Rorate Caeli

Self-Serve Communion on Holy Thursday:
8 years of "Reform of the Reform" of the Mass of Paul VI had no effect

As we have often and repeatedly said here, the "Reform of the Reform" of the Rite of Paul VI was bound not to have any effect without a combination of text modifications, strict enforcement, and stern example from the very top -- it survived barely based on the third item, now annulled by ad hoc selective application or non-application of the liturgical law.

On Holy Thursday 2014, a practice that used to be widespread in parts of Western Europe in the post-conciliar years, and intermittently ever since, was back in full view: Self-Serve Communion of Paten and Chalice.

In the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tournai (Notre-Dame de Tournai), Belgium:

In the parish church of Saint Claire, Hénin-Beaumont, Diocese of Arras, France:

The only truly enduring Reform of the Reform, made possible by the work of justice known as Summorum Pontificum, is the Traditional Roman Rite. 

[Source: first image; second image. Tip: Le Forum Catholique.]