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Cardinal Wuerl attacks "brother bishops" as "dissenters"

It is an open secret in Washington, D.C., that Donald Cardinal Wuerl has effectively banned Raymond Cardinal Burke from entering the Archdiocese of Washington.  Several sources have confirmed this to Rorate over the years, stemming from Wuerl's disdain for any priest or bishop who opposes giving Communion to Catholics who publicly dissent from Church teachings.

Since Summorum Pontificum was issued by Benedict XVI in 2007, Cardinal Wuerl has instituted numerous obstacles to priests who wish to offer the traditional Latin Mass and sacraments using the 1962 books.  Traditional confirmations have been denied, even requests from priests offering to administer the sacrament themselves.  A letter from a one's bishop or superior detailing the liturgical skill set of a priest wishing to offer Low Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is required for any celebrant there.  Traditional Latin Masses offered at parishes not designated by the Archdiocese as TLM-approved sites are prohibited from being publicized.  (Washington, D.C. is full of private Low and even High Masses not listed on church websites or bulletins.) And, of course, the second annual Mass on the anniversary of the installation of Benedict XVI was canceled at the last minute, despite months of planning and preparations made.

Donald Wuerl was the most powerful American dissenter to the restorations led by Pope Benedict.

With a more like-minded Holy Father now in power, suddenly Cardinal Wuerl has become a papal Marine, most recently with a blog post blasting "brother bishops who are less than enthusiastic about Pope Francis" as "dissenters":

As I was watching the Holy Father on TV, my inbox was filling with a number of email including an interview and an article by brother bishops who are less than enthusiastic about Pope Francis.  Those emails reminded me of a much, much earlier time in my life when I first experienced dissent from the teaching and practice of a pope.

Who could Cardinal Wuerl be writing about? We have a guess.  Andrea Tornielli has the same guess.

One thing is for sure: this pontificate of nearly two years and counting has separated the Wuerls from the men.  During the season of Lent that begins today, Rorate readers are encouraged to pray even more than usual for faithful men like Raymond Cardinal Burke. May they have the strength to persevere.