Rorate Caeli

Francis Effect: the Vatican profaned

Antonio Socci
December 8, 2015

Image of Muslim woman in burka defiles St. Peter's
The incredible show on St Peter’s Basilica: a Neo-Pagan obscenity for the Feast of the Immaculate!

The sense that St. Peter’s Basilica has been profaned is strong. The symbolic significance of the event is a Church immersed in darkness, but illuminated by the world, by the new climatist-religion-ideology (all  financed by the World Bank Group which will now have to explain to us what politics compatible with the teaching of the Church it is promoting..)

The holy place par excellence, the heart of Christianity transformed on a maxi-screen for the show of the New World Power Ideology …and the Nativity Crib was left in darkness.

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana