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Zurbarán at 350: 2 video suggestions
- The Agnus Dei; and the half-hour special "Incarnate Images"

Some call him the ultimate "Counter-Reformation" painter, and what could be a greater compliment to a post-16th-century Catholic artist than this? There is certainly no doubt about his sincere Catholic faith and his serious family life - Francisco de Zurbarán, who died in Madrid on August 27, 1664, exactly 350 years ago, dedicated most of his astonishing talents to the depiction of sacred things and of the Holy One.

This could hardly be any clearer than in his Agnus Dei (c. 1635), shown in detail in this video of the Museo del Prado (it has English subtitles - play, then turn on subtitles/CC):


The excellent video below is curious in its origin: yes, a mainstream non-public broadcaster could at one time make a respectful and high-quality program especially dedicated to the art of a devout painter. It's "Incarnate Images", a special on Zurbarán made by CBS for Christmas 1988.

Francisco de Zurbarán, faithful son of the Church,
Rest in peace!