Rorate Caeli

Institute of Christ the King Ordinations - July 3

2014 Ordinations
The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest will have 11 deacons ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on July 3 by the hands of H.E. Raymond Cardinal Burke at the Institute church of Sts. Michaele and Gaetano in Florence, Italy.

There will also 7 deacons and 9 sub-deacons ordained.

Please, keep these future Priests of the New and Eternal Testament in your prayers. Here is a list of the deacons to be ordained to the Holy Priesthood:

1. Rev. Deacon Hubert de SALABERRY
2. Rev. Deacon Frédéric DE MARTIN
3. Rev. Deacon Rémi TEQUI
4. Rev. Deacon Guillaume FENOLL
5. Rev. Deacon Damien de LA PINTIERE
6. Rev. Deacon Edward GARDNER (USA)
7. Rev. Deacon Scott TANNER
8. Rev. Deacon Vianney POUCIN de WOUILT
9. Rev. Deacon Adrian SEQUEIRA
10. Rev. Deacon Pierre DUMAIN
11. Rev. Deacon Jean-Baptiste COMMINS