Rorate Caeli

A New Rorate Caeli — Preparing for the Next Pontificate - Will they change the Conclave Rules?

 It may not feel like it, but the next Pontificate is around the corner. Francis is acting like a man in a hurry, which he certainly is. Yes, we are all mortal, but, when you are 87, mortality makes its presence felt every hour of every day.

So, what will the new Rorate look like? Well, much like the old Rorate — mostly posts by myself, anonymously making my views and positions clear, very often through translations of texts posted in Europe and throughout the Europe. It will also resemble even more its old self in the unabated freedom of expression regarding the Church and her problems. We will  be even stronger against false accusations against Traditional Catholics. Our freedom may have seemed to be curtailed against our will for a time, to defend the Traditional Mass, but this obviously cannot go on.

It will also feel more hopeful. It is true: the darkest and coldest winter comes before the most luminous spring. We Traditional Catholics have been hoping for a spring for so long, and this can come in two ways: in each of our lives, and, gradually, in the Church at large.

Christopher Lamb, the liberal Catholic journalist, was in a way the inspiration for this text. He has repeatedly emphasized the “irreversibility” of Francis’s decisions. Alas, claiming something is so doesn’t make it so. In all truth, the greatest gifts Francis will leave to the Church will be: (1) that papolatry is indeed ridiculous and untenable; and (2) that almost nothing is “irreversible” in the Church. 

Now, they will be working nonstop in the final years (months?) of the pontificate to alter the rules for the upcoming conclave. This once again shows how desperate they are: THEY are desperate, the hope will always be OURS. Christ will triumph.