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Ten Years of Francis: Destruction without Reconstruction in a Vatican that feels like North Korea -- by Aldo Maria Valli

 On the Ten Years of Francis (2013 - 2023)

You have been redeemed at great cost; do not become slaves of men.
1 Corinthians 7:23

By Aldo Maria Valli

To comment on the ten years of Francis' pontificate, the words written by Demos (also known as the late Cardinal Pell) in the memorandum he wanted to distribute to all the cardinals a year ago would suffice: "A disaster in more ways than one, a catastrophe."

Bergoglio has succeeded in the fine feat, that is possible only for certain particularly gifted individuals, of destroying without rebuilding. He was elected to bring fresh air. After ten years, the air is unbreathable. And the papolatry raging these days, on the occasion of the anniversary, makes it even more noxious.

In the Vatican it feels like Pyongyang, under a despotic, capricious and cruel regime. In an End of Empire atmosphere, spies and informers dominate the scene. But, more than plots, there are tremors. Everyone is terrified of coming under the tyrant's gaze. Whether by conviction or a sudden outburst of love, to be noticed by the Prince is to be crushed in a deadly embrace. So, many prefer to play dead in order to be invisible.

Submissive journalists always ask him the same inoffensive questions and he always gives the same answers. Interviews multiply, but it's a lot of copy and paste under the banner of mortifying piousness.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is in disarray (see Germany) and Peter, instead of acting as a rock, fuels confusion and ambiguity.

In this picture, it comes naturally to many to miss Benedict XVI, but it must be said clearly: as much as he realized the disaster, Ratzinger could do nothing against the drift, because he himself was part of the project of destruction. A project that has a name: Vatican II; and a precise root: Modernism.

Paradoxically, we should be grateful to Francis. With his intemperance, he has made clear to everyone (except, of course, those who do not want to see) what Modernism was aiming for and has finally achieved: to subjugate the Church to the world. If Benedict XVI, with his backward marches, managed at least in part to hide the catastrophe, with Francis everything has become clear: the fluid Catholicism advocated by the modernists has fully conquered the throne of Peter. In fact, the sermons coming from there are in every way similar to the discourses of the Freemason globalists. There is no longer any distinction. The welding has taken place.

Picking on Bergoglio, then, is like worrying about the latest cold in a body undermined by devastating tumors and galloping metastases.

The proof? Ask a good Catholic of our time, one who perhaps still goes to Mass regularly, if he believes in the social kingship of Jesus Christ. If he believes that Jesus Christ is really King of all nations and Lord of the universe. If he believes that He who is the Creator and Redeemer of human nature possesses, as a result, sovereign power over men, both as individuals and as social communities.

The Catholic in question will look at you as one would look at a Martian and, assuming he or she understands your language, will begin to argue that you actually have to reconcile faith with the world, that nothing can be imposed, that there is a need for dialogue, discernment and walking together, that there is religious freedom, that human rights must be taken into account, that there is good in other faiths as well... It has been about a hundred years, not a thousand, since the popes still proclaimed the social kingship of Christ (Pius XI's encyclical Quas primas, which introduced the solemnity of Christ the King, is from 1925), but of that Church and that teaching we do not retain even a pale memory. The Revolution penetrated the Church and conquered it from within. The modernist spoilers have achieved the purpose for which they worked so hard. Man has been put in the place of God.

Given the work that has been done by modernism (multiple tunnels dug into the living organism of the Church to implant in it the viruses of apostasy), Francis' pontificate is a logical consequence and we must consider it as such.

So what? In the face of Revolution, the only solution is Counter-Revolution. But it must be known: it involves martyrdom. Take it or leave it. If you take it, do not delude yourself that you can avoid persecution and suffering.

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