Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eighty-sixth posting of Souls

Below, please find the eighty-sixth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.
We want to point out a few things: 1)  A great thanks to Adelante la Fe for gathering names of Souls for the Society for us en masse on a monthly basis; 2) We added six new priests total this month, for a new high of 48 saying regular TLMs for the Souls, including our second Dominican; 3) We also had a deacon seminarian pledge that he will say Masses if he is ordained. Please, pray for him; 4) This was our largest month ever with over 2,000 individual Souls enrolled; 5) It has usually been widely held that more Souls are released from the pains of Purgatory and taken to Heaven on Christmas Day then any other day of the year. Please, enroll your Souls now, so that they may enjoy the bliss of the Beatific Vision in a few weeks.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

The overwhelming majority of our priests are diocesan with all the time crunches that parish life brings. So we are making a special plea today for you traditional order priests -- join the Society! Our traditional Mass only priests must lead by example. This is a great way to do just that. We are only asking for one TLM a week or a month. Nothing more. 

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 48 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Raymond Frederick Wadsworth, England

Father John Ssenyondo, Uganda, Mexico 

Manuel Herena Guerrero, Castelldefels, España

Manuel Salvador Sorolla, Castelldefels, España

Ana Garcia Ramos, Castelldefels, España

Maria del Rocio Martinez Guiscafre, Ecatepec, Edo. De Mexico, Mexico

Flavio Aguilar Gonzalez,Puebla,Mexico

Gabriel Aguilar Munoz,Teziutlan Puebla,Mexico

Claudia Aguilar Alarcon,Teziutlan Puebla,Mexico

Maria de la Luz Serrano,Distrito Federal,Mexico

Hector Guiscafre Plata,Distrito Federal,Mexico

Jose de Jesus Amaya,Edo. De Mexico,Mexico

Juan de Mata Rodriguez,Tlaxcala,Mexico

Sergio Agustin Martinez,Distrito Federal,Mexico

Jorge Ganoza , Lima Peru

Javier Ganoza, Lima Peru

Nelly Ganoza, Lima Peru

Hortencia Ganoza, Lima Peru

Elias Ganoza, Lima Peru

Hortencia Bustamante, Lima Peru

Lucila Pereda, Lima Peru

Arturo Arenas, Lima Peru

Carmela Castro viuda de Arenas, Lima Peru

Claudina Bracamonte, Trujillo Peru

Tomas Ganoza, Trujillo Peru

Julia Zuniga, Lima Peru

Olga Zuniga, Lima Peru

Carmela Arenas, Lima Peru

Alberto Benavides, Lima Peru















David Velázquez Sancho. Madrid. España

Giuseppe Ventrice. España

Carmela Grillo de Ventrice. España

Jose Ventrice. España

Gabriel Felices. España

Dorila Agüero Bustos. España

Delia Felices España

Carlos Beckmann España

Jorge Fernandez. España

Hortencia Felices. España

Octavio Zullatto. España

Marcela Ortega. España

Celina Recalde. España

Vicente Costa. España

Mabel Costa. España

Liliana Stagno. España

Umberto Casari. España

Cesarina Maria Galletti de Casari. España

Vicente. España

Jose lopez Navarro, Murcia,España

Jose Messeguer Molina,Murcia,España

Mariana Blaya Valcarcel,Murcia,España

Encarna Navarro Navarro,Murcia,España

Pedro lopez puerta, Murcia,España

Caridad perea, Murcia,España

María Rodriguez Lozano, Coripe,España

Esperanza Camacho Carrasco, Morón de la frontera, España

Teodora troyano Nuñez, Morón de la frontera, España

Rafael Camacho Carrasco, Morón de la frontera,España

Dolores Carrasco Martinez, Morón de la Frontera, España

Rafael Camacho Troyano, Marchena,España

Luis Camacho Lopez de Sagredo, Marchena, España













Carmela Lazzaro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Giovanni Scafidi, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

María Marta Mom,, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Padre Julio Triviño, , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

familia  pimentel ruiz    Mexico D.F.

familia granados ibarra  Mexico D.F.

familia ruiz ramoz  Mexico D.F.

familia melgoza    Mexico D.F.

familia flores verty  Mexico D.F.

familia balderrama  Mexico D.F.

familia corchado arroyo  Mexico D.F.

familia pimentel de Wilminton CA

familia gutierrez ideaquez Oaxaca Mexico

familia ruiz  Purepero michoacan  Mexico

familia vega ruiz Purepero michoacan Mexico

familia nuñez  Mexico D.F.

familia urbano barron  chinico Mexico D.F.

familia gonzalez Purepero michoacan  Mexico

familia ortega vaca  Mexico D.F.

familia granados  Mexico D.F.

familia diaz granados  Mexico D.F.

familia barrenas  Mexico D.F.

familia sasa san luis potosi Mexico

familia vecindad m gonzalez  Mexico D.F.

familia tani  Mexico D.F.

y por amigo de mi hijo que fallecio en merida yucatan Mexico

Eustaquia Martinez, Yataity, Paraguay

Maximina Martinez, Yataity, Paraguay

Bartolomè Barrios, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Ramon Jimenez, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Camilo Jimenez, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Jorge Espinola, Valenzuela, Paraguay

Filomena de Espinola, Paraguay

Daniel David Rolon Cardozo, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Honorio Santander, Asuncion, Paraguay

Juana Alberta Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Hilaria Rojas, Tebicuary,mi,  Paraguay

Juliana Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Juan Guillermo Gonzalez, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Jose Domingo Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Emeterio Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Florencia Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Modesta Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Juan Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Juan Maria Rojas, Tebicuary-mi, Paraguay

Ramona Rojas, ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Blasia Esperanza Cardozo, Villarrica, Paraguay

Indalecio Cardozo, Villarrica, Paraguay

Irma Jimenez, Villarrica, Paraguay

Maria Auxiliadora Garcete Cardozo, Villarrica, Paraguay

Mario Ibañez, Villarrica, Paraguay

Celsa Ramona Baez, Villarrica, Paraguay

Jorge Cabello, Villarrica, Paraguay

Angel Garcete, Villarrica, Paraguay

Evangelista Gonzalez, Villarrica, Paraguay

Rufino Vera, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Jose Dolores Tebicuary, Paraguay

José Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

José Andrés Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

María Herminia Maldonado de Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

Carlos Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

Juan Antonio Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

Emilio Lopez, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Elcira de Lopez,Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Ángel Lopez, Mendoza, Argentina

Francisco Valverde, Mendoza, Argentina

María Trinidad Rodríguez de Valverde, Mendoza, Argentina

Angela Martínez de Valverde, Mendoza, Argentina

Josefa Montes,  Mendoza, Argentina

María Luisa Urquiza de Nones, La Rioja, Argentina

Lorenzo Florencio Nones, La Rioja, Argentina.

Andrés Quintela, La Rioja, Argentina

Andresito Quintela, La Rioja, Argentina

Juan Manuel Medina,  Mendoza, Argentina

Silvia Onetto, Mendoza, Argentina

María Ester Juárez, Mendoza, Argentina

Rossana Pinto, Mendoza, Argentina

Liliana Badui, Mendoza, Argentina

Nora Chalabe, Mendoza, Argentina

Hermana Hilda Noe, Mendoza, Argentina

Isabel Magdalena Blas, Mendoza, Argentina

Alicia Virginia Gabi, Mendoza, Argentina

Marichu Castorina de Tarquini, Mendoza, Argentina

María Susana Aruani, Mendoza, Argentina

Elvira Luisa Martín de Codoni, Mendoza, Argentina

Fabián Fernández, Mendoza, Argentina

Elisa Gisela Barrio, Mendoza, Argentina

Hernán Boccalandro, Mendoza, Argentina.

Familia Barrionuevo, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia, Amaya, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Barolo, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Verstraete, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Maldonado, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Martínez, Mendoza, Argentina

FAMILIA Montes, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Rodriguez, Mendoza, Argentina

Familia Hidalgo, Almería,  España.

Familia Lopez, Almería, España.

Jesús Cisneros Enciso, Colima, México.

Francisca Cuevas Jiménez. Colima, México.

Dario Larios Esparza. Michoacan, México.

Francisca Esparza Guerrero. Michoacán, México.

Pbro. Jose Flores Preciado. Colima, México.

Pbro. Francisco Javier Castellanos Rodríguez. Colima. México.

Ma. de Jesús Cisneros Cuevas. Colima, México.

Ignacia Cisneros Jiménez. Jalisco, México.

Juan Carlos Trejo Almaraz. Colima. México.

José Soria Rueda. Colima. México.

Donaciano Sánchez García. Colima, México.

María Sánchez García, Colima, México

Fam. Esparza Guerrero. Michoacán, México

Fam. Cisneros Enciso. Jalisoco, México

Fam. Cuevas Jiménez. Jalisco, México

Fam. Sánchez Navarrete. Michoacán, Mexico.

Fam. Larios Chávez. Michoacán, México.

Carlos Herrera Vega  San Jose,Costa Rica

Luz Marina Perez Villalobos San Jose,Costa Rica

Baudilio Perez Villalobos Heredia,Costa Rica

Ángel Zelaya Franco, Asunción, Paraguay.

Odina Mendoza Olmedo, San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay.

Rosa Mendoza Olmedo, San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay.

Victoria Olmedo de Mendoza, San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay.

Inocente Mendoza Santacruz, San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay.

María Bernarda Mendoza de Placereani, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Elda María Placereani Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Roque Antonio Zelaya, Asunción, Paraguay.

Lorenza Franco de Zelaya, Asunción, Paraguay.

Anacleta Zelaya de Díaz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Juana Gualberta Zelaya Ananías. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sindulfo Martínez, Asunción, Paraguay.

Miguel Ángel Mendoza Santacruz, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Elba Mendoza de Morales, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Francisco Nicolás Gamarra Grancé, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Genaro Santacruz, San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay.

Miguel Pardo, Santiago, Chile

Salvador Cadena, Santiago, Chile.

