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“That which thou dost, do quickly” for the Masquerade is over

Francesco Lamendola
H/T Riscossa Cristiana
April 2, 2019

That which thou dost, do quickly. Jesus addresses these words to Judas Iscariot, in the cenacle, after washing the feet of his disciples and after telling them He would be betrayed by one of them. And Judas, after these words, leaves the room and goes to the Elders of the people to arrange the arrest of Jesus and be their guide in the garden of olives – Gethsemane - where he knows Jesus is going to pray, after the Supper. And the Evangelist John adds: and it was night - while showing us Judas leaving the house to go and sell his Divine Master. It was night as the stars were already shining high in the Jerusalem skies; and it was the night of the soul, the night of the supreme sin: the betrayal of Jesus Christ by one of His own.
By one of those who had followed him, listened to Him, heard Him pronounce sublime truths and seen Him do extraordinary things: calm the waters of a tempest-tossed lake; heal the crippled; liberate the demonically possessed; feed a crowd of thousands of people with a little bread and a few fish; and even call forth His friend Lazarus from the tomb.  
It was the great night of mankind: the Son of God had come into the world to bring the light, but men had preferred the darkness to the light. Men, Jesus says, prefer the darkness because their actions are not good, and the night conceals them. Those who walk according to the will of God love the light, because God is light and He illuminates the way; but those who have something to conceal, prefer the dark of night, because, if there was light, everyone would see their ignominy; and perhaps they would see also their hypocrisy, seeing that many, who have their hearts full of darkness, love, however, to make an exhibition of great virtue, to be admired and praised by men.
The historical time we are living in, demonstrates, more than any other, a striking analogy to the Gospel extract which describes Judas Iscariot leaving the house of the Last Supper.  That which you must do, do it quickly, would mean: enough of this farce, let’s put all our cards on the table: let the betrayal of Christ be done openly, in the light of day; it is too comfortabe to continue doing it under cover of darkness, all the while staying in the grey area of ambiguity.

 We would like to say these words to all the lay-people, all the priests, all the religious, all the bishops and cardinals, who silently, astutely and hypocritically are betraying the Church of Christ; who are deceiving the faithful; who are distressing souls, with the indignity of their personal conduct, especially in the sexual sphere, but also in the sphere of money and power, with the spreading of heretical doctrines, blasphemous pastoral care and a liturgy tending to sacrilege.  

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, from 2009 to 2012, President of the Vatican Bank, during the papacy of Benedict XVI, recounted that being around the Vatican, he had literally seen all kinds of things, even people disposed to killing, so much so that he was on the verge of losing the faith.  How many people have lost the faith, these past years, as a result of apostate and wicked clergy? And the avarice and rampant sodomy in vast grey areas of the Church – how many souls have been scandalized by these things? 

And what did Jesus say concerning those who are causing scandal to the souls of the simple and little ones?  Didn’t He say that for them, it would be better if they had been thrown into the sea, with a millstone round their neck?  And what about the scandal given to the faithful in the area of doctrine? What about the heresies and blasphemies spouting from the mouths of priests, bishops and even the gentleman that goes by the name of Pope? That Jesus made Himself a devil and serpent; that Jesus plays the fool; that our Lady felt deceived; that the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity fight among themselves all day long; that God Himself willed the existence of different religious faiths…must we go on? 

