Rorate Caeli

Breathtakingly Beautiful Christianity

Santa Croce, Florence

L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso
"No religion has ever expressed as much beauty as the Christian religion with its infinite quantity of wonders."
Vittorio Sgarbi
Italy's most famous, most brilliant and most controversial art historian and critic
Professor Sgarbi, despite his own questionable private  life (from a Catholic viewpoint) and rather coarse speech on occasion, has outspokenly defended Christ and Christian Culture many times publically and fearlessly on TV and other news-media. When he speaks of art and Christian culture his words are pure gold and priceless pearls. He is ardently pro-life and pro-traditional family.

For readers who understand Italian, here are some links with instances of Professor Sgarbi’s eloquence and humour, occasionally somewhat rough.  In the first he discusses, in a minute and a half, the Post Concilar Church's abandonment of Latin: 
Like Orianna Fallaci (R.I.P.), you either love or hate Vittorio Sgarbi. I happen to love both of these Italian intellectuals – stalwart, forthright defenders of Catholic Civilisation and Culture.
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