Rorate Caeli

Important Traditional Catholic news from France

1. On July 2, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta ordained Fr. Daniel Sabur to the priesthood in Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet. He will celebrate the ancient Chaldean Liturgy every Sunday for a Chaldean community that will meet in the Society's chapel in Saint Mathias de Pontoise. On the very next day he celebrated his first Mass (Chaldean Liturgy) in that chapel with 200 faithful (mostly Chaldeans) in attendance. It is the first-ever Chaldean Rite community under the SSPX. (Source: La Porte Latine,) 

As we have noted here in Rorate, the Chaldean Rite has undergone extensive "modernization", a process accelerated by the reigning Chaldean Patriarch, Louis Raphael. Naturally Fr. Sabur will be celebrating the Chaldean Rite as it was before the changes inspired by Vatican II.

(NB: Chaldeans are Catholics; their non-Catholic counterparts are conventionally called "Assyrians" and in older times, Nestorians.)

2. On the 29th of June, Archbishop Armand Maillard of Bourges gave his canonical recognition to the Institution l'Angélus, giving it the right to be called a "Catholic school". This boarding school for boys (with 107 students as of February 16, 2016) also serves as the headquarters of the Fraternité Enseignante des cœurs de Jésus et de Marie, founded on August 22, 2013 by Fr. Regis Spinoza (of the Institute of the Good Shepherd) under the "moral vigilance" of the Abbot of Randol. (Randol is one of the Traditional Catholic Benedictine monasteries stemming from Fontgombault.) The sacraments are celebrated in this school exclusively according to the 1962 Missal and its associated liturgical books.

The Brotherhood's primary aim is the development of Catholic schools according to the spirituality and pedagogy of St. John Bosco and St. John Baptist de la Salle. While at present its canonical standing is only that of a private association of the faithful, we hope that it will grow, attain higher ecclesiastical recognition, and once more educate innumerable boys and young men in the spirit of the teaching congregations of old.