Rorate Caeli

Encouragement for homeschoolers

For those who homeschool, especially for those either just starting or with all fairly young children in their early educational years, we don't have to tell you -- it's hard. It's really hard. 

If you read some of the homeschooling blogs, while they mean well, they often leave you with the feeling that homeschooling should always be this wonderful, permanent joy. It should always feel like that painting of mother in her chair with the perfectly behaved little ones at her knees listening to each and every word emanating from her mouth.

Then there's reality. 

The reality is, for many, homeschooling isn't just an option, it's the only option. It's a spiritual life or death situation for your children. You know you can't send them to public school, where they'll lose their souls. You know you can't send them to the local "Catholic" school, where they'll lose their faith. Yet, that doesn't make your day to day any easier. 

A traditional priest has recorded a short but very inspirational reminder of why you homeschool and why you must keep at it.