hanshew KY USA

Denzil F. Wright IN USA

Dovey Wright IN USA

Helen Wright IN USA

Wilfredo Dino Viray, Manila, Philippines

Erlinda Viray-Jarque, Manila Philippines

Eduardo Velasquez Cruz, California, USA

Adelaida Santos Mansor, Manila, Philippines

Luis Alpapara Mansor, Manila, Philippines

Beatriz Dino Viray, Manila, Philippines

Faustino Viray, Sr., Manila, Philippines

Mario Vicente, Manila, Philippines

Violeta Viray-Vicente, Manila, Philippines

Concepcion Abalos Canave, Florida, USA

Mario Canave,Sr,  Florida, USA

Andrea Velasquez Cruz, Pasig, Philippines

Octavio Cruz, Sr, Pasig, Philippines

Dr. Gualberto Santos, Sorsogon, Philippines

Natividad Evangelista Santos, Sorsogon, Philippines

Pilar Salunga Evangelista Hanney, Pampanga, Philippines

Placer Evangelista Santos, Manila, Philippines

Josefina Santos Fernandez, Manila, Philippines

Bill Portacio, Manila, Philippines

Gary Mc Calvin New York  United States

Helen Sawatzski New York United States

Gladys Swinyer New York United States

Paul St Marie New York United States

Gloria Gill New York United States

Gertrude St Marie New York United States

Debbie Lucas New York United States

Henry Lucas New York United States

Dorothy Swain Penn United States

Arthur Swain Penn United States

Alice Swain NY United States

Russell Buck Calif United States

Thomas Buck Calif United States

Irma Buck Calif United States

Frank Buck Jr. NY United States

Dan Kaestle NY United States

Martin Winderl NY United States

Mrs. Tercero Calif United States

Frank Buck Sr. NY United States

Margaret Buckl NY United States

Blanche Demers NY United States

Russell Demers NY United States

John Trummer NY United States

Margaret Trummer NY United States

Laura Trummer NY United States

Leonard Nephew NY United States

Lillian Moore NY United States

Alma Gravel NY United States

Esther Montroy NY United States

Hazel LaPlante NY United States

Beatrice Peets NY United States

Theresa Duso NY United States

Frances McGuire NY United States

Mabel Gardner NY United States

Bessie Wood NY United States

Edward George, West Virginia, USA

Gary Mc Calvin New York  United States

Helen Sawatzski New York United States

Gladys Swinyer New York United States

Paul St Marie New York United States

Gloria Gill New York United States

Gertrude St Marie New York United States

Debbie Lucas New York United States

Henry Lucas New York United States

Dorothy Swain Penn United States

Arthur Swain Penn United States

Alice Swain NY United States

Russell Buck Calif United States

Thomas Buck Calif United States

Irma Buck Calif United States

Frank Buck Jr. NY United States

Dan Kaestle NY United States

Martin Winderl NY United States

Mrs. Tercero Calif United States

Frank Buck Sr. NY United States

Margaret Buckl NY United States

Blanche Demers NY United States

Russell Demers NY United States

John Trummer NY United States

Margaret Trummer NY United States

Laura Trummer NY United States

Leonard Nephew NY United States

Lillian Moore NY United States

Alma Gravel NY United States

Esther Montroy NY United States

Hazel LaPlante NY United States

Beatrice Peets NY United States

Theresa Duso NY United States

Frances McGuire NY United States

Mabel Gardner NY United States

Bessie Wood NY United States

Leo M. Umphred, Greentown, PA

Helen Visalli New York USA

Anthony Visalli New York USA

Margaret Heaney New York USA

Stephen Heaney New York USA

Margaret Harman New York USA

Agnes Brown New York USA

