Rorate Caeli

Who knew? Pope can forbid foreigner from visiting Rome

Ever since the Porta Pia fell, in 1870, and Rome became the capital of a newly united Italy, no Pope has ever again claimed the right to forbid anyone from coming to Rome. The city is not owned by the Pope, after all, and the temporal power of the papacy has, since 1929, been reduced to the very small limits of Vatican City and a few additional buildings in the region.

Alas, that was before Caudillismo had reached the City! If only John Paul II and Benedict XVI had known about this extra-muros absolute power of the Pope. El Caudillo Jorge knows better: who cares about law and rights, if he hates you, he can just order you out, muchacho!

It's what happened to the former head of the Knights of Malta, Fra Matthew Festing -- first forced by the Pope to resign, now ordered (!!!!!) not to come to Rome during the time of the Election of his own successor!

This is a violation of several laws under the guise of "obedience" -- these bullies must be taken to civil court. Only civil courts will stop this abuse and personal harrassment by Francis and his henchmen.

(Tip: Edward Pentin)