Rorate Caeli

1-A 6,000-word document in 1 day? A previously prepared text, of course
2 - The Teleguided Synod
3 - Müller on Censorship: "I say what I must say"

A 6,000-word document, made available in the original Italian, and excellent English, French, German, Spanish translations immediately on early Monday Morning "summarizing" the views of the first week of the Synod that had ended on Friday evening, with details published on Saturday morning? So in one full day, Sunday (or in 2 days, 48 hours, if all hours of Saturday are included, with no time for meals or sleep), the rapporteur and his secretaries gathered the views of all the Fathers, identified and separated those portions that had more widespread support and thus represented a truly Synodical opinion, wrote, and translated this 6,000-word report? Has the Vatican suddenly become the most efficient bureaucracy in the history of the universe?

Or was it all simply prepared and translated beforehand, to create "facts on the ground" that could not be reversed and created pressure on the Synod Fathers during this second week

Of course it was the second option: and it was all part of the manipulation plan by The Cardinal Pianist (who could also be called The 2013 Conclave Kingmaker), that he had unwittingly revealed at a fancy dinner some weeks ago.

The intent was to put all Synod participants against the wall and facing a fait accompli. The document of deception was a coup (a politico-religious coup astonishing in its audacity):

“We’re now working from a position that’s virtually irredeemable,” said Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of South Africa. “The message has gone out that this is what synod is saying, that this is what the Catholic Church is saying,” he said. “Whatever we say hereafter will seem like we’re doing damage control.”

They are so bold a Synod secretary sneaked in the text his own views on homosexuality and homosexual couples, and now the entire population of the world has been informed by the mainstream media that that is the new Catholic position, after 2,000 years of unchanged Apostolic doctrine,,,

The conservative and Wojtylian majority that all Synod Fathers can clearly see at work, and whose number was not at all represented in the manipulated document prepared beforehand, must be extremely careful in protecting the Catholic Faith in the upcoming votes, especially in the ballots leading to the final October 18 vote on the end report.


Speaking of which, since the censored secret Synod is only available according to what the Masters and the Pianist-Kingmaker allow to be published, we only hear of curious facts through leaks. And Marco Tosatti has just such a leak: how, by way of tiny paper notes, Francis guides the Synod Secretary. The Synod Fathers just see it, without understanding anything that is going on behind the scenes.

It is a mostly unaccomplishable wish, but I would pay not a small amount to know what was written in the little notes that pope Francis, in the Synod Hall, would write and then send to the general secretary of the Synod, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri.

Cardinal Baldisseri would read [the papal notes], would take notes, and then send the message back to the pope, who put it in his pocket. It was an event that took place repeatedly in the days of the General Assembly of the Synod, and that was noticed by several participants. And it gave the impression that the Pope was giving instructions to the General Secretary. [Source]

Plus, Cardinal Müller makes clear why "homosexual couples" can never be recognized by the Church, and how censorship is contributing to distortions of the Synod message. From La Stampa:

"The homosexual couple as such cannot be recognized by the Church,"  Müller underlined, speaking outside of the Synod Hall....

But Müller returned to the issue of censorship: "I find that the fact that outside the Synod Hall the bishops may grant free interviews, while their interventions in the hall are not public, a clear contradiction," - he maintained. "There was the will, additionally, to break this way with a tradition that is proper to the Church... it doesn't matter if some are not in agreement with this opinion of mine," Muller added. "I say what I want, but above all I say what I must say as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Furthermore, I haven't done anything else than to give voice to the protests of many faithful who have written me regarding this from many nations, and who have the right to know the thinking of their bishops. Why - the cardinal asked - was it necessary to change it?"

On the final relatio of the works of the Synod, Müller said: "I think it will be sent directly to the Pope, but I'm not a member of the direction anymore." Details said directly to some journalists with the clear intent to criticize once more the Synodal "censorship".