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Washington, D.C. (officially) gets a liberal archbishop

4/4 UPDATE: It's now official. The problems that have plagued the Archdiocese of Washington will most likely pale in comparison to what is coming next. And with this See being the political capital of the world, with an enormous pulpit and microphone, the effects of this disastrous appointment will be felt well beyond the Beltway. Wilton Gregory will make Donald Wuerl sound like Raymond Burke.

Original post [3/28/19]

The good news is the next archbishop of Washington, D.C., is not Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Tobin or Bishop McElroy.  The bad news is, according to Catholic News Agency, the new archbishop will be Wilton Gregory.

A disciple of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Gregory is not just liberal on some things; rather, he is liberal on everything.

If true [4/4 UPDATE: It's true.], this is a disaster for the United States.  Pope Francis has managed to select an archbishop for the political capital of the world who is to the left of even Donald Cardinal Wuerl.