Alfred Brown New York USA

Gesuena Visalli-Pellegrino New York USA

Guisseppe Visalli New York USA

Carlo Pellegrino New York USA

Helen Orders New York USA

Laura Visalli New York USA

Priscilla DiLena New York USA

Giovana Vitale New York USA

Marie Butler New York USA

George Albert, Arizona, USA

Geoffrey Laurence UK

Katie Ryan UK

Nelson Rekos UK

Ellen Corvena Howard UK

Bridget and Elijah Hussey UK

Fr. Tom Heneghan UK

Celia Burke UK

Peter Greach UK

Francis Irudayan Srilanka

Thomas Griffin UK

Thomas Newton UK

Patrick Carbin UK

Henryk Handke UK

Pat Carbin UK

Lionel and Marie Holder UK

Guiliana Balzanti Italy

Cristoforo Balzanti Italy

Ave Scalzo Balzanti Italy

Mrs Inés Astorga, from Santiago, Chile

Michael Cameron, New York, USA

Lewis Hoffman, Pennsylvania, USA

Rev. Joseph DiLucca, Pennsylvania, USA

Witold Macko, Florida, USA

Michael Mullarkey, New York, USA

Martine Gaudron, Paris, France

Mr and Mrs. Maxime Biergeon, Tours, France

François Druesne, Paris, France

Frédéric Dussaix, Paris, France

Mr and Mrs Olivier Dussaix, Paris, France

Pierrette Gaudron, Angers, France

Giambattista Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Saveria Valeri Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Rose Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Mary Buttice Angle, New Jersey, USA

Frank Angle, New Jersey, USA

Jack Angle, New Jersey, USA

Vincenzo Valeri, New Jersey USA

Carmella Pate Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Saveria Pate, New Jersey, USA

James Carr, Pennsylvania, USA

Nicholas Pate, Pennsylvania

Rose Pate, Pennsylvania

Tony Coniglio, New Jersey, USA

Justine Coniglio, New Jersey, USA

Stephano Trapani, New Jersey, USA

Katherine Turano, New Jersey, USA

Costantino Valeri, Italy and New Jersey

Louisa Valeri, Italy and New Jersey, USA

Dominick Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Guilio Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Gioacchino Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Adelina Valeri, Artena, Italy

Annie Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Maria Chinzi Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Vincenzo Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Charles Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Victoria Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Josephine Buttice Papa, New Jersey, USA

Margaret Papa, New Jersey, USA

Carmen Buttice, New Jersey, USA

Sattima Ferrazza, New Jersey, USA,

Sam Trapani, New Jersey, USA

Vi Trapani, New Jersey, USA

Louise Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Thomas Valeri, New Jersey, USA

Reynold Willcocks Symons, New Jersey, USA

Ruth Dorothy Symons, New Jersey, USA

Naomi Van Horn, New Jersey, USA

Earl Van Horn, New Jersey, USA

Marie Van Horn, New Jersey, USA

Harry Van Horn, New Jersey, USA

Marie Swenning Van Horn, New Jersey, USA

Alma Dowd, New Jersey, USA

Walter Dowd, New Jersey, USA

Walter P. Dowd, New Jersey, USA

Peggy Dowd, New Jersey, USA

Helen Dowd

Elwood Trought, New Jersey, USA

Lillian Trought, New Jersey, USA

Lillian Van Selous, New Jersey, USA

Marie Dowd, New Jersey, USA

Shirley Dowd, New Jersey, USA

John Tinney Symons, New Jersey, USA

Stella Masters Symons, New Jersey, USA

John Tinney, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Tinney, Cornwall, England

Kathryn Kitchen, Pennsylvania, USA

Jack Kitchen, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas Masters, Pennsylvania, USA

Minerva Masters, Pennsylvania, USA

Therese Stellmah, New Jersey, USA

Catherine Connolly, New Jersey, USA

Ruth Callahan, New Jersey, USA

Bea Lightcap, New Jersey, USA

Ruth Klank, New Jersey, USA,

Nicky Snyder, New Jersey, USA

Claire McLain, New Jersey, USA

Milton Greitzer, New Jersey, USA

Claire Hardgrove, New Jersey, USA

Reynold Risoldi, New Jersey, USA

John Parker, New Jersey, USA

Jeffrey Bodhold, New Jersey, USA

Dick Fierabend, New Jersey, USA

Robert Yuell, New Jersey, USA

The O'Lone Family, New Jersey, USA

George Betor, New Jersey, USA

Ernie Betor, New Jersey, USA

Sumer Alvarez, California, USA

Christopher Ireland, California, USA

Laura Benson, California, USA

Consuelo Bacura, Calfornia, USA

Eliseo Blanco, California, USA

Tia Delfina, Florida, USA

Br. Leonard Mary, USA

Rudy Roldan, California, USA

Sean Stefferud, California, USA

Barbara Singer, Michigan, USA

Ivo John Bergant, British Columbia, Canada

Patricia Ruth Johnson Morris, British Columbia, Canada

Marguerite Verna Leslie, British Columbia, Canada

Brian John Mark Street, British Columbia, Canada

Giuseppina Balbo, British Columbia, Canada

Luigi Bandiera, British Columbia, Canada

Luis Barbero, British Columbia, Canada

Declan Patrick Lawlor, British Columbia, Canada

Rita Peluso, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Mary Bell, British Columbia, Canada

Angela Filice, British Columbia, Canada

Maeve McErlean, British Columbia, Canada

Angelina Pironaggi, British Columbia, Canada

Eduardo Gudmalin Sarabia, British Columbia, Canada

Stefan Schoeman, BC, Canada

Don Dunn, BC, Canada

William J. Donofrio, New York, USA

Rory Rauscher, New York, USA

AJ Exton, New York, USA

Anthony F. Centra, New York, USA

Gary Johnson Sr., New York, USA

Gary Johnson Jr., New York, USA

Anderson Clayton de Souza Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Paul L Picardi, Sr Illinois USA

The Picardi family Illinois USA

The Maurino family Illinois USA

Jsoeph Benendorf Kentucky USA

Margaret Miller Kentucky USA

Dorothy Medley Kentucky USA

Richard Sills Kentucky USA

Dr. John Karibo Kentucky USA

Chris Lane Kentucky USA

Joseph McGonnell USA

Robert Spanyer Kentucky USA

Anne Boldrick Kentucky USA

Gerry Barker Indiana USA

Greg Read Indiana USA

Mark Roberts Indiana USA

Robert Powell and George Murray, Tennessee, USA

Fr. Robotnik, Kentucky, USA

Glicerio Triches, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ronald L. Blando, Philippines

Eugenio E. Evangelista, Philippines

Charles P. Geary Florida USA

Veryle E. Geary Michigan USA

Charles E. Geary Florida USA

Angelo Boccia Michigan USA

Lillian Boccia Michigan USA

Patrick C. Geary Michigan USA

Katherine Geary Michigan USA

Kathleen Geary Illinois USA

Marie Carrather New Jersey USA

Lora Wolff Utah USA

Willaim R. Floore Michigan USA

Mae E. Floore Michigan USA

William L. Floore Michigan USA

Betty Weubben Michigan USA

Frances Floore North Carolina USA

Luigi Guardiani, Italy

Glyn Harrison Jones, Ireland

Margaret Edwards, Ireland

Sean Doherty, Ireland

Robby Kristian Sitohang, Pontianak, Indonesia

Sri Sabanni, Bogor, Indonesia

Theresia Avila Tanuwati, Bogor, Indonesia

Bernardinus Sudrajat, Bantul, Indonesia

Fr. Heribertus Kartono, OSC, Tangerang, Indonesia

Bishop Raymond J. Boland, Missouri, USA

Carroll Jordan, Alabama, USA

John Bannon, Louisiana, USA

Gib Gilman, Wisconsin, USA

Genesis Carmona, Carabobo, Venezuela

Lee Rigby, Manchester, UK

Emil Gugala, Michigan, USA

Sr. Carol Juhasz, IHM, Michigan, USA

Lillian Rosa Cunningham, Indiana, USA

Erwin Keith, Alabama, USA

Ruth Keith, Alabama, USA

Guiditta Rosa, Indiana, USA

Maurizo Rosa, Indiana, USA

Ione Bryant Keith, Indiana, USA

Roscoe Keith, Alabama, USA

Cornelius Keith, South Carolina, USA

Mary Laffoon, South Carolina, USA

Abselom Keith, Alabama, USA

Gary Mussio, Indiana, USA

Marion Mussio, Indiana, USA

Faye Mussio, Indiana, USA

Mary Cunningham Woodcock, Florida, USA

Bob Woodcock, Florida, USA

Mary Frances Willingham, Alabama, USA

Thomas Willingham, Alabama, USA

Thomas Cunnigham, Indiana, USA

Mary Downey Cunningham, Indiana, USA

Florida McKinley, Indiana, USA

Ernest Cunningham, Indiana, USA

Sarah Ann Wheeler, Alabama, USA

Ivy Elliot, Indiana, USA

Creighton Elliot, Indiana, USA

Alfredo Rosa, Indiana, USA

Francisco Ruiz Guiñazú

The Qualey Family, New York, USA

Rita Nephew, New York, United States

Cindy Mayotte, New York, United States

Doug Brownell, New York, United States

Bea Bombard, New York, United States

Benito Centeno, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Noreen Beckett, New Zealand

David Matthew Gardner, California, USA

Patricia Campbell, Belfast, N.Ireland

John P. Campbell, Belfast, N.Ireland

Helen Campbell, Belfast, N.Ireland

Agnes Ferran, Dungannon, N.Ireland

Jim Campbell, Belfast, N.Ireland

James Ferran, Dungannon, N.Ireland

Margaret Ferran, Dungannon, N.Ireland

Cassidy Family, Fintona, N.Ireland

Campbell Family, Belfast, N.Ireland

McDonald Family, Belfast, N.Ireland

Heather Halsey, canton Zurich, Switzerland

Andrew Halsey, canton Zurich, Switzerland

William Halsey canton Zurich, Switzerland

Thomas Halsey canton Zurich, Switzerland

Carmel Gill, London U.K.

Sarah Fitton, Helensburgh, Uk

Dan Fitton, Helensburgh, Uk

John Fitton Helensburgh, Uk

Philomena Smith, Bristol, uk

James Smith Bristol uk

Ruth Fallon, Bristol, uk

Helen Smith, London Uk

Steve jones London uk

Luke Smith, londo uk

Chelsea Smith, London Uk

Phillip Halsey, Ickford, uk

Jane Halsey, Ickford, uk

Ben Halsey, Deddington, Uk

Sarah Halsey, Deddington Uk

Jess Halsey, Deddington Uk

Rowenna Halsey, Deddington Uk

Victoria Emsden, Bicester uk

Nigel Emsden, Bicester uk

William Clayton Keith, Alabama, USA

John H. Cunningham, Indiana, USA

John Friel, Scotland

Patty Crow, CA, USA

Berta Coffman, NE, USA

Rowland Coffman, NE, USA

Glade Boswell, CA, USA

Randell Boswell, CA, USA

Charles Elliott, CA, USA

Deborah Taylor, CA, USA

Josie Chan, CA, USA

Francisco Sánchez Gomes, Paco de Lucía Algeciras, España

Élio de Oliveira, São Paulo, Brazil

Richard Read, NY, USA

Andrew Reister, NY, USA

John Nizich, NY, USA

Philip Hoffman, NY, USA

Bradshaw Family, Birmingham, UK

Giuseppe Esulto, Comelico, Italy

Giovanna Bortot, Comelico, Italy

Lucia Casagrande, Treviso, Italy

Ambrogio Malacarne +, Trento, Italy

Riccardo De Martin, Comelico, Italy

Zanchetta Caterina, Treviso, Italy

Rinaldo Casagrande, Treviso, Italy

Luigi Esulto, Comelico, Italy

Juan Ronco, Córdoba, Argentina

Esteban Barattini, Santa Fe, Argentina

Rogelio Schatz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cipriano Irusta, Córdoba, Argentina

Walfrida Sosa, Villa Maria, Argentina

Alcira Macho, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Azucena Schatz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ana María Rodríguez Rey, Lugo, Spain

