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Blackfen Parish's Fr Steven Fisher: a tragic trajectory

Fr Steven Fisher, Twitter profile picture: taken a few years ago.
Rorate readers will be interested to hear that Fr Steven Fisher is leaving Blackfen parish, and the priesthood. He has been doing a teacher training course and plans to teach in a secondary school.

Many Rorate readers will associate the name of the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, with the Traditional Mass. Over a decade, Fr Timothy Finigan introduced and nurtured the ancient Mass at the parish, and it was home to a good-sized congregation with a deep committment to the parish.

Last September Fr Finigan was moved to another parish, in Margate. The subsequent story was told on Rorate Caeli here.

Fr Finigan's replacement, Fr Steven Fisher, had a history of saying the Traditional Mass. The photographs in the post tell their own story.
Fr Steven Fisher, an old Facebook profile picture, more recent.

There is no way to tell how far along this story the diocesan authorities had caught up with when they made the appointment.

Please pray for Fr Fisher, for Fr Finigan, and for the parish of Blackfen.

Fr Steven Fisher, his FB profile picture at the time of his
appointment to Blackfen.
Fr Steven Fisher interacts with friends on Facebook a few hours ago.

The FB profile picture as of this writing.