Rorate Caeli

Pontifical High Mass at D.C. basilica shrine, new details

In just two and a half weeks, a solemn pontifical Mass at the throne will be offered in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.  This will be only the second such Mass there since 1969.  The first one was in the upper church of the basilica shrine in 2010, with over 3,500 people filling the largest church in North America.

Rorate announced the basics about the planned 28 April 2018 Mass back in July and announced the celebrant (Archbishop Sample) earlier this year. The Paulus Institute for the Propagation of Sacred Liturgy -- the sponsors and organizers of the Mass -- have now shared several new details, including the planned music (Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony, including Father Victoria's "Missa Salve Regina") and sacred ministers (Fraternity of Saint Peter, Institute of Christ the King and diocesan clergy).  Dozens of priests and seminarians will be in choir, and women religious will be in the front pews. The organization's latest news release is here.  The event page for the Mass is here.

EWTN will broadcast the Mass live and worldwide.  We encourage, however, readers to attend in person.  It is a big church to fill, and your trip will most certainly be well worth it. Invite your family, priests, friends and congregations. The 2010 Mass was the largest-attended traditional Latin Mass offered in the U.S. in 50 years, and organizers hope to match or even top the turnout, beauty and solemnity on 28 April. Perhaps your parish already has a bus or van driving into Northeast Washington, D.C. that day.  Rorate hopes to see you there.