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Bergoglio, the Man who Never Kneels Before God

Antonio Socci
It ‘s now starting to get very depressing, even disquieting….

Bergoglio never kneels in front of the Eucharist during Mass. He doesn’t kneel or, at any rate, doesn’t  remain on his knees during Eucharist Adoration;  the image of him standing in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the end of the Corpus Domini procession (which he didn’t take part in) is unforgettable.

Now even the opening ceremony of  the Holy Door, for the beginning of the Jubilee – is embarrassing!  See for yourselves what happened today!

At 6.20 in this video, he opens the Holy Door and remains standing (while the faithful fall to their knees…)   A chilling scene!  [click here to watch]
Pope John Paul II & Pope Francis

I’d like to remind those who attribute this to problems with his legs, that Bergoglio has knelt many times (and there are many photos around to show this) in other circumstances but he doesn’t do so in front of the Blessed Sacrament!

In addition, I remember that St. John Paul II, in 2000, when he was then already very ill and physically suffering, opened the Holy Door, knelt down and stayed on his knees for some time in prayer! (see the photo on the right).

Is there anyone in the know, who might explain to us the mystery of the man who never kneels [before God]?

Rorate note:

In contrast, on November 28th, Pope Francis knelt in an Anglican shrine in tribute to the Ugandan Anglican martyrs. See the video, below:

[Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]