Rorate Caeli

A RORATE CÆLI Editorial: The Attack of Hatred and Vengeance Against the Latin Mass Should be Ignored

As confident as we were in our sources forecasting today as the day of reckoning for Summorum Pontificum and the traditional Latin Mass as we know it, in the back of our minds we had hoped it was merely an unfounded rumor.  After all, Pope Benedict XVI is not only alive, but fully cognizant, dressed in a white cassock while living in the Vatican gardens.  To that end, would a sitting pope be so arrogant as to publicly humiliate the 94 year old pope emeritus?

Alas, the answer is yes.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio is without a doubt the most arrogant pope in the history of the Catholic Church.  From day one, if not before, it has always been about him -- whatever the subject.  Labeled "humble" by the mainstream media due to token stunts such as carrying a bag and wearing polyester vestments, Bergoglio is in reality a man of vengeance.  A pope of vengeance.  An angry bitter Jesuit settling scores through vengeance.

What ought traditional Catholics to do in response to the latest attack on the Mass and all those who love tradition?  Simply put:  ignore it.  Ignore its message.  Ignore its motivation caused by pure hatred and vengeance. Keep calm and keep on going as if it does not even exist.

Priests:  Carry on.  Do not change a thing with respect to the traditional Latin Masses you are offering, except to offer more of them.

Bishops:  Carry on.  Do not feel the need to invent problems in your diocese where none reside.  Are traditional Latin Masses being offered by good and holy priests to Catholic laity thirsty for traditional sacraments?  Is this a problem?  If offering a reverent sacrifice -- body, blood, soul and divinity -- is a problem, well, we cannot help you.  But if Catholics in your diocese are being fed and nourished via the 1962 books, then, please, further encourage this situation.  The rest of the Church is quickly dying!  Why would you sever the one healthy limb?  We do not necessarily expect you to speak against the current pope; but you also do not have to go out of your way to slap traditional Catholics within your diocese.  We are your sheep, just as much as others currently killing babies and receiving communion.

It is sad but true:  There is a war going on for the heart and soul of the Roman Catholic Church.  Two camps, roughly speaking, currently exist.  On one side is Joseph Ratzinger, who worked to restore centuries-old traditions to the Church founded by Jesus Christ.  He may not publicly acknowledge the division, but he has scores of clergy and laymen in this camp.  On the other side is Jorge Bergoglio, a Jesuit who was well known in Argentina as a bitter enemy of the traditional Latin Mass and all who worship using the old books.  In his usual "humble" way, he has spoken out against the massive division in the Church while repeatedly chastising and mocking traditional Catholics, even those who prayed spiritual bouquets for him.

So, now we must choose.  Do we side with tradition, or do we cave to novelty?  Do we acquiesce to the hatred and vengeance of Francis the Humble, or do we double down on the beautiful teachings given to us by Pope Benedict just 14 years ago, which reaffirmed centuries of tradition?  This choice should include simply ignoring this latest act of hatred and vengeance toward traditional Catholics.  Enough is enough.

Do not cave.

Do not give in.

Hold firm.

Keep rebuilding.

Offer more traditional Latin Masses, without novelty.

Attend more traditional Latin Masses, faithfully.

Pray for the papacy.  Beg Saint Peter to send us a holy pope in God's own time to be a faithful shepherd for all.

Ignore the Agent of Hatred and Vengeance, and all his works and all his pomps.