Adelaida Villarroel, Santiago, Chile

Adrián Pardo, Santiago, Chile

Irma Mella, Concepción, Santiago

José Mella, Concepción, Chile

Bena Mella, Concepción, Chile

José Ignacio Muñoz Cervantes, Campeche. México

Francisco Muñoz Hernadez, Yucatan, Mexico

Maria Cervantes Marin, Yucatan, Mexico

Nicolasa Muñoz Cervantes, Campeche, Mexico

José Francisco Javier Muñoz Cervantes, Yucatan, Mexico

Manuela del Socorro Aguilar Cab, Campeche, Mexico

Guadalupe Cardozo Santana, Campeche, Mexico

Pedro Cuy Chi, Campeche, Mexico

Maria Angelica Uc Kimtuc, Campeche. Mexico

Carlos Enrique Elías de la Trinidad Guzmán Rojas y sus ascendientes, San

José Costa Rica.

Rosalía María Rojas Trejos y sus ascendientes, San José Costa Rica.

Luis Sanabria González y sus ascendientes, San José Costa Rica.

Didier Gerardo Guzmán Rojas, San José Costa Rica

Antonio garcía Forte, Sevilla, España.

Antonio García Cabeza, Sevilla, España.

Dolores Cabeza Márquez, Sevilla, España.

Familias Maya, Cárdenas, López de Restrepo, Saldarriaga, Torres, García,


Juan de Maya,Baztan,España

Juana de Torres,Viscaya,España

Miguel de Maya,Viscaya,    España

María de Enderiz,Viscaya,España

Domingo de Maya,Medellín,Colombia

Ana Suarez,Medellín,Colombia

José María Maya,Carolina del Príncipe,Colombia

Mercedes Cárdenas de Maya,Carolina del Príncipe,Colombia

Pablo Emilio Saldarriaga,Medellín,Colombia

María Restrepo de Saldarriaga,Medellín,    Colombia

Luz Saldarriaga,Medellín,Colombia

Esneda Saldarriaga,    Medellín,Colombia

Emilio Saldarriaga,    Medellín,Colombia

Raúl Maya,La Ceja,Colombia

Rafael Maya,Medellín,Colombia

Maria Mercedes Maya,México DF,México

Josemaria Maya,Medellín,Colombia

Daniel Klinkert,Medellín,Colombia

Josemaria Maya,    Palma de Mallorca,    España

Gonzalo Vila,Puebla de los Ángeles,    México

Regina Sastre,    Palma de Mallorca,    España

Estanislado Cortés,    Palma de Mallorca,    España

Antonio García,Sevilla,    España

Maria Isabel Alvares Rementería,Sevilla,España

Fernando Torres,Medellín,Cólombia









Alejandrina Vargas Vasquez

Marco Herrera Miranda

kety Herrera Vargas

Gerardo Huaman

Monica Llanos

Marina Zamora, Chota,Peru

Marcelo Bosio,Cordoba,argentina

Michael siefer,Florida,usa

Roberto betancur mesa, Medellín, Colombia

laura munera de betancur, Medellín, Colombia

mario betancur munera, Medellín, Colombia

blanca betancur munera, Medellín, Colombia

fanny betancur munera, Medellín, Colombia

rigoberto betancur munera, Medellín, Colombia

jimi betancur vargas, Medellín, Colombia

jaime gallego , Medellín, Colombia

hector montoya , Medellín, Colombia

socorro castrillon, Medellín, Colombia

ana lucia mejia , Medellín, Colombia

Padre Luis Martinez De Velasco,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Josefina Domenech Serra,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Emilio Luque Silva,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Patricio Luque ,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Anita Domenech Serra, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Yaya Serra d Domenech,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Padre De Metrio,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mercedes de Castro,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Eduardo Castro,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Delia de Ońa,Guayaqui, Ecuador

Felix González-Rubio Acevedo,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Félix González-Rubio Jones,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ángel Vallarino Luque,Guayaquil, Ecuador

Pedro Hospitalé Delgado, Florida, Uruguay

Maura Pose Esquibel, Montevideo, Uruguay

Tomás Pose Gómez,  Casupá,  Uruguay

Tomás Pose  Esquibel, Pando, Uruguay

Gilberto Pose Esquibel, Montevideo, Uruguay

Abel Pose Esquibel, Montevideo, Uruguay

Lorenzo Hospitalé Delgado, Montevideo, Uruguay

Alicia Pose Esquibel, Montevideo, Uruguay

Lilia Pose Esquibel, Maldonado, Uruguay

Gerardo Hospitalé Pose, Montevideo, Uruguay

Walter Hospitalé Pose, Montevideo, Uruguay

Esther Martínez, Canelones, Uruguay

Gabino Correa, Maldonado Uruguay

Maria Antonia Gonzalez de Jorge, San Diego, California

Pedro Jorge, San Diego, California

Lilia Garcia de Monzon, Miami, Florida

Laureano Monzon, Havana, Cuba

Laureano Monzon, Hollywood , Florida

Efrain Monzon, Miami, Florida

Magaly Valladares de Monzon, Miami, Florida

Olga Montero de Monzon, Hollywood, Florida

B. William Puleo, Brooklyn, New York

Sylvia Campagna Puleo, Brooklyn, New York

Charles V. Puleo, Middletown, New Jersey

Raul Rubio, Havana, Cuba

Pablo Zeyne Monzon, Havana, Cuba

Elena Leal, Matanzas, Cuba

Antonio Monzon, Matanzas, Cuba

Francisca Stancanelli, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Julio Pozzato, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Juan Osvaldo Pozzato, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Héctor Mario Pozzato, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Ignasi Bone, Barcelona

Pedro Bone, Barcelona

Maria Torras, Mexico, Barcelona

Antonio Bone , Mexico , Barcelona

Antonio Capdevilla, Barcelona.

Pedro Bone , Barcelona

Jorge Larracilla Alegre, Mexico ( Medico fundador de sociedades de bioetica)

Guadalupe Godoy Obregon, Mexico ( religiosa)

Magdalena Godoy de Romo, Mexico

Luz Godoy de Gonzalez Franco, Mexico

Federico Casas Crespo, Mexico

Luz Obregon Carrasco, Mexico

Pepe Godoy Obregon

Pepe Gonzalez Franco, Mexico

Carmela Godoy Lobato

Emma Godoy Lobato ; Mexico (Escritora y filosofa)

Raul Godoy Lobato, Mexico

Enrique Godoy , Mexico

Joaquin Larracilla Alegre, Mexico ( suicidio..)

Ismael Romo , Mexico

Juan Luis Bribiesca, Mexico

Chepe Gonzalez Franco, Mexico

Manuel Bribiesca , Mexico ( de los Primeros del Pan)

Abgail Lobato , Mexico (jprocede de los judios  conversos)

Antonia de Lobato , Mexico

Teresa , Mexico

Ariadne Rodriguez, Mexico

Armando Lacunza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rebeca Alcira Rodriguez Lacunza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pablo Luis Norberto Lacunza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Anastasio Teré, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

María Clara Lacunza Teré, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nestor Armando Teré, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

David Zorrilla, Cordoba, Argentina.

María Celina Rodriguez Zorrilla, Cordoba, Argentina.

David Ricardo Zorrilla, Cordoba, Argentina.

Alejandro Benavides

Omar Santacruz Rivera

Ana, Alba

Carmen Solarte

Mario Posso

Miryam Gomez

Jorge Hurtado Castro

Leonor Ramirez

Francisco Fontes Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Julia de Gracia Peñuelas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Francisco de Gracia Peña, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Micaela Peñuelas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

José María Fontes Barnuevo, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Sofía Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Vicenta Peñuelas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Francisco Laguna, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Antonio Fontes Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

José María Fontes Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Sofía Fontes Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Juan Fontes Echániz, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Francisco de Gracia Peñuelas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Balbina Gracia, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Soledad Gracia, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

María Dotor, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

María Viejo, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Francisco Toledo, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Cati Bravo, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Juan Vélez, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Mercedes Ramírez, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Eusebio Guarda, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Angelita Guarda, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Fernando Ramírez, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Vicente Ramírez, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Juana Laguna, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Marisa Peñuelas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Luis Antonio Rodríguez García, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Enrique Rodríguez García, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Gila, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Ángeles Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Federico Muela, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Sonia Bravo, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Ciudad Real, España

Alfonso Serrano, Madrid, España

José Luis Serrano, Madrid, España

Lucía Gaztelu, Madrid, España

José Luis Fernández Trespalacios, Madrid, España

José Miguel Cela Lomba, Madrid, España

Miguel Angel Sanz Quevedo, Madrid, España

Cándida do Regó, Madrid, España

María Jesús Sotelo, Madrid, España

Cuatro suicidados, Madrid, España

Vicente Torné, Madrid, España

María Luisa Miguel de Robles, Sevilla, España

Carlos Afán de Ribera Cano, Sevilla, España

Amparo Cano, Granada, España

Carlos Afán de Ribera Rodriguez, Granada, España

Mercedes de Robles, Madrid, España

Miguel de Miguel Martín, Madrid, España

Laudelina Cordobés Cadenas, Sevilla, España

José Baeza Martín, Sevilla, España

Juan Cordobés, Mallén, Sevilla, España

Patrocinio Cadenas Cordobés, Sevilla, España

Jose Baeza, Sevilla, España

Concepción Martín Pats, Sevilla, España

Javier Baeza Martín, Sevilla, España

Concepción Ruiz, Sevilla, España

Pedro Grijalbo, Sevilla, España

Mercedes Miguel de Robles, Madrid, España

Julio López, Madrid, España

Pilar Miguel de Robles, Madrid, España

José Gómez Paz, Madrid, España

Antonio Gomez Miguel, Madrid, España

Deogracias Megino, Madrid, España

Manuel Garabal, Madrid, España

Antonio Joaquin Afán de Ribera, Granada, España

Mercedes Afán de Ribera Rodriguez, Granada, España

Rafael Carlos Fernandez Piñar Afán de Ribera, Granada, España

Rafael Fernandez Piñar, Granada, España

Ángel de Robles, Madrid, España

Pilar de Robles, Madrid, España

Cesar de Robles, Madrid, España

Vicenta de Robles, Madrid, España

Mercedes de Miguel, Madrid, España

Juan Pedro Afán de Ribera Rodriguez, Granada, España

Cristina Ybarra, Sevilla, España

Alfonso Paso, Madrid, España

Antonio Paso, Madrid, España

Juan Tomás Hernandez Esteban, Barcelona, España

Juan Tomás Hernandez Cabezas, Barcelona, España

Isabel Esteban Güell, Barcelona, España

María Dolores Güell, Barcelona, España

Carlos Esteban, Barcelona, España

Joan Tomás Romance, Barcelona, España

Carmen Martinez, Barcelona, España

Modesto Martinez, Barcelona, España

Ernesto Martinez, Barcelona, España

Ángel Videgain Turégano, Barcelona, España

Rosa del Olvido Fernandez Riba, Lérida, España

Montserrat Fatjó, Barcelona, España

Rosa Vernet, Barcelona, España

Jaime Deulofeu, Barcelona, España

Montserrat Amigó, Lérida, España

Blanca Campo, Lérida, España

Carmina Ordoñez, Sevilla, España

Fernando Argenta, Madrid, España










Julio García-Estrada Gonzalez, Los Realejos, España.