Patricia González Rodríguez, Lugo, Spain

Ignacio González Rodríguez, Lugo, Spain

David González Gutiérrez, Lugo, Spain

Peggy Quigley  Taylor Kentucky USA

Robert Hoh Kentucky USA

Al Vaumgartner Kentucky USA

Dee Crowell Kentucky USA

Jack Crowell Kentucky USA

Dorothy Byrne,Pennsylvania, USA

William Byrne,Pennsylvania, USA

Margaret Haley,Pennsylvania, USA

Roberto Wenceslao Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teresa Barquin de Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carlos Andres Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gonzalo Carlos Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frank Svorad Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada

Rocco Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Donato Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Teresa Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Domenico Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Donatella Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Giovanni Mancini, Connecticut, USA

Salvatore Fusco, Connecticut, USA

Caterina Rubbo, Connecticut, USA

Antonietta Longo, Connecticut, USA

Phyllis A. O'Donnell, Connecticut, USA

Giuseppe Mancini, Quebec, Canada

Antonio Mancini, Quebec, Canada

Maria Teresa Mancini, Quebec, Canada

Pasquale Mancini, Quebec, Canada

Giuseppe Rubbo, Quebec, Canada

Teresa Longo Rubbo, Quebec, Canada

Giuseppina Mancini, Campania, Italy

Vittorio Ciarlo, Campania, Italy

Vittoria Ciarlo, Campania, Italy

Filomena Fusco, Campania, Italy

Nicola Fusco, Campania, Italy

Mary, Ontario, Canada

Fred Foster, Ontario Canada

Alden Joseph Vienneau, New Brunswick, Canada

Charlie Green, Canterbury, New Zealand

Daniel J. Storti, Rhode Island, USA

Joseph Storti, Rhode Island, USA

Dennis Madden, Rhode Island, USA

Earl Madden, Rhode Island, USA

Jennifer Madden, Rhode Island, USA

Dante and Vincenza Storti, Rhode Island, USA

Donald and Zella Ferrin, California, USA

John Fox, Rhode Island, USA

Thomas Smith, California, USA

Stephen Barron, Georgia, USA

Peggy Ramirerz, NJ, USA

Nancy LaLonde, NY, USA

Mary LaLonde, SC, USA

Leonard LaLonde, NY, USA

Tim McBain, NY, USA

Ida LaLonde, NY, USA

Leonard LaLonde, NY, USA

Rita Carbone, NY, USA

Wilbur Grohmann, Jr. Texas USA

Zita Grohmann Texas USA

Wilbur Grohmann, Sr. Texas USA

Ben Frank Texas USA

Hilda Frank Texas USA

John c. VanSorosin, Maine, USA

Mrs. Alice Odoul, Paris, France

Mr. Andre Odoul, Paris, France

Mr. Charles Gaudron, Angers, France

Mrs. Jeanne Gaudron, Angers, France

Mr. Carpentier, Tours, France.

Miss Isabel Mantilla, Quito, Ecuador

The Mantilla family, Quito, Ecuador

Nelson L. LiCalsi, New York, United States

Mrs. Mary Anne (Cotter) Hyche, California, USA

George E. Sottung, Illinois, USA

Alvina S. Sottung, Illinois, USA

Marie S. Anderson, Illinois, USA

Herbert Anderson, Illinois, USA

Hugo Anderson, Illinois, USA

Leo J. Sheridan, Illinois, USA

Irene Sheridan, Illinois, USA

Wilbert G. Hegener, Illinois, USA

Edward Anderson, Illinois, USA

George K. Sottung, Connecticut, USA

Ann L. Cunniff, Ohio, United States

David Leonard, Ohio, United States

George Russell Leonard, Ohio, United States

Hideo Murai, Kumamoto, Japan

Michi Murai, Kumamoto, Japan

Nelson Shimizu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kazumi Shimizu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fabio Ramos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dirceu Rosselli, Rio Grande, Brazil

Lucie Rosselli, Rio Grade, Brazil

Luiz Kauer, Rio Grande, Brazil

Maria Eloah Kauer, Rio Grande, Brazil

Eduardo, Bauru, Brazil

Orlando Fedeli, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carlos María Luna, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marie Geoppo, Illinois, USA

