Rorate Caeli

New York Times publishes op-ed on TLM in Nigeria

We continue to believe one of the greatest benefits of the otherwise dreadful Francis Effect is the unification of traditional and conservative camps within the Catholic Church, recognized by even the mainstream media. Today, a senior editor at First Things has an op-ed on the traditional Latin Mass movement in Nigeria. Published in the New York Times. Take a moment to unpack all that.

The piece, printed on page seven of the "Sunday Review" in today's New York Times, looks at the ordination of Father Charles Ike, FSSP, a charming, smart, friendly priest ordained for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in Nigeria on the feast of the Assumption seven weeks ago. The op-ed then gives a snapshot of the history of the TLM restoration and perspectives from communicants there.

The coverage is significant. In the midst of the papacy of Francis, the most liberal and influential newspaper in the world has published a Sunday op-ed on restoring tradition in Africa, and indeed the world, through liturgy.

This writer can attest to how difficult it is to get such a TLM op-ed published in the Sunday New York Times, having first accomplished this in 2009. It is refreshing to see a second such op-ed.  Our congratulations to Matthew Schmitz (as well as Bishop Gregory Ochiagha and Father Ike) for a job well-done.