María Eugenia Garcia-Estrada Herreros, Madrid, España.

Paquita López Sánchez, Madrid, España.

Armando Fernández Carpintero, Madrid, España.

Miguel Herreros González de Chaves, La Orotava, España.

Felicidad Sanjosé del Olmo, Barcelona, España

Avelina García Rivera, Bembibre, España

Eliseo Mendaña Martínez, Bembibre, España

Claudio Pérez Cilleruelo, Bembibre, España

Félix Pérez, Bembibre, España

Bonifacia Cilleruelo, Bembibre, España

María Dolores Rivera, Bembibre, España

Ramos Huerta,España

Millan Ramos,España

Millan Malo, España

Esther Diaz,España

Jose Manuel Ramos Cervantes,España

Hilario Huerta,España

Maria luisa Ramos Villalobos,España

Jose Manuel Ramos Villalobos,España

Maria de la luz Huerta Diaz,España

Carlos Millan Teran,España

Alberto Benito González, Campo Santo-Salta-Argentina

Alberto Eduardo González, San Pedro- San Salvador de Jujuy- Argentina

Deidamia Anastasia Rossi de González, Campo Santo-Salta-Argentina

María Elisa Parras, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Mónica Echavarría, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Haydée Gamero, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Atilio Boqué, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Antonio Bertran, Bella Vista-Corrientes-Argentina

Alicia Bertran, Bella Vista-Corrientes-Argentina

Alicia Villa, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Julieta Nardelli, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Mirtha Granero, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Graciela Boqué, Roma-Italia

Roberto Balbuena, Resistencia (Chaco)-Argentina

Alberto Antonio Mensi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julia Pescetto de Mensi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Antonio Sernani, San isidro, Argentina

Artemisa Panópulos, San Isidro, Argentina

Jorge Sernani, La Reja, Argentina

Antonio Liberti, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Helena Mensi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luis Mensi, San Fernando, Argentina

Hector Mensi, Castelar, Argentina

Ricardo Pescetto, Rio Cuarto, Argentina

Rosario Palma, Rio Cuarto, Argentina

Antonio Carlos Mensi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julia Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Blas Piñar López, Madrid, España

Padre Jorge Loring, Cádiz, España

José Yáñez Polo, Sevilla, España

Rafael Soto, Sevilla, España

Alfonso Sánchez, Sevilla, España

Carmen García Hernández, Sevilla, España

Antonio García, Sevilla, España

Carmen Hernández, Sevilla, España

Felipe Sevilla, Sevilla, España

Carmen Polo, Sevilla, España

José Yáñez Ruiz, Sevilla, España

















Betty Jane  Laverty  Michigan, USA

John Bradley, Kilkenny, Ireland

Josephine and Bob Baker, Ohio, USA

Joan U. Lim, Metro Manila, Philippines

Robert Ngkaion, Metro Manila, Philippines

Mrs. Sheila McGowan, Derry, N. Ireland

Mrs. Maureen Mc Daid, Sydney, Australia

Fr. Tony Chacko, California, USA

Amelia Betty Tolentino - Sydney, Australia

Carlita Crisologo - Cebu City, Philippines

Josephine Rodriguez -  Virginia, USA

Gen Ells, New Hampshire, USA

Mrs. Hurley, Massachusetts, USA

John Darrel Sanone, Antipolo, Philippines

Paul May, USA

John Davis, Washington, USA

Edward L. Burke, California, USA

Elder Marie Lyons, Louisiana USA

Irma Alfonte, Philippines

Norma Tiglao, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tugce Albayrak, Germany

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Mexico

Patriotico M. Gutierrez, British Columbia, Canada

Ramón Álvarez Bangueses, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francis Thomas Copeland - Tunbridge Wells,Kent - England.

Ursula Mary Copeland - Tunbridge Wells, Kent - England

Nigel Buckmaster - London - England

Pamela May - Eastbourne, Sussex - England

Rosemary June Bath - London - England

Agnes Mary Kennedy - Pershore, Worcestershire - England

Angela Weston - Bexhill, Sussex - England

Susanna DeBelli – Malta

Venerando Gopez, British Columbia, Canada

Winston D. Mirabueno, Philippines

Emerito B. Ramos Jr., Philippines

Vicente Tirona Paterno, Philippines

Rance Bernard V. Cantos, Philippines

Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Cancún, Mexico

Lucyna Tabor, Maryland, USA

Maria Tabor, Goldapia, Poland

Stefan Galecki, Skarzysko, Poland

Elzbieta Kesiak, Swietokrzyskie, Poland

The Gillis Family, Ontario, Canada

Frank Bedek, Ontario, Canada

Dragan Stajka, Solihull, England

Marion Berry, Washington, D.C., USA

Joe Benedetti, VA, USA

Elinor & Alice Lynch, San Francisco , CA, USA

Frank Siquiera, Napa , CA, USA

Fred & Lois Martinez, Napa , CA,USA

Frank & Eva Brazil, Napa , CA, USA

don Giuseppe Maria Pace, Caselette, Italy

Can. Tommaso Torta, Moncalieri, Italy

Rev. Alois Hernwille, Verl, Germany

Giuseppa Bucchieri, Turin, Italy

Mgr. Heinrich Maria Janssen, Hildesheim, Germany

Frank White, Jr., Illinois, USA

Ivan Anniuk, PA, USA

Oksana Anniuk, PA, USA

Bronislava Lukowsky, PA, USA

Bohdan Lukowsky, PA, USA

Oksana Bobynsky, PA, USA

Petro Bobynsky, PA, USA

John Pyrskyj, PA, USA

Maria Pyrskyj, PA, USA

Roman Lytwyn, PA, USA

Ihor Lishchynsky, PA, USA

Oksana Lishchynsky, PA, USA

John Lishchynsky, PA, USA

Maria Lishchynsky, PA, USA

Ivan Steblij, PA, USA

Maria Steblij, PA, USA

Marko Holinata, PA, USA

Teresa Holinata, PA, USA

Ivan Cusick, PA, USA

Maria Cusick, PA, USA

John Smith, PA, USA

Roman Zulak, PA, USA

Myroslava Zulak, PA, USA

George Fylypowych, PA, USA

Oksana Bilyk, PA, USA

Father Bohdan Lewyckyj, PA, USA

Maria Lewyckyj, PA, USA

Violet Smith, PA, USA

Jack Smith, PA, USA

Ivan Medynsky, PA, USA

Teresa Medynsky, PA, USA

John Charambura, PA, USA

Maria Charambura, PA, USA

John Chapowsky, PA, USA

Albina Chapowsky, PA, USA

Vasyl Chapowsky, PA, USA

Ivan Wojtowych, PA, USA

Maria Wojtowych, PA, USA

Vasyl Wojtowych, PA, USA

Anna Salak, PA, USA

Stefan Sobol, PA, USA

Teresa Sobol, PA, USA

Erica Sobol, PA, USA

Taras Madylus, PA, USA

Emilia Madylus, PA, USA

James Thorpe, PA, USA

Susan Thorpe, OK, USA

John Colleran, PA, USA

Mary Colleran, PA, USA

Jack O'Neill, OH, USA

Mary Smith, OH, USA

Tom Dearlove,  PA, USA

Sarah Dearlove, PA, USA

Grace Dearlove Smith, PA, USA

John Smith, PA, USA

Justin Siegel, PA, USA

John Derby, PA, USA

Salvatore Bono, CA, USA

Ivan Dnistrian, PA, USA

Maria Dnistrian, PA, USA

Ivan Granat, PA, USA

Marta Granat, PA, USA

Ivan Hrabyk, PA, USA

Jaroslav Polatajko, PA, USA

Zenon Mychalewsky, PA, USA

Mykola Mychalewsky, PA, USA

Emilia Mychalewsky, PA, USA

Ivan Zub, PA, USA

Myra Zub, PA, USA

Stephan Jarema, PA, USA

Emil Karatnycky, PA, USA

Anna Karatnycky, PA, USA

Rose Pryszlak, PA, USA

Ivan Pryshlak, NY, USA

Josyp Andrej Procyk, NY, USA

Marta Amaro, PA, USA

Vasyl Stefurak, Sr., PA, USA

Ivan Seleshko, PA, USA

Panteleimon Shuhan, NY, USA

Ihor Shuhan, NY, USA

Sophia Shuhan, NY, USA

Jarema Shuhan, TX, USA

Nadaw Vidas, British Columbia, Canada

Palmira Bordignon, British Columbia, Canada

Caterina Busto, British Columbia, Canada

Lorenzo Cocco, British Columbia, Canada

Bernardo Luongo, British Columbia, Canada

Eliseo Sanvictores, British Columbia, Canada

Domenico D'Emilio, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Ann Duggan, British Columbia, Canada

Carmela Facchin, British Columbia, Canada

Tibor Gabor Gajdics, British Columbia, Canada

Renele Hiebert, British Columbia, Canada

William Kathrein, British Columbia, Canada

Laszlo Kish, British Columbia, Canada

Ugo Lepore, British Columbia, Canada

Nora Joan Thornton, British Columbia, Canada

Paula Bakaric, British Columbia, Canada

Patricia Katherine Battle, British Columbia, Canada

Ester Giovanna Canavero, British Columbia, Canada

Tonnae Chonn, British Columbia, Canada

Domenica De Santis, British Columbia, Canada

Dean Russell Kujala, British Columbia, Canada

Karl Anton Riedemann, British Columbia, Canada

Bernice Lynch, San Francisco, CA, USA

Ralph P Anderson, Napa, CA, USA

Armando Ráscon Salmón. Mexico city. Mexico

Fr. Ramon M. Mores, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ricardo Nepomuceno III, Philippines