Albert Geoppo, Illinois, USA

Bruno Spagnola, Illinois, USA

Eleanor Spagnola, Illinois, USA

Reno Spagnolo, Illinois, USA

Anthony Spagnola, Jr., Illinois, USA

Henry Ybarra, Illinois, USA

Larry Leopold CT, USA

June Praetzel, NY, USA

Barret Family, NY, USA

Mary Shingleton, NJ, USA

Marion Price, NJ, USA

Nicholas Crosson, NJ, USA

Louise Zarin, NJ, USA

Rose Smith, NJ, USA

Annamae McCarey, NJ, USA

Clement Olavage, NJ, USA

Fr. Vince, AL, USA

Leonard Baglio, Oneida, NY USA

Mrs Gertrude Baglio, Oneida, NY USA

David T. Jacobson, Connecticut, USA

Dagmar R. Jacobson, Connecticut, USA

Donald S. Ranheim, Connecticut, USA

Mildred Ranheim, Connecticut, USA

Walter Jacobson, New York, USA

Florence Jacobson, New York, USA

Arnold Jacobson, Rhode Island, USA

Theo Jacobson, Rhode Island, USA

Harold Jacobson, Rhode Island, USA

Pat Ranheim, Connecticut, USA

Armand Thirifays, Brussels, Belgium

Helen Caldwell, Missouri, USA

Mac Caldwell, Missouri, USA

Chris Caldwell, California,  USA

Fr.  Gualderon, California,  USA

Fr.  Peacha, California, USA

Fr.  John Meilak, California, USA

Marguerite Ververs, Antwerp, Belgium

Fr.  Caruso, California, USA

Fr.  James Manley, New York, USA

Harold King, New Jersey, USA

Barbara Geraldine Miller, Indiana, USA

The Miller Family, Indiana, USA

Joe Moore, Indiana, USA

The Moore Family, Indiana, USA

Bettye Jolly, Mississippi, USA

Maria Guevara, Managua, Nicaragua

Orlando Tosetto, São Paulo state, Brazil

Maria Nazaré Tosetto, São Paulo state, Brazil

Idalina dos Santos Silva, São Paulo state, Brazil

Richard Cunningham, London, England

Mr Peter Manning Torbay, Newfoundland

Joan Szymonifka, New Jersey, U.S.A.

The Smith family Belfast Ireland

Eric Gartner, Missouri, USA

Keith Kulhmann, Missouri, USA

Ian Rucker, Missouri, USA

Jim Risner, Missouri, USA

Teri Grizzell, Illinois, USA

Marian Meyer, Missouri, USA

Wilbert Meyer, Missouri USA

Edith Chamnes, Illinois, USA

Lyman Grizzell, Illinois, USA

Richard Holtmeyer, Missouri, USA

Vilma Lopez Castellon de Rizo, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Carl Wooden, AZ, USA

Dr. Janet Kamer, IL, USA

Constance Calvino, IL, USA

Edward Kaiser, OH, USA

Dan Mathes, IL, USA

Otmar Bergman, OH, USA

Richard Irving, FL., USA

Leroy, Mary & John Siegel, Illinois, USA

Ralph Brown, Illinois, USA

Joan Brown, Illinois, USA

Francis Teidel, Illinois, USA

Thomas Teidel, Illinois, USA

Walter Brown, Illinois, USA

Kathleen Brown, Illinois, USA

Margaret Brown, Illinois, USA

Earl Brown, Illinois, USA

Mary Brown, Illinois, USA

Collete Voyles, Illinois, USA

James Voyles, Illinois, USA

Bernard Traut, Illinois, USA

Fr. Peter Edmund Copps S.S.S., Wisconsin, USA

Alana Iwinski, Illinois, USA

Joseph Smolucha, Illinois, USA

Stephanie Smolucha, Illinois, USA

Michael Repinski, Minnesota, USA

Florence Repinski, Minnesota, USA

The Hellyer Family, Leeds, UK

The VanVeen Family, Rotterdam, The Netherland