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De Mattei: An LGBT Pamphlet against the Church

Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
February 14, 2019
An LGBT pamphlet against the Church. The title is “Sodom” and the author a well-known French LGBT activist. The book however, was hatched in Italy, during a conversation between the author and the publisher, Carlo Fetrinelli, son of Gian Giacomo, the publisher-terrorist who died in 1972, while placing a bomb on an Enel (Italian Electric Company) pylon in Segrate.  Sodom” will be presented within the next few days in eight languages and in about twenty countries.
The official launching of the book will take place on February 21, in conjunction with the Vatican conference dedicated to the sexual abuse of minors. What we are dealing here with then, is a powerful media operation, which has the Catholic Church as its target.  The author of the book, Frédéric Martel, presented in the press at times with different titles  i.e.  sociologist,  researcher and  historian, has achieved a certain amount of fame for his last paper, Global Gay, translated into various languages, (published  in Italy by Feltrinelli) dedicated to the current triumphant march of the homosexual movement all over the world. 
Involved directly in numerous associations active in the diffusion of the LGBT agenda, Martel has been engaged, for years, at the forefront, of the process  in promoting and “normalizing” homosexuality. The LGBT “militancy”  of the author of “Sodom”  made him one of the leading promoters of  Law n. 99-944 ( November 15, 1999) (Dupacte civil de solidarité et du concubinage), the so-called PACS, which introduced civil unions in France. Over the following years, the LGBT activist continued his involvement in the homosexual cause, dedicating numerous articles in favor of  introducing pseudo-homosexual marriage in France, until its complete legalization on May 18, 2013.

Martel is now addressing sodomy in the Church, stating that he had conducted an “in situ” investigation over a period of 4 years, interviewing around 1500 people in the Vatican and various countries.  In reality what the book is lacking is precisely documentation.  After reading, we know nothing more than what we already did about the diffusion of homosexuality in the Church.
This extremely grave problem, brought to light by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s testimony, has been analyzed in a scientific and documented manner by two Polish scholars, Father  Dario Oko  and Father Andrzej Kobyliński, authors of studies that have been ignored by the international press. But Martel is not looking for the truth. He has an ideological thesis to display and in his pages he doesn’t reveal, but suggests, insinuates, calumniates and denigrates.
Monsignor Battista Ricca, called by Sandro Magister “the prelate of the gay lobby” opened the doors of the Vatican to him. “ He explains painstakingly how to pass the  control of the gendarme  and the Swiss Guards. I am to meet a prelate with watery eyes, a “sniper” close to Francis, who has known glory and downfall. As we shall see, he is the one I’m obliged to for being able to stay in one of the Vatican residences.”  The author recounts that he was installed in Rome for a week every month., “staying regularly inside the Vatican, thanks to the hospitality of  high-level prelates who often revealed themselves as “part of the clique” ; about forty cardinals and hundreds of bishops, monsignors, priests and nuncios (the Pope’s ambassadors) agreed to meet me. Among them, purported homosexuals, there every day in the Vatican, allowed me to penetrate their world of insiders." 
Among his informers, we have Father Antonio Spadaro “a Jesuit considered one of the Pope’s  eminence grise  with whom I had regular discussions at the headquarters of the periodical La Civiltà Cattolica, of which he is the director.” He is the one who explains that “Cardinal Burke is at the head of the opposition to the Pope.” Cardinal Raymond Burke, to whom Martel dedicates a chapter of his book, is logically, one of his targets. His fault? That of categorically condemning homosexuality.
Martel’s thesis is that behind every “homophobe” in reality there lies a homosexual, but since nothing of this sort can be demonstrated against the American Cardinal, the French activist settles for a detailed caricatural description of the Cardinal’s very normal apartment. “The Cardinal – he writes –in his style of dressing and unusual gait, calls irresistibly to mind a drag-queen.”  However, Martel admits, “Burke is one of the few who has had the courage of his opinions” as indeed has Monsignor Viganò, who seems to him “a trustworthy witness, his letter irrefutable; it appears to me nonetheless – he adds – that Viganò’s act is  more irrational and solitary  than one would want to believe; a desperate act; a personal vendetta which is first of all –fruit of a deep interior wound.”   
What then are the homosexual churchmen guilty of? Not for having violated the moral law, but of being hypocrites and of not having given public witness to their vice. “Let me be clear; a priest or a cardinal should not be ashamed of being homosexual; I think rather that it should be a possible  social status among many others.” [So] the men of the Church should say: we are homosexual and proud of it; the Church [should] say: I was wrong in condemning homosexuality.
This is why Martel is a supporter of Pope Francis’ “reform”:  "Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation  and Pope Francis’ resolve  to reform, help set free the 'word'. This Latin-American Pope is the first to have used the word “gay” – not only the term “homosexual” – and may be considered, in comparison to his predecessors,  the most “gay-friendly” among the modern Pontiffs. He has used both magical and contorted words about homosexuality. ‘Who am I to judge?’ And one might also think that this Pope doesn’t even have the tendency nor the inclination, which were instead attributed to four of his recent predecessors. Yet Francis is today the object of a violent campaign, due to his presumed liberalism on questions of sexual morality, pursued by conservative cardinals who are very “homophobic” – and for the most part, secretly homophiles.”
 What Francis cannot bear, is not so much widespread homophilia, but the vertiginous hypocrisy of those who sustain an austere morality, despite having a companion, adventures and sometimes even escorts. For this reason he incessantly whips the fake devout, the insincere bigots and the Pharisees. This duplicity, this schizophrenia, have been frequently denounced by Francis in his morning homilies at Santa Marta. His formula merits being at the forefront  of this book: “Behind the rigidity, there is always something hidden; in many cases a double life.”
Martel, like Pope Francis, is convinced that behind every “homophobe” there hides a “homophile”, a man attracted, or obsessed by homosexuality, whether he practices it or not. "It might also be said that there is an unwritten rule which is practically always true in Sodom: the more a prelate is a homophobe, the more the probability that he himself is homosexual.” “The more a prelate is vehemently against “gays”, the stronger his homophobic obsession is, the more probability that he is not sincere and that his vehemence is hiding something.
The aim of the book? To destroy the Bastille of Catholic morality. “Fifty years after Stonewall - the gay revolution in the United States - the Vatican is the last bastion to get rid of!  Many Catholics have now grasped the deception even before reading the description of Sodom.
The steps to follow are: support and encourage the “Bergoglian Reform”; disqualify the Churchmen faithful to Tradition; impede the discussion inside the Church on the plague of homosexuality, above all, at the upcoming conference.
It must be noted, however, that the LGBT’s support of Pope Francis will not help him at all in the gravely difficult situation  he finds himself; the cardinals and bishops demonized in this book, will emerge much stronger after this badly conducted attack; and if the Presidents of the world  Episcopal Conferences do not deal with the theme of homosexuality, the meeting of February 21-24 will be a [total] failure.
What can be considered a fiasco as of this moment however, is Frédéric Martel’s pamphlet.

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana