Rorate Caeli

Free Catholics books, in English and Spanish

A faithful reader of ours has compiled as many free online books as she could find. Amazingly, while the site has never really been promoted, when you Google search "Catholic books" it's still one of the top sites returned. People have found it on their own and found it to be a Godsend. In fact, as I was showing this site to Mrs. Adfero, she told me she too has used it to read books for free. 

This work of love, which has turned into a treasure trove of free spiritual reading, has grown so large there are two links for the English version. In it, you will find books you read directly online, many in PDF format, some formatted for readers such as Kindle as well as audio books for those of you whom, like me, love to listen to someone else read to you (I'm currently listening to "The Art of Dying Well" by St. Robert Bellermine).

There's so many books in this collection it could take a lifetime to finish. While the Internet surely has its traps, sites like this prove it's not intrinsically evil, and can help open up a world of traditional Catholic knowledge to those with little means to purchase on their own.

To find these books in English, go here for list 1 and go here for list two.

To find these books in Spanish, go here.

A REQUEST: As you delve into these fine books for free, please take a moment and pray for the person who has spent so much time to compile them, that she may find comfort in the great work she is doing for the Church and the salvation of souls.