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The Reception of Communion: kneeling and on the tongue
The video

The FIUV Position Paper on this subject - how we receive kneeling and on the tongue in the Extraordinary Form, and why - I published a while ago here on Rorate Caeli. Like all the position papers, excluding the footnotes I kept it down to less than 1,600 words. Here's a 4 minute video on the subject.

You have to be selective with these strict limits on time and on words. In the video I primarily address the historical argument: that in distant times past people stood and received in the hand. My point is that this proves nothing about what we should be doing now. For one thing they didn't do what is generally done today in the Novus Ordo: they took reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament far more seriously. For another thing, we have had more than a thousand years of reception (in the West) kneeling and on the tongue, and they had not. That makes a difference in the cultural significance of the choice of how to receive. That thousand years cannot be wished away.