Rorate Caeli

You Report: For the first time in decades, Corpus Christi procession in Warrington, England

The following report was sent to us by the local priest, the indefatigable Rev. Fr. Armand de Malleray, of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter:

For the first time in decades last Sunday, the Eucharistic Lord “walked” the streets of Warrington in Cheshire, England.

People were not sure what to expect, few of them remembering it from childhood. A beautiful canopy was found in the Priory; a megaphone was bought to lead the singing of hymns; and flower carpets were displayed. Catholics came from various parishes, and the local parish priest (Pastor) attended as well. Following the simplest itinerary around the block, we walked by the Spiritualist Church and, next to it, along the big Salvation Army centre; then the skate rink; and the local pub.

Why process, one may wonder? In the year 33, joy at the first Palm Sunday procession into Jerusalem was short lived, as soon after another procession accompanied the condemned Lord carrying his Cross out of Jerusalem to Calvary. The Corpus Christi procession is our yearly opportunity to process with our Saviour along the streets, showing our faith in His victorious presence among us His people, and inviting all men of good will to come to Him.

A few children who made their First Holy Communion in the past year came wearing their white garments, and a dad stepped in to be one of the bearers of the canopy: “A great honour”, he said.

Next year we hope to have a beautiful Eucharistic banner to carry (can you donate one to us?), and more local clergy wearing chasubles and dalmatics, as well as some Knights of St Columba and of members of any male or female confraternities: “Quantum potes, tantum aude”.

Congratulations to all involved! More images here.