Rorate Caeli

Those Very Same Words

Maurice Baring, the English poet, memoirist, and convert to the Catholic Faith, writes of going to Mass in France during World War I:

Early, at 5.30, the next morning (August 14th) I went to Mass in Amiens Cathedral; I stood between two soldiers, a Frenchman and an Englishman. This is where Edward III heard Mass on the way to Crecy. (R.F.C., H.Q., p. 17)

On October 25th, St. Crispin's day, the anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, I went to Mass in the cathedral at St. Omer. One could not help thinking that Henry V had heard those very same words spoken in the very same way just before the battle of Agincourt. (Ibid. pp. 58-59)
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