Rorate Caeli

Crisis? What crisis?
The beast was slain

"I saw that the beast was slain, and the body thereof was destroyed, and given to the fire to be burnt." (Roman Breviary, Matins of Michaelmas, First Lesson of the First Nocturn - Daniel, vii.) 

Dum proeliaretur
[Roman Breviary, II Antiphon of I & II Vespers and Lauds of Michaelmas]
Fr. Fernando de las Infantas

Thine, O sweet Jesus, are the magnificent Archangels, in whom the benignity of Thy great condescension chiefly works; for, glorious satraps of Thy palace, Thou disdainest not to dispatch them down to this poor world to support and help our lowliness, creatures of clay that we are, and close allied to dust and ashes.

Through them, by Thy command, the chiefest interests of our salvation are administered, and the profoundest secrets of Thy supreme purpose are conveyed to us by them; by them come sicknesses and health to the generations of mankind; by them the kingdoms and the empires of the world subsist.

And, chief amongst them do we own Thy Michael, the stalwart standard-bearer and the citizen of heaven, who stands in advance of the army of the living God, and brandishing his champion’s blade thunders.
Saint Anselm