André Peyre, Cannes, France

Victor Ben, MD, USA

Ivan Sawaryn, NY, USA

Erast Kurowyckyj, NY, USA

Maria Kurowyckyj, NY, USA

Maria Knysh, NY, USA

Jaroslaw Kurowyckyj, NY, USA

Roman Lytwyn, NY, USA

Ivan Lytwyn, Ukraine

Lidia Lytwyn, PA, USA

John Knysh, NY, USA

Martha Knysh, NY, USA

Maria Cybriwsky, PA, USA

George Bohachevsky, PA, USA

Roma Bohachevsky, PA, USA

Vasyl Pryjma, NY, USA

Halyna Pryjma, NY, USA

Anna Rac, PA, USA

Johann Rac, Germany

Ivan Hirniak, OH, USA

Zoreslawa Hirniak, OH, USA

Ivan Pohorylo, PA, USA

Bohdan Mysko, VT, USA

Bohdan Kolinko, PA, USA

Maria Kolinko, PA, USA

Bill McCabe, OH, USA

Fr. Ivan Halushka, Ukraine

Maria Halushka, MD, USA

Irene Fedoryka, MI, USA

Bohdan Kondra, NY, USA

Iryna Kondra, NY, USA

Nestor Pylypec, MD, USA

Ivan Chatyrka, NJ, USA

Maria Chatyrka,, NJ, USA

Alexander Luckyj, PA, USA

Olha Luckyj, PA, USA

Zoriana Luckyj, PA, USA

Roman Pylypec, MD, USA

Robert Holmes, Jr., PA USA

Bill Fielding, PA, USA

Kevin Montgomery, PA, USA

Robert Clark, III, PA, USA

Ivan Fedkiw, PA, USA

Maria Fedkiw, PA, USA

Antônio Dioclécio de Jesus, Bahia, Brazil

Guiomar de Oliveira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Isabel Marques, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dália Naves de Oliveira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Paul Pilon, ON, Canada

John Pilon, ON, Canada

Patricia Pilon, ON, Canada

Martina Lloyd, PA, USA

Nils Wendelgest, OH, USA

Sarah Wendelgest, OH, USA

Rob Croy, OH, USA

John Moore, OH, USA

Janet Stone, OH, USA

Lorraine Sailor, PA, USA

Giovanni Olivo, RI, USA

Giuseppe Iacchei, RI, USA

David Sicilian, CA, USA

Connie Sicilia, PA, USA

Edward McDougall Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Marilyn Clement nee Anderson Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Susannah Merry Hanson Selma, California USA

Francisco Lopez, Riverside, CA USA

Delphina Lopez, Riverside, CA USA

Bill Frenzel, USA

Anderson Family, Riverside, CA  USA

Oglivie Family, Riverside, CA USA

Lopez Family, Riverside, CA USA

Lorie Okey, Riverside, CA USA

Theo Okey, Riverside, CA USA

Mrs Bostich, Riverside, CA USA

Blanche Perdue, Riverside, CA USA

Bills Family, Riverside, CA USA

Curtice Family, Riverside, CA USA

Murihead Family, Riverside, CA USA

Etter Family, Riverside, CA USA

Wilton Family, Riverside, CA USA

Seager Family, Riverside, CA USA

Ida Cole, Riverside, CA USA

McKinney Family, Riverside, CA USA

Face Family, Riverside, CA USA

Rhodes Family, Riverside, CA USA

Anna Margarete Hugi, Australia

Gregory Hugi, Australia

Nicholas Marcus Hugi, Australia

Alexander Hugi, Australia

Fr. Ramon Motes, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines

Angel Hines White, South Carolina, USA

Michael Westmoreland, South Carolina, USA

Max Louis Weltens Sr., TX, USA

Fr. Domingo Estrada O.M.I., TX, USA

Louis H. Estrada, TX, USA

Ramona Estrada, TX, USA

Edward Weltens Sr., TX, USA

Frances E. Weltens, TX, USA

Iris Bayha Smith, TX, USA

Maxine Bayha, TX, USA

Edward Weltens Jr., TX, USA

Charles Weltens, TX, USA

Marcia Grant, TX, USA

Victor Grant, TX, USA

Katherine B. Jones, TX, USA

Charles F. Jones Sr., TX, USA

Homer Estrada, TX, USA

Henry Lawrence, TX, USA

Josephine Lawrence, TX, USA

Buster Bausch, TX, USA

Georgia Bausch, TX, USA

Harold Bausch, TX, USA

Bruce Sommers, TX, USA

Zapopan Mauldin, TX, USA

Edward Mauldin, TX, USA

Van Cook, TX, USA

Rein VanderZee, TX, USA

Harlan VanderZee, TX, USA

Charles F. Jones Jr., TX, USA

Casey Turk, TX, USA

Jason Gonzalez, TX, USA

Chris Winfield, TX, USA

Monty Montgomery, TX, USA

Alan Richardson, TX, USA

Denise Walker, TX, USA

Alice Ruge, TX, USA

Dan VanderZee, TX, USA

Elmer Sotto, Philippines

Millet Guiao, Cavite City, Philippines

Myrna Eser, Cavite City, Philippines

Gloria Atienza, Alberta, Canada

Rose Cono, New York, USA

Judy Arkes, USA

Gary Lofgren, Anaheim, California, USA

Ilsie Weber, Maryland, USA

John Doherty, Arizona, USA

Marek Holenderski. Alberta, Canada

Grzegorz Nowakowski, Alberta, Canada

Charles Roy Hutchinson, Indiana, USA

Bernard Augustus Hutchinson, Indiana, USA

Jay A. Smith, Indiana, USA

Norman Allworth, Ontario Canada

Doris Allworth, Ontario Canada

Bertha Allworth, Ontario Canada

Robert Allworth, Ontario Canada

Mildred Allworth,Ontario Canada

Grandma Weir,Ontario Canada

Dawn Imeson,Ontario Canada

Mary English, Ontario Canada

Alexander Mickevicius, Ontario Canada

Sophia Mickevicius, Chicago Illinois

The Mickevicius Family

The Allworth Family

Bud Leigh, Ontario Canada

Gordon Leigh, Ontario Canada

Alice Kelly, Ontario Canada

John Kelly, Ontario Canada

Garnet Kelly, Ontario Canada

Walter Pope, Ontario Canada

Clyde Sookram, Ontario Canada

Barry Shields, Ontario Canada

Judith Shields, Ontario Canada

Catherine Doherty, Ontario Canada

Edward Doherty Ontario Canada

Janet Lukas, Ontario Canada

Lorelei Rolfe, Ontario Canada

Louise Bulger,  Ontario Canada

Otnie Graves,  Ontario Canada

Norman Allworth, Ontario Canada

Doris Allworth, Ontario Canada

Bertha Allworth, Ontario Canada

Robert Allworth, Ontario Canada

Mildred Allworth,Ontario Canada

Grandma Weir,Ontario Canada

Dawn Imeson,Ontario Canada

Mary English, Ontario Canada

Alexander Mickevicius, Ontario Canada

Sophia Mickevicius, Chicago Illinois

The Mickevicius Family

The Allworth Family

Bud Leigh, Ontario Canada

Gordon Leigh, Ontario Canada

Alice Kelly, Ontario Canada

John Kelly, Ontario Canada

Garnet Kelly, Ontario Canada

Walter Pope, Ontario Canada

Clyde Sookram, Ontario Canada

Barry Shields, Ontario Canada

Judith Shields, Ontario Canada

Catherine Doherty, Ontario Canada

Edward Doherty Ontario Canada

Janet Lukas, Ontario Canada

Lorelei Rolfe, Ontario Canada

Louise Bulger,  Ontario Canada

Otnie Graves,  Ontario Canada

Rolando C. Severino, Philippines

Francisco C. Henares III, Philippines

Herminio G. Ordonez, Philippines

Jim Gillilan, Wildomar, CA  USA

Sophia Favela, Riverside, CA  USA

Ashley Picco, Loma Linda, CA USA

Lennon Picco, Loma Linda, CA USA

Marellyn Panos, San Diego, CA USA

Frances Ingram, Murrieta, CA  USA

Gregory Tomkins, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Corazon Basa, Cavite City, Philippines

Abraham Trinidad, Cavite City, Philippines

Cris Jerico Trinidad, Cavite City, Philippines

Patrick Buenaventura, Cavite City, Philippines

Yuri Tuballias, Cavite City, Philippines

Sherwin Lim, Cavite City, Philippines

Luisa Trinidad, Cavite City, Philippines

Eloisa Trinidad, Cavite City, Philippines

Josh Crisostomo, Cavite City, Philippines

Michael Faller, Cavite City, Philippines

Edcel Garcia, Cavite City, Philippines

John Cris Jose, Cavite City, Philippines

Demetrio Pangilinan Jr., Cavite City, Philippines

Delmark Pangilinan, Cavite City, Philippines

Jeremie Jose, Cavite City, Philippines

Beayong Mendoza, Cavite City, Philippines

Carlito Plata, Cavite City, Philippines

Christopher Cofranca, Cavite City, Philippines

Christian Miguel Cofranca, Cavite City, Philippines

Divina Montirola, Cavite City, Philippines

Lorea Anne Montirola, Cavite City, Philippines

Mikaela Montirola, Cavite City, Philippines

John Luis Esteban, Cavite City, Philippines

Rave Cacnio, Cavite City, Philippines

Kevin Felices, Cavite City, Philippines

Steven Merlin Cruz, Cavite City, Philippines

Roman Denden, Cavite City, Philippines

Renan Lacro, Cavite City, Philippines

Reiner Lacro, Cavite City, Philippines

Michael Zamora, Cavite City, Philippines

Jeffrey Vargas, Cavite City, Philippines

Rafael Orio, Cavite City, Philippines

Erica Bustamante, Cavite City, Philippines

Joseph Egbuenga, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelo Nicodemus, Cavite City, Philippines

