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Strong Communiqué of the Chartres Pilgrimage: "Clericalism-Caudillism never works well, motu proprio will be difficult to apply in a Church which is in a catastrophic situation."

Traditional-minded Catholics from all over the world are familiar with the largest of all current Catholic pilgrimages, the Paris-Chartres Pilgrimage that takes place each year (when pandemics allow it...) in the weekend of Pentecost. It assembles in particular thousands and thousands of young pilgrims, attached to the Traditional liturgy.

The Chartres Pilgrimage was famous in the Middle Ages, and made famous once again by Charles Péguy in the early 20th century -- it was recreated by Traditional Catholics eager to proclaim their Faith and their liturgical heritage in 1983. 

Many organizations around the world have made their view and dismay regarding Francis anti-Summorum motu proprio since Friday. They are all available online. But this one by the Pilgrimage organizers (Association Notre-Dame de Chrétienté / Our Lady of Christendom Association) is particularly poignant, and expresses the general feeling of most Traditional Catholics well. [Emphases added by us.]

Communiqué of Notre-Dame de Chrétienté


Notre-Dame de Chrétienté expresses its great sadness before the motu proprio Traditionis custodes of pope Francis, who displays nothing but disdain for so-called Traditionalist Catholics. We will pray very particularly for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who, while he still lives, sees his work for reconciliation swept aside.


The traditional Pilgrimage of Christendom, created in 1983, had believed in the promises of St. John Paul II and of Cardinal Ratzinger in 1988: "You have your place in the Church, just as you are." Obviously, the situation has changed and the urgency now is to rekindle the liturgical wars. The argument put forward leaves one speechless: to place under control the young diocesan priests attracted by the Traditional Mass! The intention of the Pope is to erect a wall to prevent the discovery of the wealth of spirituality of the Tridentine Mass! 


Beyond the anger that we will manage to control, in this painful situation we still remain confident. Clericalism-Caudillism never works very well, the motu proprio will be difficult to apply in a Church which is in a catastrophic situation and which has many other difficulties -- which the Vatican pretends not to see.


Our Lady of Christendom will continue to bring together thousands of pilgrims, regardless of whether the time is one of persecution... We have already known such times, I wish to add. We will adapt to harsh weather, to COVID, to the motu proprio... as always, walking and praying for the Holy Church, for our homelands, and for the hope of our salvation.


Our Lady of Holy Hope, convert us!

Most Blessed Virgin, aid pope Francis in his pontificate.

Saint Joseph, protect the Church.

Jean de Tauriers, President