Rorate Caeli

German Liberalism is a Cancer in the Church

Cancer: a terrible disease, with which we are, as many of you, terribly familiar. Therefore, we do not make use of it as a metaphor unadvisedly.

Since the age of the Council, and before it, Liberal Catholicism of the German extraction has been a life-threatening cancer metastasizing throughout Holy Mother Church. A Pole and a good German tried to reverse the disease, but the deep pockets of the German Bishops who funded the "St. Gallen Mafia" got what they paid for in 2013: increasing confusion throughout the Church.

Their first Trojan Horse was the non-issue of Communion for lifelong adulterers, rammed through in two Synods, followed by the outrageous liberal paragraphs and footnotes in "Amoris Laetitia".

Now, their new Horse also involves the Most Blessed Sacrament: that the Prince of Darkness is their instigator cannot be doubted because they only attack the holiest thing in the Church, the Sacred Eucharist.

For months, they have been attempting to allow Communion for the non-Catholic spouses of Catholics. This is, of course, another non-issue: if the non-Catholic spouse does not believe in the Catholic Faith, he should not receive Communion precisely because it means nothing to him; if the non-Catholic spouse begins to believe in the claims of the Catholic Church, including on the Blessed Sacrament, then surely this spouse should be invited to convert to Catholicism and be received in the Church. What surely cannot be foreseen is that a person who does not believe in the Catholic Faith should receive Communion: why would this person want this? And why would the Church give something to precious to someone who does not believe it to be precious at all?

Germans are widely admired throughout the world for their logic and precise understanding of the world, but when it comes to German Liberal bishops, logic disappears to give way to a demonic lust for heresy and cash. First, they decided to allow Communion to non-Catholics. Then, seven German Bishops asked the Holy See for clarification. Third, after the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith correctly recalled the Catholic doctrine on the matter, the German Liberal bishops predictably called on the Pope they had picked in 2013 to probably reverse this decision on their favor.

The meeting of the German delegation with the most important officials of the Roman Curia is set for Thursday, May 3rd, as announced in the Bollettino today. May Our Lord Jesus Christ prevent another step in the desecration of His Blessed Sacrament, the most precious gift He gave to His Church.

P.S. Also today, as a sign of the complete collapse of Catholicism in Germany, the horrid Archbishop of Munich and President of the Bishops' Conference (DBK), Cardinal Marx, made clear his opposition (that is correct, opposition) to the decision by the Bavarian State government to place crosses and crucifixes in all public buildings, something the Church had always proposed in all Catholic-majority nations and regions. One cannot get any more devilish than by rejecting the Holy Cross itself! The Cardinal criticized the move as "expropriating the cross in the name of the state." Naturally, you won't see any criticism by this voracious Cardinal of the use of the State revenue services to collect and distribute the Kirchensteuer (Church Tax) that makes the German Church ridiculously wealthy and disproportionately influential in spreading its evil all over the Church: then, the "expropriation" by the State is just fine...