Dominic Faustino, Cavite City, Philippines

Darren Maceda, Cavite City, Philippines

Rossel Maceda, Cavite City, Philippines

Kathleen Tuazon, Cavite City, Philippines

Ma. Kassandra Tuazon, Cavite City, Philippines

Jeremie Arandila, Cavite City, Philippines

Ulysses Cañete, Cavite City, Philippines

DJ Delgado, Cavite City, Philippines

Joel Cañete, Cavite City, Philippines

Aaron Cañete, Cavite City, Philippines

Bernadeth Tejada, Cavite City, Philippines

Edlyn Delima, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelica Anojan, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelyn Anojan, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelo Anojan, Cavite City, Philippines

Ella Mae Dolio, Cavite City, Philippines

Lauro Dolio Jr., Cavite City, Philippines

Jhen Rose Dolio, Cavite City, Philippines

Sapiana Ineleo, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

Hernando Quebrar, General Trias, Philippines

Jocelyn Quebrar, General Trias, Philippines

Michael Jhon Buena, General Trias, Philippines

Reliza Barrientos, General Trias, Philippines

Joshua Garcia, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelo Movido, Cavite City, Philippines

Neil Movido, Cavite City, Philippines

Jayson Luza, Cavite City, Philippines
Cedrick James Mendoza, Cavite City, Philippines

John Lloyd Ortega, Cavite City, Philippines

Wilhem Eser, Cavite City, Philippines

Willy Anne Eser, Cavite City, Philippines

Danreb Cabanjen, Cavite City, Philippines

Denver Cabanjen, Cavite City, Philippines

Justin Jimenez, Cavite City, Philippines

Jovan Misola, Cavite City, Philippines

Louie Rama, Cavite City, Philippines

Areien Lamanilao, Cavite City, Philippines

Ester Macapagal, Cavite City, Philippines

Hernando Quebrar, General Trias, Philippines

Jocelyn Quebrar, General Trias, Philippines

Michael Jhon Buena, General Trias, Philippines

Reliza Barrientos, General Trias, Philippines

Joshua Garcia, Cavite City, Philippines

Angelo Movido, Cavite City, Philippines

Neil Movido, Cavite City, Philippines

Jayson Luza, Cavite City, Philippines

Cedrick James Mendoza, Cavite City, Philippines

John Lloyd Ortega, Cavite City, Philippines

Wilhem Eser, Cavite City, Philippines

Willy Anne Eser, Cavite City, Philippines

Danreb Cabanjen, Cavite City, Philippines

Denver Cabanjen, Cavite City, Philippines

Justin Jimenez, Cavite City, Philippines

Jovan Misola, Cavite City, Philippines

Louie Rama, Cavite City, Philippines

Areien Lamanilao, Cavite City, Philippines

Ester Macapagal, Cavite City, Philippines

Phyllis Pucely, British Columia, Canada

Barbara Poltorak, Washington, DC, USA

Ralph Gianelly, Massachusetts, USA

Jesse Hafer,  Massachusetts, USA

Irena Pobratyn,Warszawa, Poland

Alek Pobratyn, Warsawa, Poland

Stanislaw Urgacz, Sosnowiec, Poland

Marysia Trenda, Skarzysko, Poland

George Bohachevsky, PA USA

Roma Bohachevsky, PA USA

Johnny Ash, OH USA

Richard Roth, OH USA

Anna Doan Thi Tran, Vietnam

Wladyslaw Fiutowski, Wachock, Poland

Maria Fiutowska, Wachock, Poland

Michal Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Jozefa Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Zygmunt Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Jan Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Tadeusz Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Toska Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Lalka Chmielarz, Jedrzejow, Poland

Barabara Urgacz, Sonowiec, Poland

Wlodzimierz Urgacz, Sosnowiec, Poland

Zbigniew Fiutowski, Sopot, Poland

Henryka Fiutowska, Sopot, Poland

Krystyna Wrzalko, Skarzysko, Poland

Ryszard Wrzalko, Skazysko, Poland

Halina Wilczynska, Skarzysko, Poland

Henryk Wilczynski, Skarzysko, Poland

Siasia Trenda, Skarzysko, Poland

Marian Trenda, Skarzysko, Poland

Henryk Wojcicki, Edmonton, Canada

Jan Wojtek Wojcicki, Edmonton, Canada

Stefan Pobratyn,Warszawa, Poland

Anna Maria Czartoryska, Edmonton, Canada

Piotr Michal Czartoryski, Vancouver, Canada

Jadwiga Stasiolek, Radom, Poland

Phil Guttermuth, New Jersey, USA

Rose Littner, Ohio, USA

Emily Perez, Maryland, USA

Michael Kunz & family, Tirschenreuth, Germany

Tyler Grossett, OH USA

Shirley Z. Sherman, PA USA

Albert Swartz, PA USA

William Felte, PA USA

Bernice Clancy, PA USA

Clara Sutton, PA USA

Charles Heinz, PA USA

Anna Salak, PA USA

Jean O'Brien, PA USA

Ann Degling, PA USA

Joseph Verdeur, PA USA

Virginia Grace, New York, U.S.A.

Moses Pope, Ohio, USA

Lena Pope, Ohio, USA

Dr. Earl Pope, Pennsylvania, USA

Lisl Gaffin Tyson, Pennsylvania, USA

Richard Gaffin Sr., New Jersey, USA

Polly Osborn Gaffin, New Jersey

Larry Barnett, Kentucky

Rhonda Seabold, Kentucky

HH Thomas, Kentucky

Carolyn Thomas, Kentucky

Elvira Theobald, Kentucky

Louis Theobald, Kentucky

Dan Peek, Missouri, USA

Sara Edwards, Kentucky, USA

James Marvin, Jr., Tennessee, USA

Thomas T. Carlisle, Sr., Kentucky, USA

Dave Brewer, Ohio, USA

Charles Stone, Ohio, USA

Mark Livey, USA

Al Arborgast, Kentucky, USA

The Deceased Marvin Family, USA

The Deceased Pope Family, USA

The Deceased Osborn Family, USA

The Deceased Gaffin Family, USA

The Deceased Vitacan Family, Romania

Sherry Storolis, Ohio, USA

Rex Miller, Kentucky, USA

Pamela Sexton, Kentucky, USA

Robert Sexton, Kentucky, USA

Christine O’Mahoney, Ireland

Billee Reid, Kentucky, USA

Mary Nell Parker, USA

Jerry D. Watson, Kentucky, USA

Nelle Kester, Kentucky, USA

Kate Rudy Emery, Kentucky, USA

Betty Whitlow, Kentucky, USA

Sarah Roush, Kentucky, USA

Joe Brueck, North Carolina, USA

Anne Craven, Kentucky, USA

Peggy Raily, Kentucky, USA

Mr. & Mrs. George Crounse, Kentucky, USA

Margaret Hunt, Kentucky, USA

Gene Paul Hipp, Kentucky, USA

Mr. Frank Dascoli, Kendall Park, NJ, USA

Elmer Kangas, Oregon, USA

Mary Kangas, Oregon, USA

Edana Bickel, Oregon, USA

Steven Eng, Oregon, USA

Elmer Kangas, Jr, Washington, USA

Sean Edward McNally, Dublin, Ireland

Mary McNally, Dublin, Ireland

Helen Bergerren, Washington, USA

Walter Bergerren, Washington, USA

Alfred Kangas, Colorado, USA

Aino Kangas, Washington, USA

Andrew Kangas, Washington, USA

Vivian Kangas, Washington, USA

Charles Kangas, Washington, USA

Aldrich Kangas, Washington, USA

Jenny Kangas, Washington, USA

Raymond Kangas, Washington USA

Nettie Kangas, Washington, USA

Reuben Kangas, Washington, USA

Evelyn Kangas, Washington, USA

Rosemary Janey, Montana, USA

David Hoar, Montana, USA

James Hoar, Jr., Montana, USA

Maureen Hoar, Montana, USA

Jeff Dringle, Montana, USA

Elaine Hoar, Montana, USA

Georgia Hoar, Montana, USA

June Olsen, Montana, USA

James Hoar, Sr, Montana, USA

David Hoar, Sr., Montana, USA

Russ Olsen, Montana, USA

Jeannie McCracken, Colorado, USA

Angela McCracken, Colorado, USA

Ellen Hyland, Dublin, Ireland

Michael Hyland, Dublin, Ireland

Margaret McNally, Athlone, Ireland

Terrence McNally, Dumbarton, Scotland

Terrence McNally, Jr., Dumbarton, Scotland

Mr Fahrens, Galway, Ireland

Mr and Mrs King and family, Carna, Co Galway, Ireland

George Driscoll, Montana, USA

Edna Summers, Montana, USA

Richard Dwyer, Montana, USA

Jack Summers, Montana, USA

Matti Kangas, Washington, USA

Sophie Kangas, Washington, USA

Kristianna Kangas, North Dakota, USA

Baby Kangas, North Dakota, USA

Rose Bergerren, Washington, USA and husband

Rosemary Newton, Washington, USA

Nancy Johnson and daughter and brother, Washington, USA

Barbara Hughes, California, USA

Thomas Culbert, Dublin, Ireland

Lawrence Neitling and Mrs. Neitling, Oregon, USA

Paul Dowling, Dublin, Ireland

Janice Cavanaugh, Dublin, Ireland

Marie Spooner, Dublin, Ireland

Josephine Lynch and husband, Dublin, Ireland

Dennis Donaghue, Dublin, Ireland

Paghraig McNally, Vancouver, Canada

William Murray, Vancouver, Canada

Liam Harmon, Dublin, Ireland

William Talbot, Dublin, Ireland

Brian O Gorman, Dublin, Ireland

Mr and Mrs Hackett, Dublin, Ireland

Katherine Davis, Dublin, Ireland

Fr Mario Blanco, Washington, USA

Fr Eugene Heidt, Oregon, USA

Fr McMahon, Oregon, USA

Fr Mannick, Oregon, USA

Archbishop Dwyer, Oregon, USA

Archbishop McDaid, Dublin, Ireland

Bishop Williams, Dublin, Ireland

Fr. Morrison, Oregon, USA

Fr. Aldo, Oregon, USA

Fr Stanton and his brother, also Fr Stanton, Oregon, USA

Fr Eamonn O Sullivan, Montana, USA

Fr Sarsfield O Sullivan, Montana, USA

Teresa Mazour, Oregon, USA

Jan Wilmsey, Oregon, USA

Don Larsen, Oregon, USA

Lois Gerhardt and her husband, Oregon, USA

Mildred Barker and her husband, Oregon, USA

Joseph Cochran, Oregon, USA

Fr Milan Micolich, Oregon, USA

Shehzad Masih, Pakistan

Shama Masih, Pakistan

Bob Serrano, Metro Manila, Philippines

Cicely Patricia Harden South Carolina USA

Mr Derek Foley, Glasgow, Scotland

Concepcion Cortes, Cebu, Philippines

Wilma Guanzon, Cebu, Philippines

The Burnias and Pacheco Family

Virginia Grace, NY, USA

Hernan Paul S. Quebrar, Cavite City, Philippines

Charles Theil Kentucky USA

Charles Chuck Bray Kentucky USA

Anna Anderson Hoskins Kentucky USA

Peggy Taylor Kentucky USA

JacK Quigley Kentucky USA

Bill Kueckle Kentucky USA

Bill McGruder Kentucky USA

Bishop Hughs Kentucky USA

Roger Osborne Kentucky USA

John Burke Kentucky USA

Coy Burke Kentucky USA

Carmen Lee Kentucky USA

Nannie Lee Kentucky USA

Crowell Family Kentucky USA

Graham Family Kentucky USA

Reuss Family Kentucky USA

Vesper Family Kentucky USA

Morley Family Kentucky USA

Morley Family England

Helen Noyes Kentucky USA

Yoshida Family Japan

Statlander Family Kentucky USA

Doris Oehler Kentucky USA

Wegman Family Kentucky USA

Marks Family Kentucky USA

Robinson Family Kentucky USA

Stanley Willis. Florida. USA

Doris Battcher, Rhode Island, USA

Arnold Carroll, Rhode Island, USA

Joan Andreozzi, Rhode Island, UDA

Janice Almeida, Florida,USA

John Donato, Rhode Island, USA

Edward James Fitzhenry - Kansas, USA

Robert Walton, IL USA

Angelo Loiciano, IL USA

Malley Family, IL USA

Walton Family, IN, USA

Saddler Family, IN, USA

Bruck Family, IL USA

Patricia Bubela O'gorman Mexico city

Myra HIndley  - England

Fr. Edwin Gordon  - England / Portugal

Kay Summers - England

Bill Flint - England

Fr. Kevin Knox-Lecky - England

Fr Michael Cleary S.V.D - England

Fr Kevin Fitzharris - Ireland

Br. Francis Mary M.I.C.M - New Hampshire, United States

Sr. Mary Bernadette M.I.C.M, New Hampshire, United States

Frederick Archer Joy - England

Mary Doris Andrew, Lancashire, England.

John William Royle, Lancashire, England.

Hilda Therese Royle, Lancashire, England.

Henry Ortiz, Massachusetts., USA

Lawrence Ortiz, Massachusetts, USA

Eileen Ortiz, Massachusetts, USA

Al Sterns, Quincy, Massachusetts,  USA

Jerry Frazier, Massachusetts, USA

Harry Lightsey, South Carolina, USA

Ellen Glenn Lightsey, South Carolina, USA

Lona Stephens, Kentucky, USA

Green Stephens, Kentucky, USA

Delila Stephens, Kentucky, USA

Goldie Stephens, Kentucky, USA

Clyde Stephens, Kentucky, USA

Fair Prater, Kentucky, USA

Edna Geri, Florida, United States of America

Philip and Harriet Kanen, Florida, United States of America

Joseph Kane, Florida, United States of America

David and Gregory Florian, Florida, United States of America

Mariano Salarda, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Marlo Jose Salarda, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Norberto Duero, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Kia Tiu, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Francisca Tiu, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Welijado Duero, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Celedonia Arjona, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Cecilio Duero, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Rafael Arjona, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Lina Tiu, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Alex Tiu, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Henry, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Rogelio, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Candida Intano, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Rosalinda Azarcon, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Blanch AJ Armendarez, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Evelyn Waugh  London  UK                            

John Paul Blanco, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Gerald Cowden  Michigan  USA                             

Maxine Cowden  Michigan  USA                             

Aubernon Waugh  London  UK

Gerilyn Turner   Michigan   USA                             

G. K. Chesterton  London  UK

Fern Novis  Michigan  USA                                     

Scott Fischer  Michigan  USA

Keith Cowden  Ohio  USA

Mary Cowden  Ohio  USA

Carroll Cowden  Florida  USA

Betty Cowden  Florida  USA

Ransom Rickerson  Ohio  USA

Polly Rickerson  Ohio USA

Christopher Dade  Rome  Italy

Enzo Mangia  Lucca  Italy

Rick Breen  Michigan  USA

Linda Klein   New York  USA

Warren Tobin  Ontario  Canada

Paul Showers Jr.  New York  USA

Paul Showers Sr.  California  USA

Tom Frye  New York  USA

Norman Mailer  Massachusetts  USA

John Wisner  Florida  USA

Joseph Sobran  Virginia  USA

Brent Bozell  Virginia  USA

Michael Davies  Wales  UK

Eric Olafson  Michigan  USA

Lloyd Olafson  Michigan  USA

Gwen Olafson  Michigan  USA

Carl Goldman  New York  USA

Bruce Renton  London  UK

Nada Renton  Rome  Italy

Michael Schwartz  Virginia USA

Johnnie Richard Grasty, Tennessee, USA

Thomas Edward Williams, Georgia, USA

Shirley Hudson, South Carolina, USA

Van Yates, Tennessee, USA

Bernice Yates, Tennessee, USA

Grady Andrews, Georgia, USA

Patrica Dillard, Tennessee, USA

Michael Tennyson, Tennessee, USA

Patricia Morgan, Tennessee, USA

Doug Hutcheson, Alabama, USA

Shonsheka Hill, Alabama, USA

Cory Wittkop, Alabama, USA

Richard Lohr, Alabama, USA

Malcolm Taylor, Alabama, USA

James McLemore, Alabama, USA

Elbert Lingo, Alabama, USA

Warren Hutton, Alabama, USA

Joseph Schreiber, Alabama, USA

Calvert Shenk, Michigan, USA

Rachel Mathes, Alabama, USA

Ab. Leonard Giardina, O.S.B., Alabama, USA

Fr. Desmond Regan, Alabama, USA

Rev. Mr. Joseph Donnelly, Alabama, USA

Rev. Mr. Joseph Stephens, Alabama, USA

Phillip Bostany, Alabama, USA

Harriet Bostany, Alabama, USA

Daniel Harris, Alabama, USA

Bert Ferrell, Alabama, USA

James Dickson, Alabama, USA

Margaret Williams, Alabama, USA

Grady Smith, Alabama, USA

Don Smith, Louisiana, USA

Vance Donahoo, Alabama, USA

Jolene Armstrong, Alabama, USA

Dolores Gednetz, Louisiana, USA

Josephine Spano, Alabama, USA

Marie Robinson Yates, Georgia, USA

Ron Council, Alabama, USA

Alan Grier, Alabama, USA

Linda Gill, Alabama, USA

Thomas Stalnaker, Alabama, USA

Fr. James Downey, Illinois, U.S.A

Pope Pius XII, Rome, Europe

Cardinal Siri, Rome, Europe

Father Snyder, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Father Loran, Ohio, U.S.A.      

Father Waslyk, Illinois, U.S.A                               

Father Altenbach, Wisconsin, U.S.A     

Father Buckley, Ohio, U.S.A                                                                  

Father Coughlin, Michigan,    U.S.A       

Father Patrick, Michigan, U.S.A                            

Father O’Sullivan, Michigan, U.S.A                       

Father Williams, Michigan, U.S.A                            

Father Hannifin, Kentucky, U.S.A                          

Father Berry, Michigan, U.S.A                                                                                 

Father David, Michigan, U.S.A                                

Father Martin, Ohio, U.S.A                                                                      

Father Solanus, Michigan, U.S.A                             

Father Postula, Michigan, U.S.A                             

Father Chapron, Ohio, U.S.A                                                                   

Father Shell, Arizona, U.S.A.                  

Vincent, Michigan, U.S.A.                       

Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Michigan, U.S.A.                       

Nancy Drummond, Ohio, U.S.A.                             

William Hanna Sr., Saskatchewan, Canada

Lorena Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.

Peter Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                             

Joseph Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.  
Gregory Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.         

Ramona Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.

Jake Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                              

Matthew Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                       

Jack Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                              

Adolph and Joseph LeMear,   Michigan, U.S.A.

Emily and Mable Goyette, Michigan, U.S.A.

Ruby, Michigan, U.S.A.

Freena, Michigan, U.S.A.

Florence, Michigan, U.S.A.

Geneieve and Howard Soli, Michigan, U.S.A.                      

Lois Millerschin, Michigan, U.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Fouchia, Michigan, U.S.A.                              

Tefore and Amelia LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.

Peter LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.

Herman LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.                                        

Flora LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.

Ray and Bertha DeCormier, Michigan, U.S.A.

Joe Colucci, Michigan, U.S.A.

Betty Ann Colucci, Michigan, U.S.A.

Joe Colucci, Michigan, U.S.A.

John Colucci, Michigan, U.S.A.

Beatrice and Elmer Johnston, Michigan, U.S.A.                    

George Gedda, Michigan, U.S.A.                                          

Mary Hall, Michigan, U.S.A.                                

Onni and Aiti Koskinen, Michigan, U.S.A.                           

Barbara Desborough, Ohio, U.S.A.                         

Steve Avery, California, U.S.A.            

Gary Garcia, California, U.S.A.             

Lillian Kotolya, Michigan, U.S.A.                           

Alex Aminos, Ohio , U.S.A.     

Michael LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.                        

Christine LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.

Larry Kessinger, Ohio, U.S.A.                              

Andre LaJoye, Ohio, U.S.A.                                 

Colleen Sinnaeve, New York, U.S.A.     

Mary Margaret DeCormier, Michigan, U.S.A.                      

Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma, U.S.A.                                                                      

Elmer Hirth, Missouri, U.S.A.                                                

Carl Hirth, Kansas, U.S.A.                       

Bernie Hirth, Kansas, U.S.A.                

Stella Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                               

Peter Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                             

Mary Elizabeth Hanna, Michigan, U.S.A.                             

William Hanna, Michigan, U.S.A.                                              

Theresa Chicowski, Michigan, U.S.A.                                   

Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, Ohio, U.S.A.                          

Rita Orlowski, Michigan, U.S.A.                          

Mr. and Mrs. Eiffert, Kentucky, U.S.A.                  

Bob Leitelt, Michigan, U.S.A.                                

Lucille Leitelt, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                

Rudolph Gouthie, Michigan, U.S.A.                                        

Richard Dompier, Michigan, U.S.A.                                          

Mrs. Munro, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                  

Bert Corp, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                 

Martha LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.                                         

Melvin LaJoye, Michigan, U.S.A.                                              

Jim Peters, Ohio, U.S.A.                       

George Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                           

Mony Getzen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                            

Geneieve Bell, Ohio, U.S.A.                  

Kathy Nienabor, Ohio, U.S.A.                                              

Mr. Baumgardener, Kentucky, U.S.A.                  

Aunt Evelyn, Michigan, U.S.A.                               

Harold Stewar, Florida, U.S.A.                               

Ray Hergert, Ohio, U.S.A.                    

Joy Brille, Michigan, U.S.A.                 

Sam Brille, Michigan, U.S.A.                                

Dennis Murphy, Michigan, U.S.A.                         

Joe Forrest, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                    

Mr. and Mrs. Gadd, Ohio, U.S.A.                         

Rita Brueggmann, Kentucky, U.S.A.                        

Bernard Brueggmann, Kentucky, U.S.A.                                    

Sam Bernard, Michigan, U.S.A.                            

Jim Browe, Michigan, U.S.A.                                               

Bonnie Kaiser, Michigan, U.S.A.                                               

Ray Kaiser, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                    

Dale Gruber, California, U.S.A.              

George Karl Petritz, Michigan, U.S.A.                    

Bonnie Rollenhagun, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                   

Louis McKenzie, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                                      

Helen Clark Hebda, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                                  

Rosie, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                                         

Tony, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                        

Monica Hanna, Michigan, U.S.A.                                              

Jim Koskinen, Oklahoma, U.S.A.         

Wilbert Koskinen, Kansas, U.S.A.                          

Laura Johnson, Michigan, U.S.A.                           

Jane Zink, Michigan, U.S.A.                                                      

Elly Allen, Michigan, U.S.A.                                  

Bishop Cooney, Michigan, U.S.A.                                        

Tom McCaffrey, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Ina Bowman, Idaho , U.S.A.  

Sis Malega, Michigan, U.S.A.                                  

Melissa Kunkel, Ohio, U.S.A.                                  

Emma Shibler, Kansas, U.S.A.                              

John Peter Galvin, Ohio, U.S.A.                              

Douglas Burmet, Ohio, U.S.A.                              

Tom Bernard, Michigan, U.S.A.                               

Jim Caig, California, U.S.A.    

Oscar Ignatius Delgado, Mn, USA

Theresa Sullivan, Ireland

Tony VanDinther, Ontario, Canada

Francesca King, Ontario, Canada

Cpl Nathan Cirillo, Ontario, Canada

Ruth Chisholm, Ontario, Canada

Marcel DesHarnais, Quebec, Canada

Mack Sawicky, Washington, USA

Jeffery Steele, Ontario, Canada

Gabriella Steele, Ontario, Canada

Jackie Sergi, Ontario, Canada

Dominic Sergi, Ontario, Canada

Patrick Misale, Ontario, Canada

Nellie Novak, Ontario, Canada

Wendell Lewis, Ontario, Canada

Jim Marchese, Ontario, Canada

Gwen Barnett, Ontario, Canada

Fr. John Lambertus, Ontario, Canada

Kenneth De Muth Wisconsin USA

The Pacold family,  Illinois, USA

The Pacold family of the Czech Republic

The Tan families of California, USA, and Indonesia

Patricia C. McKay, British Columbia, Canada

Gerald G. McKay, British Columbia, Canada

Marie Cecilia Driscoll, Manitoba, Canada

Patrick J. Gallagher, Manitoba, Canada

George McKay, Alberta, Canada

Edna McKay, Alberta, Canada

Richard Gallagher, Saskatchewan, Canada

Phyllis Rayner, Ontario, Canada

George Rayner, Ontario, Canada

Annette Batchelor, Alberta, Canada

Michael Batchelor, Alberta, Canada

George Patrick Gallagher, North Carolina, USA

Scott Allerston, Ontario, Canada

Andrea Kalavska, Slovakia, Europe

Brittany Maynard, Oregon, USA

Charles H. Fleischer, Tennessee, USA

Catherine Elaine Fleischer, Tennessee, USA

Terry Reuter, Indiana, USA

Tommy Reuter, Indiana, USA

Mark Reuter, Indiana USA

Juanita Ocampo, California, USA

Dewey Flanagan, California, USA

Carl Soderberg, Washington , USA

Philip Jones, Florida, USA

Dorothy Jones, Florida, USA

Carlton Jones, Florida, USA

Kathy Jones, Florida, USA

Elijah Sands, Texas, USA

Frances Sands, Texas, USA

Doris Moran, California, USA

Michael Gogue, California USA

Louis Agbulos, Guam

Jeff Flanagan, California, USA

Omi Barth, Stade GERMANY

Georg Barth, Stade GERMANY

Helene Barth, Stade GERMANY

Opa Unbekannt, GERMANY

Antonia Navarrete Edo, Valencia SPAIN

Vicent Villanueva  Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Amparo Díaz Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Amparo Villanueva Díaz, Valencia SPAIN

Emilio Ferriols, Valencia SPAIN

Emilio Ferriols Villanueva, Valencia SPAIN

Juan Villanueva Díaz, Valencia SPAIN

Vicente Villanueva Díaz, Valencia SPAIN

Pepica Villanueva Díaz, Valencia SPAIN

Rafael Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Vicenta Villanueva Díaz, Valencia SPAIN

Adolfo Ramírez, Valencia SPAIN

Adolfo Ramírez Villanueva, Valencia SPAIN

Jesús, Valencia SPAIN

Tomás, Valencia SPAIN

Raquel Pérez Serrano, Valencia SPAIN

Miquel Camps Mañes, Valencia SPAIN

Dolores Cremades Fernández, Valencia SPAIN

Miguel Camps Cremades, Valencia SPAIN

Manuel Camps Cremades, Valencia SPAIN

Concha, Valencia, SPAIN

Miguel Cano, Valencia, SPAIN

Julio Cremades Fernández, Valencia, SPAIN

Nicomedes Cremades, Valencia, SPAIN

José Camps, Valencia, SPAIN

Josefina, Valencia, SPAIN

Francisco, Valencia, SPAIN

Milagros Pradas, Valencia, SPAIN

José Zamora, Valencia, SPAIN

Teresa, Valencia, SPAIN

Bruno Ortín, Valencia, SPAIN

Adolfo Cámara, Valencia, SPAIN

Miguel Sánchez, Valencia SPAIN

Hilario Cubas, Valencia, SPAIN

Nicasio Polo, Valencia, SPAIN

María Marqués, Valencia, SPAIN

Basilisa Polo Marqués, Valencia, SPAIN

Rafael Chicharro, Valencia, SPAIN

Carmen, Valencia, SPAIN

Paulina Polo Marqués, Valencia, SPAIN

Emiliana Andrés Polo, Valencia, SPAIN

Luis Andrés Polo, Valencia, SPAIN

Miguel Andrés Polo, Valencia, SPAIN

Rosita, Barcelona, SPAIN

María Joaquina Polo Marqués, Valencia, SPAIN

Pascual Polo Marqués, Valencia, SPAIN

Fina Merelo Polo, Valencia SPAIN

Antonio Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

María Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Manuel Montesinos, Valencia SPAIN

Felisa Pérez Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Rosario Montesinos Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Antonio Montesinos Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Santiago Pérez Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Antonio Pérez Polo, Valencia SPAIN

Jaime Pérez Polo, , Valencia SPAIN

Angelita Alabau, Valencia SPAIN

Aurelio Pérez Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Blas Pérez Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Encarnación, Valencia SPAIN

Carmen Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Antonio, Valencia SPAIN

Domingo Mestre, Valencia SPAIN

Escolástica, Valencia SPAIN

Ángel Pérez Cubel, Valencia SPAIN

Francisco Pérez, Valencia SPAIN

Julio Cubel, Valencia, SPAIN

Victoria, Valencia, SPAIN

Carmen, Valencia, SPAIN

Francisco, Valencia, SPAIN

Mercedes, Barcelona, SPAIN

Teresita, Barcelona, SPAIN

Pedro Pablo, Valencia, SPAIN

Merceditas, Barcelona, SPAIN

Agustín, Valencia, SPAIN

Marta, Valencia, SPAIN

María, Valencia, SPAIN

Asunción, Valencia, SPAIN

Rolindes, Valencia, SPAIN

Eusebio, Valencia, SPAIN

Natividad, Valencia, SPAIN

Manuel Gimeno, Valencia, SPAIN

Joaquina, Valencia, SPAIN

Julia, Valencia, SPAIN

Josefa, Valencia, SPAIN

Bernardino Alba Sebastián, Valencia, SPAIN

Bienvenida, Valencia, SPAIN

Pascuala, Valencia, SPAIN

Luis, Valencia, SPAIN

Brittany Maynard, California, USA

Jose Felix Vazquez Gonzalez, Jalisco, Mexico

Harold Henry, Quebec, Canada

Joan Henry, Quebec, Canada

David Henry, Nova Scotia, Canada

Betty Henry, Quebec, Canada

Eileen Dalgleish, Alberta, Canada

Jack Dalgleish, Alberta, Canada

Jack Henry, California, USA

Keith Henry, Quebec, Canada

Stella Henry, Quebec, Canada

Alana Ballantyne, Quebec, Canada

Owe Hoppe, Quebec, Canada

Gladys Berrigan, Quebec, Canada

Frank Berrigan, Quebec, Canada

Frank Berrigan Junior, Quebec, Canada

Dilys Robertjohn, Quebec, Canada

Harry Robertjohn, Quebec, Canada

Don Blackman, Alberta, Canada

Yasha Hvilivitzky, Ontario, Canada

Rita Hvilivitzky, Ontario, Canada

Joyce Harper, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Bennett, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Dunn, Ontario, Canada

The Henesy Family, Liverpool, England

The Barton Family, Massachusetts, USA

The Henesy Family, California, USA

The Hvilivitzky Family, New York, USA

Frank Gilboy, NY, USA

The Traynor family  Lancashire and Cheshire  England

 The Leiva Becerra family  Costa del Sol  Spain

The Bourke family Lancashire England

Stuart Michael Fell  Stockport  Cheshire  England

Robert and Leah Fell  of Carlisle

Concepcion Traynor Leiva  Ashton u Lyne  Lancashire  England

Denis Thomas Traynor  Ashton u Lyne  Lancashire  England

Rose Traynor  Droylsden  Manchester  Lancashire

James Traynor  Droylsden  Manchester  Lancashire

Antonia Leiva Becerra  Costa del Sol  Spain

Francisco Leiva  Costa del Sol  Spain

Leonard Paul Liggio, Virginia, USA

Thomas P. Marrella, NC, USA

Josef Kiesenhofer, NC, USA

Jesse Little, NC, USA

Frances Dickinson Warren, NC, USA

George Hurlbert Dickinson, NC, USA

Wiley Dickinson, Jr., NC, USA

Wiley Dickinson, Sr., NC, USA

Mary Carson Warren, NC, USA

Mary Maio Marrella, NY, USA

Angelo Marrella, NY, USA

Salvatore Marrella, NY, USA

Louis Marrella, NY, USA

Dana Wheeler  Ohio USA

Reid Wheeler  Ohio  USA

Demian Bailey  OR USA

Zoey Bailey.  OR. USA

Al Buell  OH  USA

Bill Buell OH USA

Mgt. Buell OH USA

Aaron Bailey OH USA

T. Bailey OR USA

Edith Wheeler OH USA

Florence Bailey NC USA

Paul Matthew Gillilan - California - USA

Sophia Yvette Favela - California - USA

Roger and Nora Kiely, Cork, Ireland.

Sean and Anne Kiely. New York, USA

Conor and Rena Kiely, Dublin, Ireland

Martin and Gertie Kiely. Galway, Ireland

Margaret O Sullivan and Paddy O Keeffe, Newmarket, Co.Cork Ireland

Catherine Hurley. London.U.K

Rebecca Sigmon, NC, US

Regina Maria Calvario, Quezon City, Philippines

Flordeliza Tuy, Quezon City, Philippines

Margarito Gervacio III, Quezon City, Philippines

Maricel Arevalo, Manila, Philippines

Marcial Camasin, Leyte, Philippines

Gay Gines, Manila, Philippines

Elisa Gales, Bohol, Philippines

Luis Madelo Sr., Bohol, Philippines

Eustaquio Cabahug, Bohol, Philippines

Juan Flavier, Manila, Philippines

Cleofe Angeles, Makati City, Philippines

Paul Erickson, Michigan, USA

Dr. Ernest Quiroz, Michigan, USA

Tien Bui, Michigan, USA

Brittany Maynard, Oregon, USA

Francisco Coroado, Toronto, Canada

Maria José Simoes, Lisboa, Portugal

Fernando Simoes, Thornhill, Canada

Carlos Simoes, Thornhill, Canada

Augusto Campos da Silva, Vermoim, Portugal

William Santos, Brampton, Canada

Vernon Watercutter, Ohio, USA.

Irene Schroyer, Ohio, USA.

Horace and Hellen Schroyer, Ohio, USA.

Joseph and Mary Watercutter, Ohio, USA.

Samuel Berning, Ohio, USA.

Arsène Gamache, Québec, Canada

Célina Chrétien, Québec, Canada

Amédée Lord, Québec, Canada

Yvette Latulipe, Ontario, Canada

Lucienne Lemelin, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Marc Fontaine, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Claude Côté, Québec, Canada

Père Roger Guimond, omi, Québec, Canada

Père Roger Guindon, omi, Québec, Canada

Père Louis-Marie Parent, omi, Québec, Canada

Père Jacques Lemieux, omi, Québec, Canada

Frère Oscar Audet, omi, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Gaston Tardif, Québec, Canada

Lucille Ouellet, Québec, Canada

Lucien Laplante, Québec, Canada

Roland Dubé, Québec, Canada

Éva Martin, Québec, Canada

Lucille Mercier, Québec, Canada

Jean-Guy Mercier, Québec, Canada
Marc Thériault, Québec, Canada

Marguerite Simard, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Alain Lévesque, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Germain Laplante, Québec, Canada

M. l'abbé Denis Lepage, Québec, Canada

Willard Rykowski, Maryland, USA

Rosemary Healy Adams, Maryland, USA

The Spinosa Family, Boston Mass USA

The DiNitto Family, Boston, Mass USA

Robert Bruce Smith, Salt Lake City Utah USA

Bert Gilbert, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Rev. Father Andrew Kolitsos, Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Rev. Father Raphael Biernacki, Toledo Ohio USA

Patrick O' Connell   Jersey City, NJ

Mary Burke o'connell Jersey City, NJ

Neil O'Connell Jersey City, NJ

Ed Farley Sr. Jersey City, NJ

Ed Farley Jr. Jersey City, NJ

Agnes Farley Jersey City, NJ

Joseph Leo Lamb Jersey City, NJ

Loretta Margaret Lamb Jersey City, NJ

Christopher Damian Lamb Jersey City, NJ

Grace Lamb Iskra Jersey City, NJ

John O' Connell Jersey City, NJ

Helen O' Connell Jersey City, NJ

Patricia O' Connell Jersey City, NJ

Michael Mannion Jersey City, NJ

Sonny Cummings Jersey City, NJ

Peggy Cummings Jersey City, NJ

Michael Galdieri Jersey City, NJ

Gerard Rinnald Oakland NJ

Woody Curreri NYC

Ilse Cope, Falmouth, UK

Graham Cope, Falmouth, UK

Theo Williamson, Penryn, UK

William Charles Williamson, Penryn, UK

Betty Williamson, Penryn, UK

Kingsley Williamson, Penryn, UK

Erhart Brandstetter, Oldenberg, Germany

Patrick Walsh, Harrow-Weald, UK

Mary Walsh, Harrow-Weald, UK

Mary O'Sullivan, Harrow, UK

Thomas O'Sullivan, Harrow, UK

Dean Merchant, South Harrow, UK

Susan Eyres, Harrow, UK

Gertie Barber, Luton, UK

Steven Walsh, Torquay, Devon

John O'Grady, Harrow-Weald, UK

Fr Ian Dickie, Buntingford, UK

Rohan Gunaskara London England.

The Van veen family Rotterdam Holland.

Entire Collins family Liverpool. England.

Entire Hellyer family Yorkshire. England.

John Cockram. Sussex England

Kathleen Whelan. Halifax. England.

Fr Collins. Leeds.  England

Fr Morrow. Braemar. Scotland

Fr. Backhouse. Bradford. England.

Br. Felix. Sussex. England.

Br. Conrad. Sussex.  England.

Fr Andrew. Sussex.  England

Veronica Hellyer. Yorkshire England.

Robert Hellyer. Yorkshire England.

Moises Peregrina, Quezon, Philippines

Maria Peregrina, Quezon, Philippines

Alfredo Juntereal, Quezon, Philippines

Aurora Juntereal, Quezon, Philippines

Dave Vismonte, Rizal, Philippines

Jeannette Esguerra, Rizal, Philippines

Jason Gutierrez, Rizal, Philippines

Harry Carr Newcaste New York

Joan Barton, Florida, USA

Glenn W. Bell, Ohio, USA

Mary Bell, Ohio, USA

Ann Deaton, Texas, USA

Kathleen Keeler, Texas, USA

Rosario Castelli Ashton Under Lyne Lancs England UK

The Castelli Family  Grotte Sicily

Angel Casillas, Puerto Rico

The Proulx Family

The Miles Family

The Parkinson Family

The Dievers Family

The Green Family

The Warner Family

The Bradley Family

The Mitchell Family

The Healy Family

The Melon Family

The French Family

The Flanagan Family

The O Toole Family

The Healy Family

The macnulty Family

Mic tute

Eamon Conway

Shane Flynn

Jerry Tormey

Leo Macken

Louis Dunne

Mr and Mrs Ebbs.

Fr.O Callaghan

Jerry French

Willy French

Lil French

Margaret French

Harry French

Herbert Mulvey

Bert Mulvey

Desmond Mulvey

Regis bourcois

Eileen Coogan

Fr. John

Miss Wardell

Adrian, Romania

Ecaterina, Romania

Alexandrina, Romania

Constanta, Romania

Florica, Romania

Elena, Romania

Dumitru, Romania

Romulus, Romania

Paul, Romania

Maria, Romania

Marian, Romania

Nicolae, Romania

Mariana, Romania

Bogdan, Romania

Marian, Romania

Ana Maria, Romania

Adriana, Romania

Adela, Romania

Andreea, Romania

Elisabeta, Romania

Nicolae, Romania

Octavian, Romania

Theresa D. Corcoran        MA    USA

 Jerome F. Corcoran          MA    USA

 Adeline Corcoran              MA    USA

 William F. Duffy                MA    USA

 Catherine G. Duffy          MA    USA

 Thomas P.  Conners          MA    USA

 Mary Conners                  MA    USA

 Thomas A. White              MA    USA

 Genevieve White              MA    USA

 Eugene Bertoni                MA    USA

 John McAuliffe                  MA    USA

 Arthur Smith                    MA    USA

 Nicholas Ward                  MA    USA

 Louis Sonny  Venturelli    MA    USA

 Fr. John J. Keane              MA    USA

 Fr. Henry Marusa                CA      USA

Theresa D. Corcoran        Massachusetts    USA

Jerome F. Corcoran          Massachusetts    USA

Adeline Corcoran              Massachusetts    USA

William F. Duffy              Massachusetts    USA

Catherine G. Duffy          Massachusetts    USA

Thomas P.  Conners          Massachusetts    USA

Mary Conners                  Massachusetts    USA

Thomas A. White              Massachusetts    USA

Genevieve White              Massachusetts    USA

Eugene Bertoni                Massachusetts    USA

John McAuliffe                  Massachusetts    USA

Arthur Smith                    Massachusetts    USA

Nicholas Ward                  Massachusetts    USA

Louis "Sonny"  Venturelli    Massachusetts    USA

Fr. John J. Keane              Massachusetts    USA

Fr. Henry Marusa                California            USA