Rorate Caeli

Quid est Veritas?

 Section on Catechesis 
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Quid est Veritas? What is Truth? The question, addressed to Our Lord Jesus Christ by the Procurator Pontius Pilate in the praetorium of Jerusalem, resounds down through the centuries and calls every man to come out of himself and question the nature of Reality, on that which is the proper object of his intelligence and of the very reason for his existence.

The Lord, Who did not deign then to reply to His interlocutor’s question, had already supplied the answer to His disciples, saying “I am the Truth”: He, in fact, in His Divinity is absolute and definitive Reality;  He, as Word and Image of the Father, is also the perfect expression; He as God-Man, Redeemer of the human race, is moreover the only Truth which can give sense to the life of man and which can render him capable of reaching the final end for which these were created:  eternal bliss in the glory of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Now, this Truth is the object of the Faith, entrusted to the Catholic Church with the mandate to preach it to all men.

The present world, on the other hand, forever growing in pride and superficiality, rebels against the Church, opposing the Truth of the Faith and insinuating in the minds of the hierarchy and clergy its own facile, false, deadly doctrines, among which, in the first place, is the principle that the Truth can change over time.

The Faith, thus closely fought, contorted, obscured and silenced, loses its light, the Holy Church of God enters into eclipse, and men, seeking the path of Life in vain, are lost in the outer darkness.

In this context we are determined to re-propose the immutable Truths of the Faith in their entirety and clarity, in conformity to the Will of the Divine Master that “all men come to the knowledge of the Truth” and that “all men be saved” (Tim, 2,4.). Fiat! Fiat!

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana