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Book Announcement: “Ego Eimi: It Is I — Falling in Eucharistic Love” by a Priest of the FSSP

Rorate is pleased to announce the publication of a new and beautiful book on the Most Holy Eucharist, written by Fr Armand de Malleray, rector of St. Mary’s Shrine in Warrington, England, and superior of the English apostolate of the FSSP. The book, with a foreword by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, is entitled “Ego Eimi: It Is I — Falling in Eucharistic Love.” I had the privilege of reading an earlier draft of the book and found it not only uncompromisingly traditional in doctrine but refreshing and (in the best sense) provocative in its approach. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to catechizers and religion teachers. 

From the Foreword by Bishop Athanasius Schneider:

The Holy Eucharist is the sacrament of the Divine love. It is the sacrament of faith. The Eucharist is the greatest of all the miracles, which Christ ever wrought. The Eucharist is the greatest consolation, which God gave us here on earth, in this valley of tears. Indeed, the Eucharist is not a sacred thing, the Eucharist is the Lord Himself, It is the Lord: Dominus Est! He is here present truly, really and substantially with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

In his reflections on the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist with the significant title “Ego eimi – It is I”, Reverend Father Armand de Malleray FSSP made a precious spiritual gift to the priests and to the faithful of our time. In his book he shows that the sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist is not only a holy thing, but it is ultimately the Person of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who revealed His infinite love in the most deep, striking and loving manner in that sacrament.

Rev. Fr. de Malleray presents us reflections upon the Most Holy Eucharist, which are born from the knowledge of the sacred faith and from the consequent experience of this faith in celebrating and receiving this Divine sacrament.

In the midst of the spiritual ruins, by which the Eucharistic life in the Church of our days is largely characterized, we have to renew the true Catholic Faith. Rev. Fr. de Malleray rightly wrote in the Introduction of his book: “We have our Catholic faith. It is all we need, for now, for the scattered stones to assemble and for pillars and arches to rise afresh in our souls.” One has first to know Our Lord in the depth of His ineffable Eucharistic sacrament. Such knowledge, illuminated by the faith, impels one to love the Eucharistic Lord ever more. The true love for the Eucharistic Lord then necessarily demands exterior gestures of awe and respect.

May the present book of Rev. Fr. de Malleray FSSP, a beautiful and impressive “paper shrine to the Most Holy Eucharist”, have a wide diffusion and be a practical spiritual aid in order to renew the Catholic Faith, the Catholic Love and the Catholic Worship of the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist. Let us “have a great love for Jesus in His Divine sacrament of Love. That is the Divine oasis of the desert. It is the heavenly manna of the traveller. It is the Holy Ark. It is the life and paradise of love on earth.” (Saint Peter Julian Eymard).

+ Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana
Sunday 17 June 2018

Here are some of the endorsements, beginning with my own:

The Holy Eucharist is a sublime mystery before which it is often better to remain in silent adoration than to attempt to open one’s mouth in explanation. And yet, where would we be without the great writings of the saints on this Sacrament, which is rightly and truly called “the Most Blessed”? All the more today do we need authors who can help us see with fresh amazement the miracle of Our Lord’s Real Presence in our midst and to hunger for the unique, unsurpassable nourishment He offers us from the altar of the Cross. In this book Fr de Malleray has given us a vivid introduction to the “font and apex of the Christian life,” with unexpected angles and brilliant connections that refresh an old subject for contemporary readers. May it bring the minds and hearts of many readers nearer to “the bread of God that cometh down from heaven, and giveth life to the world.” — Dr Peter Kwasniewski

This highly readable, informative, and edifying treatise on the Holy Eucharist will enrich the understanding and devotion of Catholics regardless of their prior knowledge of the subject: I recommend it wholeheartedly. — Dr Joseph Shaw PhD, Oxf, Chairman of The Latin Mass Society

I heartily recommend this book to all. — Very Rev John M. Berg FSSP, former Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter

A very useful contribution to the people’s understanding of the mystery of the Eucharist. — Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool

A beautiful book, as accessible as it is profound. I have learned much, and gained even more. — Prof. Stephen Bullivant, Institute of Theology, St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Sometimes the language and concepts surrounding the Eucharistic Mystery can be difficult or impenetrable for many people. Fr Armand de Malleray has a gift in explaining traditional doctrine and practice without losing anything in depth or precision. In a lively, innovative and engaging style ‘Ego Eimi – It is I’ passes on the timeless treasures of Traditional Catholic Faith and is a great service to the Church. — Fr Marcus Holden, author of the Evangelium catechetical series

The book may be ordered here (in Europe) and here (in the USA).