Rorate Caeli

Pontifical Low Mass and sobering words from Cardinal Burke

Tonight, at St. John the Beloved Roman Catholic Church in McLean, Virginia, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke (who was recently interviewed by Rorate, see here) celebrated a Pontifical Low Mass and visited with students from Georgetown University.

His sermon, based on today's saint, the martyred Hermenegild, was prophetic and classic Burke.

One couldn't put the good Cardinal's own situation out of mind when listening to his sermon. His Eminence spoke of St. Hermenegild's suffering during the Arian Heresy, and how today those who stand up for the laws that Jesus Christ Himself gave us, are suffering through a "Dictatorship of relativism" -- with attacks coming not only from outside the Church, but from within.

Let us pray His Eminence can keep up his travels inspiring new generations of traditional soldiers of Christ. And that he can continue to be a beacon of light in what appears to be yet another year of near complete darkness in the Church.