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Socci: The Church is collapsing, but the Vatican has launched a crusade against Salvini

Antonio Socci
January 6, 2019
What is going on in the Catholic Church? The situation is not only catastrophic - it’s absurd.  We hear of churches emptying dramatically in the West and Christians being cruelly persecuted in the East. We hear of the disappearance of traditional Catholic movements, of internal clashes in the Curia, of continuous scandals, of immense confusion among the faithful as a result of Pope Francis’ revolutionary feats ( recently he even “forgot” about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception).
Yet the churchmen are not addressing any of this. They are not worried at all. The shepherds are not interested in the sheep going astray and being scattered.
The hierarchical class is completely taken up by politics. It’s a real fever. That in itself is already surreal, but  not sufficiently. The fact is, they don’t want to bring the “social doctrine” of the Church into politics nor the “non-negotiable principals”,  as one might like to believe they would.  Following the “Bergoglian teaching” they have only one theological-political theme to insist upon and in fundamentalist tones:  migrants.
As a result, the migrants have now become their ideological banner, yet also a sort of messianic subject to depose the Christian message, even in Nativity Scenes: as if the angels had proclaimed the arrival of “Jesus, the migrant” to the shepherds, instead of the Birth of the Son of God.

According to the perceptions of ordinary people, the ecclesiastics are only interested now in migrants -  they talk only about them.  And in effect, the ecclesiastical hierarchy are plunging into politics with the precise intent of going to war with Salvini:  he is the Satan to whom they shout “Get behind me!”, as “Famiglia Cristiana” had plastered infamously over their front cover.

It is precisely Salvini - the one who even publically declared his desire to defend our Christian roots -  that is the ‘Evil’ the clerical world is mobilizing and raging against.

Yesterday, Salvini in Abruzzo, replied: “I’m a sinner, but no fool. This year instead of 120 thousand, only 20 thousand arrived: 100 thousand fewer[than last year] saving a billion Euros and [resulting in]far fewer deaths and crimes.”
This means that the Deputy Prime Minister, is not surrendering and doesn’t want Italy going back to being the Refugee Camp of Europe and Africa. The majority of Italians and Catholics think the same as he does.
And it is precisely for this reason now that the “call” to political action against Salvini continues from the Bergoglian establishment.
Responding  punctually are the clerical newspapers, the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) and  the Catholic associations (those that are still around).
Yesterday, even the former President of the CEI (today the President of European Bishops), Cardinal Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa, who,  until lately, had been considered one of the few still in line with the magisterium of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, took sides and made the headlines which “La Stampa” opened its front page with: “Conscientious objection”. The Church’s move against the security decree.” The reference was precisely to the Archbishop of Genoa: “The charge is sounded by Cardinal Bagnasco” who – according to the Turin newspaper – “ is marshalling the Church on the [matter of the] security decree:  yes to conscientious objection.”
Referring to the case of “the migrants of the Sea Watch”, also Monsignor Guerino Di Tora , President of the Commission for Immigrations of the CEI, intervened, thundering: “Those who balk do not have a clear conscience”. The Archbishop of Palermo, Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, is railing as well, with an appeal “not to remain in silence in the face of inhuman decrees which aggravate the sufferings of those who are oppressed by poverty and war”.
It doesn’t appear that the same mobilizations were seen, nor such bitter denunciations by the Bergoglian church over the last six years [were heard] when - thanks to the Euro, the politics of the European Union and the Italian governments aligned with it - here in Italy, poverty and unemployment exploded - with thousands and thousands of companies closing.
We don’t  remember papal mobilizations and searing words in favor of the earthquake victims and their freezing winters. These are only two examples (we could add the law on civil unions and other feats by prior governments that should have made the Church intervene).
In their (many) ecclesiastical, political rants, you never find criticism of the European Union.  On the contrary: explicitly the E.U. (not to be confused with Europe which is another thing entirely) seems to have become the anchor of political salvation for this clerical hierarchy. Explicitly this European Union, which has become the most secular and most anti-Christian, political reality in the West. The clergy speak of it with the same enthusiastic arguments as Emma Bonino.
What, however, that  upsets the ecclesiastical class is the fact that the Catholic people are not following them. Actually, they seem to be making the opposite choice, preferring mostly the Lega and other ‘sovereignist’ groups.
The most devout Catholics and even the not so devout,  like better referring to John Paul II and Benedict XVI i.e. to traditional Catholic teaching. 
So the disappointment in the clerical elite is palpable. They are generals without an army. This is understood in the words of Father Antonio Spadaro, Pope Bergoglio’s strategist: "[…] We make reasonable and enlightened discourses, but the people are elsewhere”.
The people are elsewhere alright. Catholics are dissenting from the Bergoglian hierarchy, and applauding Salvini. Even if Pope Bergoglio whips them by declaring that it’s better to be atheists  than Catholics who refuse this migrant invasion (to boot, Muslim, hence, not at all easily integrated).
The Catholic faithful, (along with all the others) understand, through firsthand experience, that this discombobulating of peoples which enthuses the elite (also the U.N.) is devastating for both the host countries and the countries of origin.  The African bishops think the same thing.
Well then, Father Spadaro would like to bring the people, ‘who are elsewhere’, back ‘into line’. So a few days ago he took the floor to draw up a sort of Political Manifesto, publishing it in the Jesuit magazine [ La Civiltà Cattolica].
If the Decalogue given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai is called “the ten words”, Father Spadaro wanted to do better: for him “Seven words for 2019” to illuminate the peoples (so he hopes) are sufficient.
Unfortunately, however, they are words that have been heard time and time again, for years, in  interventions by exponents of the PD (the Socialist "Democratic Party") and in articles by “La Repubblica”: fear, immigration, Europe, populism, democracy, etc…
The feeling is that all this railing then will not bring about the formation of a Catholic list in the [upcoming]European elections; counting on it would be exceedingly counter-productive.
Most think that everything will be resolved by ecclesiastical support of the PD, even better if it is led by Zingaretti,* since, - as they say in the Vatican – the ecclesiastics in the Bergoglian era, get along better with the post-Communists than with Renzi**.
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana