Rorate Caeli

A Message from the King to the People of Spain
Mensaje del Rey al Pueblo de España

First, a look at what has happened to the Catholic Monarchy - well, it was once called thus, and not that long ago, the nation of "His Catholic Majesty"...

Spain will crown its new king, Philip VI, in a June 19 ceremony that will not include any religious references, but that the Spanish bishops are calling normal for a secular state. [Several sources.]

Fine. In this "secular" state, thousands will be on the streets tomorrow to celebrate the Most Holy Sacrament, in the glorious "Corpus" processions. Because if there is one Royal House that has never let down Spain, that has never run away, in Muslim conquests, in invasions and wars, in the most violent anti-Catholic persecution in History, that is the House of David. Any claim Spain might have had to greatness was strictly and exclusively related to her past Catholicity, her indefatigable Missionaries, her Saints, her Martyrs, her perpetual devotion to the Immaculate Conception.

This is the message of the King of Spain to His people:

 Ego dedi tibi sceptrum regale,
et tu dedisti capiti meo spineam coronam.