Rorate Caeli

Not your usual liturgical dancers

Young nuns. In full, traditional habits. Dancing at a charismatic Mass (apparently celebrated this past Sunday) in a parish in Brazil.

The full video:

(NB: Video has now been deleted by the Facebook page on which it was posted).


I am posting these to illustrate an important lesson. 

One of the most simplistic assumptions prevalent in Traditional and Conservative Catholic circles, especially in North America and Western Europe, is that the "young" (at least the ones who bother to show up at church) are traditionally-inclined almost by default, and that modernism and a desire for novelty in theology and worship are the preserve of people "of a certain age" and "a certain generation". 

Now, these might be true of the pockets of sanity where the young are consistently exposed to reverent liturgies and orthodox theology. However, these assumptions simply do not hold in general, especially in the vast Catholic lands where traditional worship and theology have become virtually extinct. Despite the best of intentions, Catholic youths starved of any meaningful contact with the authentic Catholic heritage will not, as a rule, magically go off looking for something they do not know, namely, Tradition. Even when they do pick up elements of the Tradition -- a desire for traditional religious dress and the practice of some forms of asceticism and traditional devotions, for example -- it will only be to amalgamate these with the inherited heteropraxis and modernism and the utterly deficient theology of the "Catholic Lite" or "Pentecostal Catholicism" that is the only Catholicism nearly all of them would have ever known.