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The Francis Way: Freemason Anglican “Bishop” Celebrates in Mother of Churches — while community in formation is banned from celebrating the Latin Mass in Parish

 In the same week in which a large group of Anglican “clerics”, led by a Freemason and divorced “bishop” celebrated what onlookers and those present thought was a Catholic (Novus Ordo) Mass in the most important Cathedral in the world — Saint John Lateran Basilica, the “Mother and Teacher of all Churches in the City and the World” — this news arrives.

The burgeoning community of the Oratory (in formation), in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, which celebrated both the Novus Ordo and the TLM, have had severe restrictions imposed on their Latin Masses:

In light of this, and following discussions with the Archbishop, we now have to make arrangements to move our Latin Masses out of Mary Immaculate church. The Archbishop has agreed to the suggestion to move those Masses to the hall. We realise that this news will be a shock and disappointment to many, and the Fathers and Brother share those feelings. At the same time, we hope that we can work together to make the best of this present situation.

You can’t get a more accurate portrayal of the whole absurdity of this pontificate than this situation: the sycophantic hierarchs in Rome willing to impose draconian restrictions in a bizarre micromanagement of Latin Masses in each tiny community throughout the world can’t keep fake liturgies from being celebrated by fake bishops in the most important Church of Rome.

It isn’t a contradiction: it’s their method. The Lateran authorities only “apologized” because of the scandal this provoked in the English-speaking media. But the pontificate really doesn’t care: they hate us because we believe as the Church has always believe; they accommodate heretic pseudo-priests because they don’t believe in actually anything, except in a tyrannical view of their own liberal raw power .

This malignant generation shall pass, though, and freedom for Tradition will return again.