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Vatican Sec. of State Parolin to French Bishops: Help Trads "disoriented" with Traditionis Custodes

 Message sent by the Vatican Secretary of State, Card. Parolin, to the French Episcopal Conference meeting this week in Lourdes:

The Holy Father Pope Francis wishes to assure you and all the members present [at the 2022 Fall Plenary Assembly] of his prayer and his fraternal and spiritual support. 


 At a time when the Church of France is once again shaken by the drama of abuse on the part of some of its pastors, he invites you, with your eyes fixed on the cross of Christ, not to be discouraged but to persevere in the assurance that the Holy Spirit will accompany your efforts, which will once again be the object of your work. He knows your determination to give the Church of France its true missionary face, and he encourages you to go forward with audacity and discernment. 

 More than ever you are called to address the wounds of the people of God. The victims of these abuses, in the first place, but also all the scandalized, disappointed and tested people, in particular your priests whose beautiful ministry is dishonored and made even more difficult, and who need your closeness more than ever. 

 Pope Francis also invites you to the greatest solicitude and fatherhood towards those people - especially young people, priests and laity - who are disoriented by the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes, which you will be working to implement. They are often wounded sheep who need to be accompanied, listened to and given time. 

 Care and respect for the most fragile people will also be part of your work as you reflect on how to help your society find just laws for the end of life. The Holy Father prays that a debate based on truth and free of ideology will take place in your country, and that your voice will be heard. 

 Aware, therefore, of the difficulty and importance of the issues you will face, Pope Francis calls upon you for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He entrusts you to the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes and of all the saints of France, and he gives you his heartfelt blessing.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State of His Holiness
Vatican, October 27, 2022


Sorry to burst your bubble, Cardinal Parolin, but Traditional Catholics are not "disoriented". They are outraged. They know that NO POPE has the authority to ban or lead to extinction the Traditional rites of the Church. Not Paul VI, and certainly not Francis, the great Jesuit mistake of 2013