Rorate Caeli

Women's Fashions

Mater Castissima

Some excerpts from the writings of the late Don Vincenzo Cuomo, exorcist, (R.I.P. July 18, 2009) against the indecent fashions that are now spreading even into sacred places. Unfortunately, we rarely hear anyone today condemn these shameless fashions. We miss zealous priests like Don Giusppe Tomaselli, Don Lindo Ruotolo and Don Vincenzo Cuomo:

"Looking back at the summer season now over, we need to acknowledge, unfortunately, that nothing has improved with regard to women’s fashions, which have become increasingly more indecent. Nudism, these days, has even crossed the thresholds of our churches!

"There is a topic which has become taboo: women’s fashions. Who talks about it? Is it all acceptable? And if something isn’t acceptable, who should illuminate, rebuke and correct? Nudism, alas, has become increasingly more brazen and intrusive, fomented by [TV] shows, newspapers and billboard advertising […] We are now witnessing the globalization of immodesty, since the idea that a woman is not a woman if she isn’t provocative has taken root in [the minds] of the masses. It first began with the shortening of sleeves and then - sleeves disappeared altogether.

"More and more of the upper part of the body became exposed. Simultaneously there was the appearance of the mini-skirt which has become progressively more  mini! So why not bare the midriff and the navel as well? And then extremely tight shorts and ‘short shorts’. Today this audacity knows no limits, not even in holy places - in our churches and sanctuaries […]. And what is there to say when in some churches women dressed unbecomingly go up to the lectern or are extraordinary ministers of Communion? Perhaps these observations will make some smile, since now – they say – “times have changed and these things don’t shock us anymore!” This assertion is as false as it is stupid. So the concupiscence of the eyes and the flesh doesn’t exist anymore, does it? And what is written in the letters of the Apostles about women’s dress doesn’t count anymore either? The reality is this: sins of impurity are not considered sin anymore. And all this has not happened by chance.

"There has been an all out strategy of diabolical malice aimed at de-Christianizing the masses; this has occurred not with guns and prisons, but by demolishing Christian principles. […] Against this ‘steam-roller’ which seems to have no obstacles, a strong, authoritative voice must be heard! Our Lady of Fatima, through little Jacinta, preannounced the advent of indecent fashions - the cause of the loss of many souls. May the Most Pure Virgin, through Her powerful intercession, obtain a return to a pure and chaste life, at least among Christian women."

[Source: Cordialiter blog, July 14, 2015. Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana.]