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Missae pro Missa: Join the worldwide spiritual bouquet for preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass!

Missae pro Missa
Join the worldwide spiritual bouquet for preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass!

  1. Request Masses to be said for the preservation of the Latin Mass (or if you're a priest, celebrate Masses for this intention).
  1. Offer your own hearings of Mass for this intention.
  1. Pray rosaries for this intention.

Missae pro Missa ("Masses for the Mass") is a worldwide effort to preserve the Traditional Latin Mass by means of the most powerful prayer on Earth: the Catholic Mass. Launched for Lent 2023, we hope to have at least one million Masses offered or heard for this intention by Pentecost Sunday.

How does it work? It's simple. If you want to see the Traditional Latin Mass preserved in the life of the Church, join our worldwide spiritual bouquet. You can participate in three ways:

Submit your spiritual offerings via the website form. The worldwide totals are displayed on the homepage and updated daily. You may also leave a comment describing why you love the Traditional Latin Mass and desire to see it preserved in the life of the Church.

How do I "request" Masses? Contact your local parish, your local religious order, or a similar group to make a Mass request. Masses may be requested for any just intention and, by Canon Law, all accepted requests must be fulfilled. For this effort, you may designate the Mass intention "for the preservation of the Latin Mass" or simply for your personal intentions. In the latter case, explain to God your intention behind the Mass and be assured that He will accept it. (Note: Only Masses that have been already requested may be submitted to the spiritual bouquet.)

How do I "hear" Masses for this effort? Simply unite your intention to Jesus' offering of Himself to His Father in the Sacrifice of the Mass. There is no one way to do so, but several especially fitting times to bring your Mass intention to mind include immediately before Mass, during the Offertory, at the Consecration, and in your prayer after Holy Communion. (Note: You may submit both Masses that you have already heard for this intention or intend to hear for this intention, between Ash Wednesday and Pentecost Sunday (Feb. 22 - May 28, 2023).

Aren't the merits of the Mass infinite? Does it really help to have more Masses requested or heard for this intention? Because Jesus is the Priest and Victim of the Mass, the Mass has an infinite value in itself. But the effect that the Mass has on mankind is finite and increases with the number of Masses applied to the intention. Therefore, it is more beneficial to have more Masses requested and heard for this intention.

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