To all those, one wants to say: That which you must do, do it quickly.  Remove your masks, stop deceiving people; have the courage of your true intentions. It’s not possible that your intentions are good, since, if nothing else, the cry of alarm and the echo of confusion in Christians have reached your ears and leave you quite indifferent: by this, one understands  who you are in reality and what your real intentions are.
Many have lost the faith because of you; there are many little lambs wandering around lost, with no shepherd, alone, desperate, easy prey to the wolves lurking around, ravenous, in anticipation of the easy banquet offered to their fangs…  
Whatever happened to the tens and hundreds of Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate, who - being unable to remain faithful to their vows - because of you - prevented from being incardinated in any diocese, in accordance with the measures of the papal commissioner - have cast aside their religious habits, which they had worn so eagerly, left their religious houses and are now scattered through the streets of the world? 
God has seen also this tremendous sin, your sin – the sin of unfaithful, wicked pastors; He has heard the bleating of those little lambs, He has seen their tears of anguish and desperation, and will take them into account at the hour of Judgment. Woe to you, wicked and prideful pastors, who scatter the lambs of Christ’s flock and make a mockery of His recommendation: Feed my sheep!   Jesus had said this to St. Peter, and he repeated it three times: Feed my sheep; and before that, for three times He had asked him: Simon of John, do you love Me? - just as for three times, Simon Peter had denied Him that terrible night, the night of the arrest and Passion of Our Lord.
And you, instead of feeding the sheep of the flock entrusted to you, what have you done and what are you doing? You behave as if the flock were yours, as if the sheep were your own property, for you to dispose of as you like, and even crush and scatter them, should you wish to. Wretches! Don’t you know that the sheep of Christ’s flock are counted, down to the very last, down to the most humble, the most meek, and that Jesus does not forget – not even one, and for that one He is willing to sacrifice His very own life? He will ask you to give account for those sheep; He will ask you why they are lost, and what you did so that they wouldn’t be lost. Yet, you didn’t let them scatter out of laziness or neglect, but rather for a much worse reason: because such were your perfidious and despicable designs. 
To the man in white living at Casa Santa Marta, we’d like to ask: Who actually are you, Signor Bergoglio? Where do you come from and what dark designs hide in your bad pastor’s heart - you who disdain the sheep and are doing everything, so that, distressed, confused and desperate they scatter in the four directions?  We know how you came to occupy the Papal Throne (even if the Jesuits, through a vow, cannot aspire to become popes)  after the questionable, scandalous abdication of your predecessor, who, at a certain point, said: I’m tired, let me retire, this weight is too heavy for my shoulders!
But Jesus, crucified between two thieves, like a criminal, condemned to die a painful and ignominious death, didn’t ask to come down from the cross; He didn’t say: I’m tired, I want go home; He drank the bitter chalice to the last dregs, faithful in all to the will of His Father, to Whom He had said: May Thy  will be done, not Mine. And while the cowardly pastor fled, the false pastor was installed in his place by the St. Gallen Mafia, a cabal of cardinal Freemasons and traitors, determined to twist the Word of Christ and transform it into the ‘word’ of Freemasonry 
And now, in fact, we hear the false pastor declare, to please the world, that God Himself, in His wisdom, willed the existence of different religious faiths and he justified these incredible words (which empty the sublime mystery of the Incarnation of any meaning) with the necessity of achieving universal brotherhood.  But this brotherhood outside the Truth, outside the Gospel is far from Christ; it is not the brotherhood the one and only authentic Pastor taught us, Our Lord, Who came to remit the sins of the world; it is the brotherhood of the Freemasons, an entirely human thing, conceived and willed to dispense with God and to subvert the Divine will.  May this Masonic brotherhood, this deceptive brotherhood be far from us!

And you, man in white, who came from the other end of the world; you who don’t dare be seen in the land of your birth, because there they know you well and know what’s in your dark heart – be careful what you do: you may deceive men, but God will not be deceived! Man in white, be careful what you do: your words and actions are revealing who you truly are and what dark designs you keep hidden in your heart, consumed by unmeasured ambition and drunk on the praises and applauses of this world of darkness, which would like to establish a counter-gospel grounded in sin!

From the moment you were unworthily elected, in that first instant, that evening when for the first time you appeared on the loggia of the Apostolic Palace – (a palace you never wanted to live in, not certainly out of modesty, but perhaps a supernatural force prevented you) – from that first, terrible: Buonasera! thrown onto the face of the crowd in attendance, […] you have been working to confuse souls and for the ruin of the Church of Christ. Don’t you have then even a little fear of God?  Don’t you know that we will all have to appear before Him?  

Your own involuntary actions betray you. Why do you refuse the faithful [the opportunity] to kiss the ring, and withdraw your hand from their lips, with a disconcerting, absolutely unusual gesture? You know very well what that ring symbolizes: the fisherman’s ring which symbolizes your investiture of munus petrino.  Perhaps a powerful and mysterious force impedes you from receiving due homage, not for your person, but for the office that you hold? You behave as if the ring was yours, as if the Church was yours; [whimsically] one day you decide to change the Catechism and have them write that the death penalty is always and in all circumstances illicit.
But this goes beyond -  and very much so - your authority; you, who are only a man, and who in fact, at the very beginning of your papacy, had declared, repeatedly, that you didn’t consider yourself the pope, but only the Bishop of Rome. The refusal to allow the faithful to kiss your ring amounts to the refusal of allowing the faithful to acknowledge your Petrine dignity.  
Who then are you, man from a faraway land – whom hardly anyone in the rest of the world knew until six years ago, and whose direct superiors retained unworthy even of being nominated bishop as a result of your ambitious and untrustworthy character, because of your tendency to create divisions and exploit them to your advantage? Who are you, who do not respond to the legitimate and respectful dubia of four worthy cardinals on extremely important questions of faith, and who favor the career of unworthy characters like the sodomite and rapist McCarrick, and seek to hide your complicity, refusing to be accountable for your conduct? You who will not respond to a specific question posed by Monsignor Viganò, removing yourself from the judgment of the faithful, as if you were God?    

You who cover with silence, the blasphemies and the heresies of men like the fake theologian Enzo Bianchi and the fake Jesuit James Martin? Enzo Bianchi denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ and James Martin denies that the practice of sodomy is a grave sin, and in fact accuses Catholic morality of pushing young sodomites into desperation and suicide; who are you then to surround yourself with such people and say you appreciate them, enhancing them by entrusting offices of great responsibility to them? 

You who declare Signora Emma Bonino a great Italian, and receive her with much fanfare, affectionately shaking her hand; you who allow Monsignor Paglia to celebrate the sublime moral virtues of a man like Marco Panella, whose life was an incessant frontal attack against Christian truth, Christian morality and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

You who kiss the Koran, in which the Divinity of Christ is denied and cursed be the one who proclaims it; you who kiss the Waldensian Bible; you who permit a Vatican postage stamp to be issued commemorating the five hundred years of the pestilent heresy and the Lutheran schism, greeted by you in the same way as a gift from the Holy Spirit; you who go on “apostolic” trips without even mentioning the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but praising Buddha and Mohamed instead; you who receive, puffed with pride, the Masonic Charlemagne Prize which no other pope ever received and would have been careful about accepting; you who declare to you friend Eugenio Scalfari - spiritual father of all the anti-Catholic Freemasons in Italy - that you are not trying to convert him, as if announcing the Word of Christ to our neighbor was something nasty, and indeed you declare that apostleship is solemn nonsense: who are you really, man in white?        
You who display malignant pleasure in using the most ambiguous, the most disconcerting words, sowing doubt and discomfort instead of announcing with clear and candid words the one and only truth of Christ; you who say to a group of children that nobody knows why suffering exists, and one of those children, had lost his mother and asks you for a word of comfort and you respond that not only you cannot give it to him, but that he needs to distrust those who say they have that word?
What kind of father would respond in such a way to his suffering son and who, inexpert in life is already experiencing a pain much greater than himself, but is seeking a guide, a light, a ray of hope? What kind of father gives a stone or a serpent to his hungry son asking for a piece of bread?  Well then, what is that unspeakable secret nesting in your soul? Come on, out with it, man in white! The masquerade is over. Tell us out loud who you really are…

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana